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  1. 46, 51 vapor pro combo 56-10 60-8 callaway md3 Don't really like my vapor pro gap wedge, might shelf it and pickup a 52-10 md3 but then I'll have a 6 degree gap from PW. Really don't know what I'm going to do.
  2. I'm playing the Ping sport right now, my local box store didn't have the tour to try. The Titleist players was definitely softer, but I have small pathetic hands and it was too big So far, so good! I like the black/white contrast, and it's pretty soft. For $17 I'm thoroughly satisfied with my purchase.
  3. If you ever find yourself in Hawaii, right after you land at HNL airport there's a place called Big Kahuna's Pizza. Yeah, they have amazingly good pizza, but their Reuben is one of the best on island, if not the best. Not a country boy but I love a BLT. Also biscuits and gravy. Anytime I visit the mainland, I get some form of chicken fried steak w/ gravy, or just biscuits. No one here knows how to make good homestyle sausage gravy, it's a travesty!!
  4. Yeah, I was having issues posting imgur links using the "image" button last night as well. Had to wrap it in [/img] tags manually, and it worked.
  5. I try to focus on setup and backswing the most now as well. Seems like when those two are right, the other part is mostly muscle memory, and the only time I have a really bad shot is when I don't deliver the clubhead properly. That, for me is mainly a tempo thing. So if I setup, and takeaway properly, generally I'm having much more success!
  6. Looks like every dad at Costco ever
  7. I like mine, just got it on their memorial day sale. Does anyone have the double-thick version? I got a 10x2 (it's an 8x2 but if you put 'upgrade' in the comments they add a foot on each side for you free) and while I like it, it's a little thin feeling. It eventually went flat, and it's definitely better than the ones I've seen at my local store, but it's not like I'm shouting from the rooftops about it. If it helps me hole more 8' putts, I'll be satisfied.
  8. Iron mini game on the range with friends. Someone picks a flag, 2 people get 3 balls each to see who gets closest. Just for bragging rights.
  9. I'm doing the same. My group of friends/coworkers hit the range on Thursdays after work for buckets and beers. We let people call out flags and play minigames to see who can get closest with 3 balls. The good thing for us is that there are like 15 flags on the range, so there are a multitude of angles and slight distance differences. I found that deliberate practice is helping me a lot more than just shotgunning ball after ball.
  10. yungkory

    Evnroll vs Edel

    I agree. I don't remember all of this cool custom stuff growing up, only thing I remember were Ping irons because they obviously had the dot colors.
  11. Sorry to hear that man, you are a stronger person than I
  12. Callaway pre-owned is having a pretty crazy sale on their XR16 fairway woods. 25% off until next week. Like new came out to $119 + shipping.
  13. Wish I could say the same for my ER7, I think it's too long after revisiting my posture and swing with the old flat stick. Going to have to return it and go down an inch I think. Iron game is on point though. Think I had like 5 chances for birdie my last 18 holes, all under 20 feet. Went 0/5 on the putts but didn't 3-putt so I'm not full Hulk rage, yet.
  14. Reuben for sure. Hard to find a good one all the way out here in Hawaii though. So far Big Kahuna's Pizza has my favorite. They got this bread that's sorta like a soft pretzel consistency, definitely a momma slapper.
  15. They'll be more forgiving for sure. You'll get more distance and less dispersion off your mis-hits, but you'll probably see similar distances on pured shots.
  16. Welcome! I gamed Ping Eye 2s since I was a teen, all the way through college. Only just replaced them when I came back to golf 2 months ago after a long break, just to switch it up, I still have them. One of the best irons I've ever looked at from the top down, I love that line. My vapor pro combos only appeal to me more because they're not as old and beat up. Strongly considering sending my PE2's to have them refinished. They're amazing irons and they will definitely serve you well!
  17. non-dominant low, pencil on the close ones
  18. Gonna try an XR16 3w. For $119 in 'like new' from Callawaypreowned I couldn't say no. Hoping it's one of those situations I've been reading about where it arrives and the clubhead is still plastic wrapped!
  19. 32 putts 84 5 dranks good luck and have fun out there
  20. I kinda horsed around after high school working in the service industry. Went back to college when I was 23 and for the last 5 years I have been doing IT consulting / tech work. I'm the service adviser and the mechanic so to speak.
  21. Sad news - hope you get your putter back
  22. Just put in my Epic order. 10.5 with the stock HZRDUS 55g 6.0, got a killer deal thanks to a friend, so unbelievably stoked!
  23. Contemplating between a couple of fairway woods. Last piece of my bag update, and I'm strongly considering an XR16 from Callawaypreowned. Also in contention are the Ping G and TM M2 HL. The F7 with the Baffler intrigues me as well, reminds me of this super old TM trouble wood I had growing up that I used to love.
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