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  1. Well did you go Modus or steelfiber?
  2. Dynamic loft is going to play a larger role than anything else in terms of launch I believe. So all things equal, the "high launch" are going to launch higher because they're 3-degrees weaker throughout most of the set than the standard HM. They juiced the materials to keep ball speeds high -- so you get higher launch, more ball speed, and similar distance -- like what Rob saw vs his PXG (which are 4 degrees stronger). I hit one model from almost every major OEM during my fitting (in hindsight I should've waited for the 223s to drop) and my delivery conditions result in nearly identical launch averages (right around 14 degrees with a 6i), until you give me more loft. Beyond that, if I wanted to increase my launch I would need a shaft with a softer tip section. So, I don't think there's any magic going on with the HL. They just kept the lofts traditional, and found a way to create more ball speed via materials, which is great for people who want/need those things and great for fitters because they can fine tune things during fits. I think a split set with HL and standard HM might be common. Little extra height to help with those greens that are protected by bunkers in front and those kind of things. Biased Mizuno opinion: I think Mizunos have the best front-back distance dispersion I've ever seen. I would likely have Ping i59s in my bag if I didn't feel like they were too "hot." I want my irons to go a specific distance, dispersion left to right is on me. Without any external forces (wind, flier lie, etc.) if I hit the middle of the face I know it's going to go the distance I want it to.
  3. +6 on the front and +1 on the back for a 79. Pretty pleased with that considering I don't play more than once a month (excluding two scrambles I played in) and the fact that it was my first real round with the new irons and newly-shafted wedges (shout-out to @dlow206 and Bort golf again!). Didn't hit driver well, but the irons were pretty solid except for a huge pull on the 3rd. 130y par3 and I yanked my 9i probably 160 left OB and made a triple. Made a double on a par 4 that punishes you for going right, which I of course did. Had to punch out and couldn't hit the green from where I punched it to. Outside of those two holes I made 15 pars and a bogey which I'll take all day!
  4. My JB40 has been serving us very well. Pulls 39.9A just fine. Was going to leave it at 32A to follow the 80% rule but my electrician friend said it's fine as long as my breaker can handle it. He put in a 60A breaker for my JB40, and moved one circuit of wall plugs to share another 30A breaker Interesting, I doubt my elec company would let me install this lol. They're literally the worst.
  5. Big thanks to @dlow206 for getting the shafts and rebuilding my wedges! Full graphite transition complete. Time to play some motha effin GOLF!
  6. Playing 223s with the same shaft, like butter wrapped butter! Also soggy lumpia > fresh crunchy ones all day
  7. I sprinkled 919 Forged between the 900T and these 223's The 919F was probably a mistake, though I shot my PB (75) three times with them, they weren't spinning enough for the club/face conditions that I typically present to the ball. Played 9 holes (only had time to finish 6) and a scramble since I got them. Preliminary results is that they're better than the 919F were, and graphite is nice on the wrists.
  8. For what it's worth, I got fit into i95 Stiff and I hover right around 105. Can get up a little higher if I step on it, but sub 110 still. If anyone's looking for something that felt less stout for me, see if you can try the Mitsubishi OTI shafts. They felt a lot softer in the tip. Almost felt like going from a "normal" driver shaft to Autoflex.
  9. Well in that case, dlows quest to be in the top 2% (the percentage of golfers who break 80)
  10. Glad you still like it!
  11. yungkory

    Mizuno RB

    Well I'm intrigued. I'd buy a Mizuno frying pan if they made them. Anything with Mizuno on it, sign me up! That said, their previous ball was.... not good for me.
  12. Interesting that the interior has the middle console division where the transmission/driveshaft goes on petrol cars. Guess they kept it exactly like the combustion cousin you mentioned! Congrats on the new ride
  13. Nice, haven't really seen much about these since there's no chance they ever land stateside. I like that it looks like an actual car!
  14. I know you were working on getting stronger and stuff so maybe you just "outgrew" the x and the xx might've been a good switch. Again, hard to commit to something with a hefty price tag like that without being able to test. The Brava might be good for you! Ian said it felt more stable to him. It might be a good autoflex alternative for the stronger swing?
  15. Played a fundraiser scramble tournament today and the course it was held at is where Truespec happens to live. Since I got my new irons in, I went to go thank the fitter (as I mentioned in my Truespec thread, I've known her for a few years now) and she said she had the new TSR heads and asked if I wanted to try them. Told her I wanted to try an Autoflex so she built me one in my current head. She said it's probably going to be good for me because I have a slow/smooth tempo. She's fit me for two Titleist drivers in the past and now irons, so she pretty much knows what works for me at this point. At first, swinging the "stiff" flex, I wasn't really impressed. It was spinning a bunch and I didn't gain any distance, but it didn't really want to go anywhere but straight. Then she said let's try the "x" that I posted in the picture and I have to say the hype is real. Club speed didn't really increase. I got faster as I warmed up, but still in the 105 range. I might've lost speed since I'm not playing as much, so maybe I did gain. I didn't get my gamer out to measure against because I didn't want to turn it into a free fitting and be "that guy" I was consistently in the 152-155 ball speed range spinning at 2200 ish and seeing 280 on quad hitting ProVs. The best part tho was that it felt effortless. Like I didn't have to put much into it at all, and it was just being sent. What's most interesting was it was a stock head. I remember your thread @edingc and specifically the many iterations of head weights you had to play with to get the swing weight dialed in. Told her I'll be back when they get the Brava shaft so I can try them side by side. I could probably just slap one in and call it a day, but at that price I want to do my due diligence, and also make sure I'm in the right head, though I really like the Rogue ST LS. Also the kicks are . BOA is pretty cool and makes slipping your shoes on and off a breeze! Was concerned these are "wide" and I'm skinny all the way down to my feet, but they fit nicely. Easily my most comfortable shoe, hope they make more colorways with the BOA laces.
  16. That's fair. I'm on the equator so it's impossible for me not to see the club when it's blinding me
  17. Reaaaallllllllyyyyyyyy wish they would stop making glossy finishes. I like that the TSR2 shape is more like the TSi3, but I just can't look down at a disco ball when I'm playing.
  18. Titleist makes great clubs! Try a lot of different brands in a fitting, you might be surprised. I never expected the Ping i59 to be as good as they were. They would've been in these screenshots but the faces felt a little hot, and I'm not necessarily chasing distance. Probably in a few years though!
  19. Nah, I only play up to a 5i. Tried a LOT of different heads. Came down to the 223 and Ping i59
  20. I literally paid a premium for the black Steelfibers just because they look so slick haha. I was supposed to go to Truespec back in 2020 so I splurged a little to make up for the misery I've been in
  21. Got them today! Posted in the club ho thread but figured I would round out my Truespec experience and post the eye candy. I think it was 3 weeks exactly including transit to Hawaii.
  22. The i59 (not sure where in the naming convention they fit) were money in my fitting. If I wasn't personally concerned with distance dispersion, I would probably be waiting for them instead of my 223's. Tomorrow can't come soon enough!!!
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