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  1. The i59 (not sure where in the naming convention they fit) were money in my fitting. If I wasn't personally concerned with distance dispersion, I would probably be waiting for them instead of my 223's. Tomorrow can't come soon enough!!!
  2. Missed this thread, noticed a shield icon next to @Golfspy_Lukes name, then saw his name changed (I normally just look at avatars). Congrats on the mod! Also congrats @Golfspy_TCB
  3. Steelfibers and we went .5" longer which was interesting. I'm sub-6' didn't think I would ever play longer clubs, but it moved my strike up the face a little bit and I was hitting the middle more consistently That test changed my outlook on irons forever! Mizuno or nothing for me, until they make a product that I just can't get along with. Even then, I'll have a set regardless just to look at them and drool.
  4. Can't wait to get my 223's!!!
  5. For selfish personal finance issues, the new bill sucks. For domestic production and economy reasons, it's kinda nice. Just glad I didn't wait any longer before we got the Ioniq 5.
  6. I guess so? I don't know the difference honestly I'm a graphite noob! I swear they accentuate the Mizuno butter tho, probably the reduction in vibration. It's kinda addicting.
  7. Interesting that people feel the steelfibers are boardy. I'm usually really sensitive to stout shafts because I'm weaksauce, but I didn't find the i95 S to feel harsh. They felt very similar to the Modus 105S that I've been gaming for the last 7 years or so. I didn't expect the steelfibers to fit me best after what everyone said about them. Can't wait till the new sticks get here!!
  8. Heck yeah, exciting times for us! I just bought my son a plastic clubs. He can't walk just yet, at 10 months he's using the couch as a crutch to hold him up. The other day he grabbed a back scratcher and was sweeping the floor and I got so excited, I immediately bought some toy clubs off Amazon.
  9. On the topic of depreciating assets, I think we'll see EVs holding value much more than combustion engine cars simply due to the fact that there is less that can break. Don't know if that contributes more to them selling much higher than MSRP as used vehicles than the current shortage and demand, but it's something. Going to be interesting to see when people who have first generation Teslas have to replace their batteries. Right now I think the lifespan is rather unknown whereas if I see a used car for sale with 150k miles I'm really wondering how much longer until it kicks the bucket.
  10. DID SOMEONE SAY FREE STUFF!? I have stuff I paid for, would love the free stuff to compare the two!
  11. That's a DEEP 5i Might need to test you for PEDs
  12. I think you're more likely to wear out before your shafts do.
  13. Just FYI, if you're in the states, and this current bill passes. Foreign-made EVs will no longer receive the $7500 tax credit. For me, it means cancelling the reservation we have on the Audi Q4 e-tron, because in addition to them jacking the MSRP up (before they've even delivered a single one stateside btw) after stealership markup, and now without a $7500 rebate, the car is out of budget. This also means that for folks who were eyeing the GV60 ( @chisag ), Ioniq5, or Kia EV6 unless your car is delivered before Jan 1, 2023 it will not qualify either. I know Hyundai is building a production facility in GA, so in a few years it'll be at least partially manufactured in the US. In other news, it's obvious that VW follows this thread and/or takes what I say to heart (extreme sarcasm) because the 2023 ID.4 no longer has a random brown dash. Maybe @sirchunksalot passed that info along that no one actually liked it, they just settled. Likely going to put a reservation on an ID.4 RWD. I don't think there's a better value currently. Really wish we would get the ID.3 and ID.5 in the states but you folks on the mainland prefer massive SUVs so apparently there's only a market for that, lol.
  14. They feel VERY similar to the Modus 105 I was playing prior. I might struggle in a blind test to identify which is which.
  15. Everything I tried that day was a 6i. Maybe places like Truespec don't rely on getting "fitting" heads and just order 6i? Not sure, but very interesting! Small sample size, LOL! I will say though that I was surprised at the differences in heads. I didn't think the P770 would've been so much less spinny for me than the others. Really just solidifies the importance of getting fit.
  16. First time I had heard of Truespec was back when @jlukes won a fitting and posted about it. Since then, I immediately followed them on Instagram and would cheekily reply to their new location posts with a comment like "Oahu when?" In 2020, when we were planning our honeymoon, we decided to go to California to go to Disneyland and stuff, and I booked a fitting at Truespec Beverly Hills. Then C19 hit and the plans got cancelled. Fast forward to today (and probably 10-15 more comments on IG begging them to come, even tagging local courses so they could get exposure and maybe entice them a little) Truespec Oahu has finally opened. I immediately had to put my money where my mouth was now that they finally made it out here, so I booked a fitting. Much to my delight and surprise, I know the fitter who was hired there and have been fit by her in the past! I've been wanting to try graphite iron shafts for a while now. Not that there's much wrong with my current set, but just to preserve my wrists since they're not in great shape from years of skateboarding when I was younger, working at a computer all day, and obviously golf. The problem was, I couldn't find a spot locally that would be anything more than like an OEM+ fitting AT BEST, if the OEM carried a graphite shaft on their cart by chance. I hadn't played graphite iron shafts since I was a junior (I'm 36 now) and any time I've randomly tried them, they felt overly light and like I couldn't feel the head at all. Not necessarily boardy, just... dead? I'll spare you the deep-dive into the details since everyone knows by now what goes on at places like Truespec and TxG, but I got to try a variety of heads and shafts. I remember thinking between club tweaks how great it is to finally have something like this locally, and it felt every bit as dreamy as I had imagined it would when I finally got the custom fit I was craving for however long it has been since I read the original thread. Also for whatever reason I suck at hitting into nets/screens so it was nice that the fitting was outdoor, so I can see the ball flights changing between club/shaft tweaks. Tried a variety of heads, with the Mizuno and TM's being the ones I asked to specifically try: Mizuno: 223, 225 Taylormade: P770 Callaway Apex Pro Ping i59, i525 In a few different shafts: Mitsubishi OTi 105 KBS TGI Tour 100 UST Mamiya Recoil 95 Steelfiber i95 It was really, really close between the i59 and the Mizuno 223, but in the end the i59 just felt like the faces were too hot. Very interesting that they were so close in numbers considering the Mizuno are lower lofted by 2* I went in thinking all I would gain were the benefits of graphite on my wrists, but found out that my 919 Forged weren't spinning enough, especially (duh) on mishits. The 223's were still spinning on poor strikes and my average carry went up, with a smaller standard deviation -- which is huge for me right now since I'm not playing as much as I used to. I'll definitely be back, probably to swing an Autoflex at some point
  17. Interesting, I've had the same experience with Vokeys at a couple of Titleist Thursdays. Always feel boardy and heavy, and I can't hit them. Hopefully whatever succeeds the Tour Racks doesn't change a whole lot because I really like them.
  18. Can't speak on Mizuno wedges but the Zipcores and Tour Racks tested well in 2020: Still gaming my Tour Racks, best wedges I've ever played and I'm now a huge Cleveland fanboy
  19. Ahhh, it all makes sense now! I guess you're just going to have to get a PHEV and then once she overcomes the range anxiety, another BEV!
  20. Did you have graphite in your wedges prior to the Edel test?
  21. If your daily commute decreased, I'm curious why you want a PHEV? Just because of range anxiety? It's difficult for me to say for sure, since I don't live in the contiguous states, and road trips are impossible, but I would rather purchase my car with my daily commute in mind, rather than the 1-3 times a year I was road tripping. With L3 chargers becoming more common in more areas, unless you're going somewhere super rural I think BEV still makes the most sense. Only time I would hesitate would be if I couldn't L2 charge at home. Not criticizing your choice, don't take it that way, just curious!
  22. Ah, I found it in the app, is in a separate page and didn't notice it: 100% intentional. Car stealerships are the worst. If there's anything I learned from Tesla is that car dealerships are 100% unnecessary and if I sold cars I would be weary of my position in the future. D2C, no BS dealer markups or "market adjustments" for a car that I sold myself because I did my own research. Also, due to the sales climate, I had to seek the car out myself -- they're not just sitting on the lot. edit: sorry, in my rage and fury about dealerships I didn't answer your question. The interior is really well put together. The doors are nice and heavy, so the road noise is almost 0. It's honestly quieter than both of my previous BMWs, but obviously a lot of the noise from those cars comes from the motor. If you're in an area that gets a lot of sun, year round, it's very economical, even if you get taxed a couple hundred bucks a year. I charged the car during the day yesterday and my 8.5 kW rooftop panels + battery was 82% self-sufficient according to the Tesla (I have a Tesla PV system) app. The capital investment with Solar system + EV will pay itself off eventually not having to buy electricity and gas. Also people forget that EVs have nearly 0 maintenance fees. No more oil changes, belts, radiators, hoses, etc. Also with engine braking, probably go through less rotors and pads. Not sure about tires though, I'm going to have to see, since the vehicle is a lot heavier than standard.
  23. Don't count on the Genesis/Hyundai app to be smart enough to do that. Currently, I can program my smart charger to do that, but the Hyundai app only lets me set the charging limits and start/stop charging. I have a Juicebox 40a from Costco. It's cheaper than their standard 40a because the cable is 5' shorter (20' vs 25'). I only need about 6 feet total so the length doesn't really matter to me...
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