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  1. I think you just need to stop being a lil b-word and rotate so you stop getting outdriven by my shmedium tee dad bod having ass #arccossaid320 #korywas15yardsfurther
  2. Bought an Iron Fitting at True Spec, they finally answered all of my Instagram begging and opened a location here! Finally get to try some graphite shafts in my irons -- wrist has been hurting lately so I'm curious if graphite will help dampen the blow.
  3. 1 and 7, 50 2, 4, 10 58 Everything else 54 unless there are other things to consider
  4. yungkory


    Woke up at the ass crack of dawn to start the smoker. The usual guava and cherry, and threw a prime brisket on it. Hovered between 250-275 for about 6 hours and once I was happy with the bark, wrapped it and finished it at 300-325. Pulled when it was probing buttery smooth and let it rest in a cooler wrapped in a towel for 2 hours. Sliced it in front of @mr.hicksta and we laughed as the juice poured out of this thing. Should've took a video. Not quite as "foldy" as the competition dudes I see, but pretty frickin good. Made mac and cheese as well. Good times!
  5. It's good but it's not Max LS good
  6. @mr.hicksta is in town and we wasted no time getting these rounds in. For me, consistently mediocre as hell: 84 (+12) yesterday 81 (+9) today. Was 2 over at the turn with 2 3-putt bogeys. For the majority of the first 10 holes I was bombing driver to a flick wedge distance but unable to really get anything close. My average proximity had to be like 30+ feet. Seems like that's the part of my game that has suffered most since my son was born and I stopped playing 1-2 times a week. Epic fail at the end of the round, I think I made a 5 on every hole after the 12th? Only one of them was a par 5 unfortunately, and even worse one of them was a par 3, wups. Winds have been in the 30mph range but honestly can't blame it on that entirely. Taking tomorrow off I'm sore!
  7. My v3 also has a sun spot in the lens but they only offered me $150 off a new one, but of course they wouldn't ship it to me lol. It has been working for about a year since it happened, but now it seems like it's finally kicking the bucket. Tried a new battery but it's not helping. My buddy has a V5 shift and, unsurprisingly, it works great. Quick lock on and jolt, clear optics, feels solid as you would expect. I'm a brand ho through and through, and the price difference between the V5 shift and this new NX-10 isn't that much... it's just hard to not go with the tried and true, ya know?
  8. We went Navy Marine yesterday, it's in pretty rough shape. They're not watering because of water conservation, but I think it's because they've (Navy) been leaking fuel into the water supply recently and that stuffs basically poison
  9. Now that Koolau is gone, nope. Maybe Bay View but that's not real golf. It's like a par 52 and in horrible shape all the time.
  10. I swear it was @TBT but I could be mistaken. It was someone who posted fairly regularly. I remember congratulating them and specifically saying something along the lines of "glad a forum member won"
  11. You and ol' Matty Fitz got me out here wanting to try it
  12. Mamala isn't as well taken care of, IMO. Plus it's always mega effin windy when I've ever played there. The 16th or 17th hole, can't remember exactly what number, long par 3. When that thing is playing into the wind and it's up, I've come up short with 5w before -- it's nuts. Overall, it's a decent track, and the second hole right on the water is cool. Navy Marine is more fun, can't really explain why. Maybe because it's easier? It's fairly flat, straight forward. Just seems like it wasn't designed to fist you. Still requires you to hit shots, but it's not overly hard?
  13. yungkory


    Dang everyone went big for father's day! I also got a tomahawk and Ribeyes for the rest of the family
  14. Heck yeah Foz, glad to see a long time member win!
  15. If I lived in Europe, I would be throwing my wallet at them, telling them to take my money: https://www.cupraofficial.com/cars/cupra-range/born.html
  16. I'm sure you're going to love it if you've already had a Genesis in the past. I owe them an apology, always considered them to be a "lesser" brand, mostly because of the combustion engines of the past. With EVs the playing field is a lot more level, and if you know anything about batteries, you know Korea is known to have the highest quality. Hell, maybe I'll look at a GV60 too! Yeah, it's not common in OEMs, but a lot of aftermarket head units have it. It's just strange that their "lower" model cars have it, but their flagship EV doesn't.
  17. Space toaster landed early so we picked it up yesterday. Aside from confirming how much I hate dealerships, everything so far is pretty phenomenal, despite what I'm about to write. The car drives absolutely Mizuno buttery smooth. I was reluctant because I'm a brand ***** and, how could a Hyundai be as good as a Tesla? Now I know what they mean when they say a Tesla is not a car maker, and that they're a tech company. I had two Teslas for about a week each as a loaner while I detailed them for a friend who owns a Model Y and Model 3, so my experience is limited, but I've only had the Ioniq 5 for 18 ish hours and I'm satisfied with it, and don't regret that it's not a Tesla from a driving perspective. That said, it does have some tech things missing that I didn't realize were useful until noticing the shortcomings of the I5. 1. The biggest being auto lock when you walk away. It's so dumb that the car automatically unlocks, pokes the door handles out, and unfolds the mirrors when I get close to it, but doesn't do the opposite when I walk away. Makes absolutely no sense, but whatever, I have to press the button on the door handle or key fob to lock, or use the phone app. 2. No answer to Tesla's sentry mode. With all of the cameras on the car, why not allow users to plug in a USB storage device of some kind, to monitor the vehicle if they want? 3. No wireless Android Auto/Apple CarPlay. This is supposedly common in the brand, when you get a bigger screen, you lose this functionality for some reason. What's more strange is there's wireless charging. So I can charge it wirelessly, but for AA/CarPlay I need to plug it in? 4. No phone-as-a-key for non-limited trims; doesn't support Apple anyways. Not a huge deal, but our other car is "dumb" and requires a fob -- having two fobs on keychain makes the minimalist inside of me cry. This might be fixed with a software update soon supposedly. The kid at the stealership said it's going to work for non limited trims, everything I read online says otherwise. I'm sure there will be more things that I find lacking on this car, I hope not, but I'm very picky. I will say that as a motorized vehicle dictionary definition, this thing checks all the boxes. I hate the wheels tho
  18. I want to say it was @TBT but I might be mistaken
  19. Someone on the forums won one of them a few years back, I remember they posted about it, I think it was a driver? They make money selling your email address, nothing is ever free your data is infinitely valuable!
  20. 81 with a double on each side. Not bad considering I am only playing once a month. Lipped out at least 3 putts and a chip in that hit the stick, dropped in and then lipped out somehow. The Rogue ST Max LS (really need a shorter name for this) was absolutely a weapon.
  21. You have to click "my product isn't here" Once we have products populated, stuff will start to show up when people search. Last I checked only the Ping that THV posted was there, and now you can probably find a Callaway Rogue ST Max LS (holy eff that's a mouth full) because I added it? Also, might want to black that other tab out, it is displaying your email address and you might get spammed. If you get a bunch of Cialis ads -- it wasn't me I swear!!!
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