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  1. Played in some pretty gusty conditions today, but when you can only get out once a month cuz you got a baby, you trait what you can get. Outside of 5 doubles for various mistakes, I did okay. Can't hit a fairway to save my life, good thing I have a new driver on the way ha! Shot 85, made some nice putts, lipped out a birdie chip, 3-putt from 7' on 18.
  2. Just FYI, this thread is super old and that post is outdated, lol. Koolau is closed permanently. If you have any questions, feel free to ask
  3. I caved, ordered a Rogue ST MAX LS in the same specs that I last got fit for (Epic Flash forum test). I'm barely playing any golf since my son was born, but the 50% bonus trade in was too good to pass up. Happy early first father's day to me!
  4. yungkory


    Smoked some beef ribs and tossed the meat inside some Mac and cheese. So good!
  5. Some people aren't as sensitive to shaft feels, but for me the white felt like rebar when I was fit for my tsi3
  6. One of my clients invited me to play in a scramble fundraiser on Wednesday and the way I carried the team I was feeling myself going into my round on Sunday. Then Sunday came and it was like I'd never played golf before. Hate love this game!
  7. Soooooooooooo you wanna let me borrow that Autoflex or wuh? Sick write up and it's nice to see your work paying off in SPEED GAINZ
  8. I would like both of these in my bag haha. The stock shaft options are weird, or I'm just not seeing the AV Blue 65 Stiff offered in the Max LS. Was contemplating a possible mistake of buying it blind since there's a 150% trade in promo going on. Was fit for the Epic Flash in that shaft, I'm sure it would do ok in the newer head right? Right!??!
  9. Nah the newest one. Wherever Bryson found extra sauce around the greens with the latest model, I'd like to know, because they don't spin for me, and neither did the old BX
  10. Played in a scramble on Wednesday and was using up the leftover BX that I had. I quickly remembered why I went back to the V1x personally, I just can't get enough spin on the BX around the greens. If you end up sticking with the BX lmk, I got probably 2doz left that I'll sell you on the low, or trade you for V1x if you got a supply!
  11. yungkory


    I'm not really a fan of the wiz, call me non traditional I guess. This looks amazing!
  12. Dang that's a pretty flat lie angle? I play my tsi3 in b1 so it's .75 flatter but that's still more upright than the rogue will play. I must continue to resist the urge to go and try these drivers
  13. The 2022 theme needs some style help, that background is ugly sorry. The alternate light theme is nice, but the highlight text color is the same as the text editor so you can't see when you highlight anything. Also the random gray boxes should probably be coded out. Not sure if it's a blank paragraph or something but it looks out of place: There's one on the bottom of the page after the last posted comment as well edit: tested in Firefox as well, same thing happens with the highlight text color
  14. Bruh I keep forgetting to set my lineup I'm such a dbag
  15. Having numbers is so nice, all I have to go off of is BURYING PUTTS LEFT AND RIGHT LETS GOOOOOOOO!
  16. Funny I shoot 4-over two weeks ago and today I was already 5 over after 6 holes. Golf is wild
  17. yungkory


    Wow that looks like what I've eaten in Japan
  18. yungkory


    The belly was insane! So much juice even after being in the fridge overnight
  19. yungkory


    Haven't sliced up the pork belly yet, it's for today's lunch, but I tried a rib and it was fan-effing-tastic!
  20. I had to manually move myself. 96816 put me like 100 miles north of the island chain LOL
  21. yungkory


    2 racks of spare ribs and a pork belly just went down on the smoker Pics in many hours!
  22. Not sure if this is just my browser but: Putting my zipcode resulted in a marker in the middle of the ocean and This menu doesn't want to go away. Using Brave (built off of chrome). I hover over it, it goes away temporarily, then comes back.
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