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  1. Due to weather and outdoor facilities closing around me, I’ve taken my practice to the basement. I need to rebuild my swing. I all too often make contact behind the ball and ground first. I need work on my hands leading into to ball with a more descending strike. I bought a Callaway Chip Stix golf training aid to extend beyond the grip to help with that hands forward feeling. During the coming weeks I’ll also be heading to the indoor golf practice facility.
  2. I tend to be more golf active on Instagram and follow a wide spectrum of golf Instagramers. So I often enter “contests” in the hopes of winning some free gear. Well, for the first time I won something, a PXG hat that one of their brand ambassadors gave away.
  3. I decided to give the JumboMax Tour Series grip a try on my driver. The fitting guide on their website recommended size small for me. I also had been seeing some YouTube golfers giving the grips a try. Peter Finch put a set of them on his clubs. I was also diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis and want to try something with some “cushion”. But I made the switch late in the season and turn of the weather in Central New York has the clubs in the basement for the year. I need more time with it if I’m being fair. I will be hitting the indoor golf facility during the off-season. I must admit it does feel a bit “weird”. But. Do want to give it a proper trial.
  4. Got out this morning. Perfect day for it. I appreciate it more as the season is coming to a close in Central NY. We might get snow on Monday. The irons started working better after a round of topping them last time out. I still struggle with uneven lies. Something to work on next year. I lost a couple of balls just off the fairway in a deadly combination of rough and leaves. Had something strange happen with my driver though. After teeing off on a hole it sounded weird. The head screw loosened and the head became a bit wobbly. That’s a first for me. It forced me to finish the round with my 3 wood as I didn’t have my wrench in the bag. The next tee shot was a most perfect lovely draw right down the middle. My but isn’t this a crazy game? LOL. I also thought I’d give the ER11v another go. Had a couple of three putts and 1 putts with remainder being 2 putts. I just can’t get past the feel/sound. My ER7 is going back in the bag.
  5. For morning rounds it’s coffee, water and some sort of protein bar. For afternoon rounds I usually have a water bottle filled with an electrolyte drink, either Nuun or LMNT and either nuts or a protein bar. Sometimes I may have beer during an afternoon round. But that requires the presence of the beverage cart with an IPA.
  6. Greetings, I’ve bee away for a bit. I cooked a batch of white chicken chili for the first time. It exceeded expectations. Next time I’ll halve the cumin as it came on a bit strong for my wife’s taste. And finishing it with a dollop of sour cream was spot on.
  7. The best part of my game today was my driver. 5 of 7 fairways hit today. That is an all time high for me. Once again, my iron play was awful. I need to find a good instructor in my area. Putting was ok just a couple of 3 putts. The greens are still very sandy from aeration and we’re still dewy in my morning round. The green speeds were very inconsistent from hole to hole.
  8. My Sunday round ended on a high note! My home course hosted an afternoon tournament so this morning’s round went off in a shotgun start. My buddy and I started on number 2. My putting was solid and my driver was better than usual. The rounds 18th hole was the 475 yard par 5 1st. For the first time I was on in 2. A perfect drive followed by a 3 hybrid to 12 feet. My eagle putt finished just right of the hole and left me with a tap in birdie. Eagle putt
  9. I played ok. My driver was working today. My putter was sort of working but lots of lip outs. Aerated greens were tough though. Once again my irons were spotty. My shot of the day was on 18. 250 yard drive ended up in the left rough. My longest drive ever. The course was fantastic. My first time playing at Green Lakes State Park. Saturday morning 18 holes with a cart, $35. The best value golf. The undulations.
  10. My Evnroll demanded its own room. Apparently I snore too much.
  11. The driver wasn’t quite as “slicy” which was good and my iron play was spotty. But for me the highlight was no 3 putts on newly aerated and sanded greens. Being selected to test an Evnroll putter earlier this year was the push I needed to concentrate more on putting. I need to test irons next.
  12. Fall calls for pot roast, carrots, potatoes and stout.
  13. The people have spoken, the votes are in and several audits have been conducted. This is the club build I’m going for.
  14. That one is definitely in the running. It was my first choice but I’ve been going back and forth. It’s between clean or a pop of color. That goes for the grip as well.
  15. That’s a great looking wedge. Looking forward to hearing your take after a bit of play.
  16. I am looking to put a new shaft, a KBS PGI 70 gram iron shaft in my New Level Golf NLU-01 utility iron. Looking for a little higher ball flight. Oh and it will include a BB and F Co ferrule. Still deciding on which one from my Shorty Roulette purchase. Leaning towards the red, gold and blue one on the right of the pic.
  17. The new release of the Phantom X9.5 looks pretty amazing. It’s the best mallet design I’ve ever seen. Then I saw the price $750. That’s out of my range. I hope that X9.5 design though makes its way to the Phantom lineup. It checks the boxes for me.
  18. I’m very interested in your review. I have the original ER7 this would have been an interesting comparison for me against the ER7v with the MC Shaft. I completed the Evnroll Test on the ER11v last month.
  19. I’ll just leave this here.
  20. Congratulations Testers! Getting that “you’ve been selected” email is a pretty cool feeling. Looking forward to everyone’s thoughts on Sub70.
  21. Fall is in the air, the overnight lows are starting to drop, I enjoyed my first pumpkin spice latte of the season and I closed the pool today. It got me thinking about what replaces golf when winter descends upon Central New York. I’m going the darts route. I have a board hanging in my basement and picked up a set of darts. I just need to add a scoreboard. Maybe I can bring shooting darts to my golf game.
  22. I was just browsing through Netflix and stumbled upon The Dig staring Ralph Fiennes and Carey Mulligan. It’s based on the true story of the Sutton Hoo Anglo-Saxon burial site excavation in Suffolk, England during the lead up to WWII. I really enjoyed the movie. Worth a watch.
  23. So this in the yard of the house next to the 8th fairway.
  24. Today was all about the putting. No 3 putts. I played 9 with only 14 putts. 2 one putts and 6 two putts. Oh and a chip in for par from 12 feet from the rough.
  25. I’m not playing in tournaments. I play this game to have fun. I spent hard earned money on equipment and don’t need break anything or get injured.
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