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  1. With the snow coming down, I was in the basement working on my putting. I have a PuttOut trainer and mat. I putt 3 balls from 3, 4, 5, & 6 feet and then repeat the cycle a few times.
  2. For my money it’s the Snell MTB-Black. Great price, feel and distance. Another plus is the more you buy the price goes down. My first purchase was the MTB Test Pack which consisted of 6 MTB-Black balls and 6 MTB-X balls to compare them where it counts. On the course.
  3. Congratulations and well done. Prolific I do enjoy your posts. Here’s to the next 4,000.
  4. Pork butt in the crock pot for 9 hours for pork carnitas. Tapatio hot sauce, cojita cheese and cilantro. Accompanied by some veggies and washed down with an Imperial Honey Oat Cream IPA from Other Half Brewing.
  5. This made me think of the movie Crazy People. It starred Dudley Moore as an advertising executive in a mental institution who gets some help from the other patients writing the slogans for his advertising campaigns. Everything the team dreams up is completely true.
  6. I love your 4 year-old’s reaction.
  7. It was quite good thanks. I’ve discovered Wegman’s “creates” a lot of things and I’ve been pleasantly surprised by a number of them. Their take on kimchi is quite good. It’s my go to when my wife makes pork chops and sauerkraut. I forgo the sauerkraut and enjoy my pork chop with the kimchi.
  8. Given the fresh snow and temps dipping into the teens I tried my hand at making fresh pasta and putting together a dish of cacio e pepe. It turned out quite good. I used flour from Italy sourced from the local Italian market.
  9. Club Champion is an hour and a half from me. It could mean a fitting before the season opens here.
  10. I’m not sure about the new album yet. I need to listen more as you say it doesn’t sound the same.
  11. What do you think of her new album?
  12. Pink Floyd is a consistent listen for me. The Wall came out in my junior year of high school and I was hooked. My favorite song is “Learning to Fly” from A Momentary Lapse of Reason.
  13. I love my pushcart. It’s the single best golf “accessory” I own.
  14. A bit of an upgrade for my putter. A new cover from the fine folks at Random Golf Club. Nice feel to it and love the magnetic closure.
  15. Merry Christmas Spies. I made a Prime Rib. It turned out perfect. I also whipped up some horseradish cream to go with it.
  16. Someday, I’m slowly building my repair skills and tools. A vise is next to make re-gripping easier. I want to get more comfortable with the basics. I can see this becoming an addiction. LOL Shaft puller, loft and lie machine…
  17. Thanks! I used some 220 grit sand paper, I didn’t have an emory cloth, and turned them by hand. Then I wiped them with acetone. I need to get some car wax on them though to give them a nice shine. @McGolf recently posted a great video that covered hand turning ferrules. That was the final push to encourage me to try this little project. Watching Jim build clubs makes it look so easy. My attempt was a bit sloppier. I used a lot more wipes to clean the epoxy overflow. I’m going to regrip them as soon as I find some Golf Pride Z Grip Patriot grips. They are out of stock everywhere.
  18. I just installed some BBandFCo ferrules on my wedges. I had purchased a Shorty Roulette set earlier this year. This is my first attempt of this sort of club work. From a distance they look pretty darn good. Upon closer inspection one can seen the imperfections . The real test will come when I can hit them again to see if the heads stay on. . But it’s currently 23 degrees and snowing Central New York.
  19. Broke out my chicken enchiladas verde tonight for dinner. It was accompanied by a quality NEIPA collaboration between Aurora Brewing and Prison City Brewing.
  20. Spoke with my son tonight. He and his girlfriend are coming home for Christmas. We discussed our meals for Christmas Eve and Christmas. Sushi on Christmas Eve and prime rib, garlic mashed potatoes, brussel sprouts and roasted carrots, oh and salad with crab meat on Christmas. And will continue our tradition of a shot of tequila on Christmas morning.
  21. I’m dipping my toes in this area slowly. I’m going to try my hand at putting some new ferrules on my wedges. I purchased some BB and F Co ferrules, a Bernzomatic micro torch, a hosel cleaning brush, epoxy, and centering beads. I forgot the emory cloth so one more trip to Lowe’s. I have watched and rewatched several @McGolf YouTube videos on pulling iron heads, assembling irons and his video on manually turning ferrules.
  22. I was most interested in this review. I received free sensors earlier this year because I owned the appropriate Ping clubs. They installed easily and paired flawlessly. I gave them a good workout during the free trial period. I use an Apple Watch but had to wait until I had several rounds under my belt before I was “allowed” to use it with the app. I wasn’t really crazy about having the phone in my pocket during the round. The app worked well with some occasional shot detection issues. Overall I liked using it and once I was allowed to use my Apple Watch it as less cumbersome. But at the end of the trial period I didn’t feel that the app’s features were worth the annual subscription price. Maybe it’s a sign of age but it seems many companies are going to a subscription model but I’d prefer to buy something and just use it. I suppose if I was a better golfer who played competitively in local tournaments this would provide as much data about my game as I’d ever need to prepare for competition.
  23. I am late to this party. My wife and I just finished watching Ted Lasso. Just a great series. We can’t wait for season 3 in July. The Christmas episode is a wonderful stand alone episode that will be a part of our Christmas rotation. Big love for the Higgins family. I continue to rewatch “Still Game” on Netflix. It’s a great series from BBC Scotland. There are 9 seasons available. Worth a look.
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