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  1. This Tom Brady video is insane! https://www.instagram.com/reel/Cd_B4h6ARUq/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
  2. Oh sure your cardiologist cleared you but that doesn’t mean you go willy nilly into bacon. I’d suggest playing it safe with a bit of moderation and occasionally substitute sausage.
  3. I decided to take my home practice setup up a notch. I have a Rukket Sports net but I really didn’t like hitting off of the small mat that came with it. It’s a tri-turf mat that’s 25” x 16”. So I just ordered a Motivo Golf Fairway One Pro, 3’ x 4’, $149.99 with free 2 day shipping.
  4. On my round today I was pleasantly surprised to see some course improvements underway. A couple of bunkers are getting some fresh sand. The straps are a bit on the firm to hard side so this is a nice development.
  5. Goose poop is bigger.
  6. The second pic gives a “if you build it they will come” vibe.
  7. My morning 9 on a beautiful day. I had the best driving round in forever. It put me in a place which I’m normally not familiar, the middle of the fairway. My 1st drive of the morning though was a snap hook into the trees. So I teed up a second and of course it was nice, high and straight. My driver success was offset by my iron play. It seemed like I was was thinning everything left. My putting was ok. More 2 putts than anything, two 1 putts and a couple of three putts. My wedge game was ok. I seem to hit my MD3 a bit better than my Mack Daddy CB on chips. But all in in all I had a most enjoyable round. My game is definitely improving. The only birdies of the day.
  8. I’m reading the Shipnuck book. After Phil won his first tournament he gave the flag to his grandfather who hung it in the kitchen. It seems that particular tradition started there.
  9. My Ping G410 Crossover repair update. Ping returned my repaired club with an Align and because I said logo down the “Align” was up. They never mentioned it was an Align grip. This afternoon I ventured to my local Golf Galaxy to pick up a new grip. Side note, they had a excellent selection of MCC Plus 4 teams grips. I installed a gold/navy grip when I got home and it’s ready for tomorrow’s round.
  10. I lucked out at Ft. Lewis. Our mess hall had the best cream chipped beef.
  11. You had me at biscuits and gravy…
  12. I’m sorry to say I need to report this post for not having an NSFW warning.
  13. Good luck at the cardiologist. Hope it’s nothing. Bacon makes everything better. Just sayin.
  14. I thought I’d try OnCore Elixr balls. They are donating $5 from each dozen Flag Special Edition Logo Balls to the PGA Hope program to assist veterans.
  15. Prayers for your family in this difficult time.
  16. A couple of high profile errant shot victims. In recent memory I don’t recall another player getting hit by an errant shot. https://www.golfdigest.com/story/pga-championship-2022-sage-steele-face-jon-rahm?utm_medium=email&utm_source=052022&utm_campaign=breakingnewspm&utm_content=DM27978&uuid=be3787a0-4b63-46c5-972f-b304c7d434f3
  17. Nice looking course. Love the pictures in the mist. I used to play Harding Park in San Francisco, well before it was upgraded to its current condition. We’d frequently tee of in the fog and weren’t exactly sure where our drives landed. Nice head covers
  18. That first picture sure is a well protected green.
  19. Wasn’t that the setting for Kindergarten Cop?
  20. I was at Ft. Lewis well before the Joint Base concept. Boy I’m old. LOL My wife and I loved going for lunch and enjoying a good beer at Boundary Bay Brewing.
  21. A couple of weeks ago I sent my Ping G410 Crossover to Ping for repair. The shaft was twisting in the head. I had a Golf Pride MCC Plus 4 teams grip in blue and gold installed on my club.The Ping repair tech informed me that they would not be able match that grip if they needed to replace the shaft. When Ping received my club they called me to inform me that indeed they would need to replace the shaft. They asked me which grip I would like. I asked if they had a gray MCC Plus 4 grip. The tech said yes. I asked for that one and asked that they install it logo down. I received my club back today. At no point did the repair tech indicate that it was an Align version of the MCC Plus 4 grip. I will be visiting Golf Galaxy to pick out a new grip. I feel bad wasting a new grip. Sometimes that last 10% is the toughest to achieve. I learned that early in my career installing and maintaining cardiovascular X-Ray systems.
  22. I’ve lived in Washington twice. Once courtesy of Uncle Sam at Ft. Lewis and later in life for 17 years just north of Seattle. The view of Mt. Rainier never got old.
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