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    Callaway 816 DBD Project X Handcrafted S
    Mizuno 16º Hybrid Fuji S
    Titleist 816 19º Hybrid Aldilia Tour Green S
    Mizuno MP5 MP25 combo KBS C Taper S
    Cleveland RTX 3 50º & 54º
    Vokey SM6 60º
    SC Newport 2 Putter
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  1. 1. Dan. MD, USA 2. Marmot Pants (over golf pants/shorts) , Sunice longsleve, Mizuno 3/4 sleeve top. 3. Worst rain you've ever played in: A monumental armageddon-esq rain storm at Lighthouse Sound GC in Ocean City MD, it filled my waterproof shoes from in the inside out!! The only thing missing were the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse rinding down the fairway. We had everything else. 85º to 60º in 5 mins, flash flooding rendering cart paths unnavigable, wooden tees marking ball location got washed away and quarter sized hail, and back to 85º within 2 hours!!
  2. Daniel339

    Club fitting question

    Thanks, the shaft I ended up in was the Project x LZ 6.0, I was told that I could go for the X-stiff, but if ever I played 36 in a day (which has been known to happen!!) I'd be better with the stiff! I tried the KBS Tours, Lite 110's, Nippon Modus 120's that I recall plus a couple of other Project X variants.
  3. Daniel339

    Club fitting question

    I just came back from a CC fitting at their MD location, the experience was well worth the fee (Full bag fitting). Started by warming up, then baselining my irons then moved on to a head that generically suited my game, I hit that head with 5 different shafts until it was clear that there was a preferred option. I then started hitting different heads that suited me with the preferred shaft. One thing I did that I'd recommend, I occasionally switched back to my gamer to ensure that my swing wasn't just loosening up etc. The data pack was very good. See attached for an example of my 6i. This is probably the set up I'm going for. The Mizuno 919 forged. As much as I liked the MP18SC looks, the numbers below were better for spin and peak height, even though I hit the MP18SC further, my spin on a 6i was 4700, so way too low. A similar process was done with my Driver (advice was to keep what I have) , changing up my 3w and made a hosel adjustment to my 3h. He then checked and adjusted my wedges to ensure proper gapping (he bent one for me that was 2º of stated loft. We then went on to a session in the SAM put lab, which showed that I was a tendency to have a touch too much shaft lean, resulting in a strike a little high. A small set up adjustment was made, but putter stayed the same. They will offer shaft pureing, some folks like it, some say with modern shafts it's a waste of $. Titleist, for example don't subscribe to it at all, in fact I was astonished that they were so vocal in their disdain for it and it's lack of value. I opted just to take the specs and shop the product elsewhere. All in all, a good experience, well worth the time, and the Jan offer of 1/2 price on the full bag makes it worth while. Good luck and enjoy it! Dan
  4. Daniel MD Callaway 816 Alpha DBD With after market Project X Handcrafted 67g 6.0 (S) Flex. No, Not directly, but I prefer it to a driver I was fitted for.
  5. Daniel339

    For Sale: Evnroll ER1.2

    Looks good, any interest in trading? I Have Scotty X7M 35"... Dan
  6. The highly ranked Sun Mountain Elite Jacket is on sale for a great price at TGW today, only XL or 2XL available, but a great deal if you're looking for rain gear! Just ordered one ahead of my trip next week. https://www.tgw.com/sun-mountain-mens-elite-full-zip-rain-jacket
  7. Your first name/home state: Dan MD Your current wedges (OEM/lofts) 50º Cleveland RTX3, 54º Cleveland RTX3, 56º Vokey SM5, 60º Vokey SM6 Your desired set/lofts 50º, 56º, 60º Thanks! Dan
  8. 1. Daniel 2. MD 3. 12 4. Notes on scorecard (FIR, GIR, Putts, Chips & Penalty strokes)
  9. - Dan - Maryland, USA - Mizuno MP5 6-P MP25 4-5, True Temper S300 Stiff 130g in MP5's, KBS C Taper 120g in MP25's. All 3/4" long 1º upright. - 7-iron 170 yds
  10. I'd love to try this one! Thanks for the opportunity! First name/home state or province: Daniel, Maryland. Current driver/shaft combo: Callaway Alpha 816 DBD 9º with Project X Handcrafted LZ16 Swing speed/handicap: 105-108mph 10.7 hcp. Preferred ST 180 loft/shaft: 9.5º with the MCA Tensei White Stiff.
  11. 1. Dan L, MD 2. 12.1 3. Dream Cleveland bag: Driver: Launcher HB (Specs as per fitting) Fairway: Launcher HB 3 wood (Specs as per fitting) Hybrid: Launcher HB 19 deg, (Specs as per fitting) Irons: Launcher CBX 4-9i Wedges: RTX-3 46º (+2º strong) 48º, 52º, 56º in black satin Putter: Huntington Beach #4 Ball: Srixon Z Star XV.
  12. 1. Daniel MD - USA ​2. Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2 3. Custom fit - No, 35" standard L&L 4. Preferred putter -Studio Stock 8
  13. Daniel, MD Mizuno JPX 900 16º Std lie. Fujikura Pro Stiff +1" Titleist 913H 20º 1º Flat. Aldila Rogue Green Stiff +1" - Hybrid/shaft custom fit? No, - Strengths: Distance. Weakness: Pull left.