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    TITLEIST TS2 Matrix Ozik Black-tie X stiff
    Callaway Rogue 3W MCA C6 Blue Stiff, + 1/2"
    Titleist 816 19º Hybrid Aldilia Tour Green S +1/2"
    Mizuno JPX 919 Tour 6-PW Forged 4&5i Project X LZ 6.0 +1/2" (P/W +3/4) 2º Upright.
    Cleveland RTX 4 50º & 54º 60º PxLZ 6.0 +3/4" 1º Upright.

    Scott Readman Concepts IKBII (Google them - they are amazing)
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  1. Yep, they're loud too! Ears were ringing for a good while after I had a MCC burst on me (they burst right where the cord joins the rubber, and leave a pretty good welt too!) Lessons learned: Warm grips first, V hot water for 5 mins is good. Roll the grip up the shaft and back again as far as you can a couple of times, roll back to normal before using air. I now use a 18" tube of PVC plumbing pipe as a sleeve over the grip, being so narrow, just wider than the fattest part of the grip, it stops blow outs or "bubbles" forming that ruin grips.
  2. I'm not quite as tall as you at 6'2", ~7ish years ago I had a "fitting", It was at a vendors demo day at the club I'd just joined, I later learned that it was a crock of , the "fitter" let me hit a few, asked some questions, level of play etc - so it was essentially tall guy, beginner, but good hand-eye, fast aggressive swing, make em 1" long 2º upright & see if you can convince him to shell some extra $ for a shaft upgrade... Clubs arrived, I kept them until I knew better, ~ 2 seasons. Not too long ago (Early '19) and one better level of iron fitting later, I'd got my Hcp down a good amount and was breaking 80 on good days. I treated myself to a "full bag fitting", the difference was night and day! Each length, loft and lie angle specified from my 60º wedge to my Driver with in specific numbers, as apposed to just 1" long & 2º up. So I know what each club needs to be, my 8i is 37º loft, 61.5º lie, and 37" long and the shaft that worked best across all the brands I hit within a head category that was working best for me. That info translates to any club brand, if I stay in that head category: for example T100 8i stock 38º loft 63.5º lie, 921 Tour 38º 62º, P7MC 38º 63º, so 1 upright would get me 3 different lie angles with those 3 brands! I guess what I'm saying is that you can go buy used clubs that are "your" specs, but having the full bag data will allow you to bend and extend whatever you buy to be the right fit! I'm a 2nd for the Mizuno recommendations, I love my 919tour/forged set up, I could have just as easily gamed the Callaway Apex pro, TM P7MC and Cobra King Tour in terms of performance, but the Mizuno won the day as they didn't charge extra for the shaft upgrade I was fitted to. P.S. Look at the Callaway preowned site too, some really good gear there. Good luck!
  3. Seems like a week or two off may help, but if you're son is playing and you're going anyway, try setting new goals! Break 80, even par on the front etc. Or work on a new shot. I spend a lot of time working on being able to hit a desired ball flight on the course. On the range it's not an issue, but when you NEED that low draw or low fade to get under a tree limb it's harder! I quite like playing a few holes where I solely concentrate on that kind of execution.
  4. If Severn Golf is close enough for you then South River might work, they have an indoor sim room, so depending on where in Southern MD, that could be an option. Also NightHawk in Gambrills.
  5. Looking forward to earning my badges! My Donor should be on it's way! Could I request a broke 80 and maybe suggest an EVEN PAR and Head badge? Thanks
  6. = US Based. Dan, Annapolis, MD iPhone XS Testing Outdoors No net. Will test using: clubs and with balls.
  7. Dan, Annapolis MD. Driver, std length SS: Avg 108mph. Srixon Z Star XV No previous experience of Snell.
  8. I like it BlacknGold! Delving in to the murky depths of what's true and what's not! Q: So was it a Nike Ball, made by Bridgestone, or a Bridgestone ball badged with a swoosh? And what's the difference? Did Nike own the design and Bridgestone just put it together?
  9. JLucks: That's the point of the "Proof level"... 100% means True. 0% means unfounded or proved false, in-between is maybe...Remove stick from posterior and chill.
  10. Now Tigers back at the top and launching some zillion dollar irons, what do we really know about "tour equipment" We've all heard the rumors, some have been proven, some still linger without any proof one way or another. So what are the best rumors out there that have a hint of truth behind them? EG. Tiger never played a Nike ball, they were always made by someone else. Proof level 100% Recently proven in an interview where Tiger stated that Bridgestone have been making his balls for decades. Tigers irons are really Miuria - seemed plausible given he never played a stock offering from anyone. Proof level 50:50 Phil really plays a Titleist ball, rebadged. Proof level 20%, a clumsy thick "titlist" shaped sharply marker at last years Pebble Beach or somewhere is not proof. More likely a trial for foresomes at Ryder cup and getting used to different ball. Rory/DJ/Day don't use Twist face or Injected face, just marked up to look that way. Proof 50:50, because of a radio interview where one of them may have said something about not knowing if it made a difference. DJ can act, proof level 0%, we've seen the TM commercials and he's more wooden than a hickory shafted persimmon headed driver! Phil used a "3 wood" with 9º loft to avoid USGA rules on COR in drivers Proof level, 0% but it's a good thought.... The K-Sig was a Callaway SR2 or Taylor-made Tour Preferred rebadged overrun. Any MSGers know the inside scoop on the ball they made a legend? You get the idea...
  11. Daniel L, MD USA, 75+ Twitter, Insta, FB. 9.8:105-108 with Driver. Mixed Bag: TS2 Driver, Rogue 3W, Titleist 3H, 4-PW Mizuno JPX 919 Forged, Cleveland RTX 3 50º & 54º & 60º Vokey Wedge Desired Cobra Set: f9 Driver 9º Hzrdous 60g stiff satin black & white. F9 3 wood, stiff. F9 Conventional Length, +3/4" 2.5º upright Project X LX 6.0 Shafts. F9 King wedges at 4º gaps from F9 PW loft.
  12. 1. Dan, Maryland USA 2. 10.2 108mph 3. Titleist TS2 9º, Tensei Blue AV S 4. I think the 9º Flash with the Tensei blue AV 65g S would suit better, but happy to try and report on either.
  13. 1. Dan. MD, USA 2. Marmot Pants (over golf pants/shorts) , Sunice longsleve, Mizuno 3/4 sleeve top. 3. Worst rain you've ever played in: A monumental armageddon-esq rain storm at Lighthouse Sound GC in Ocean City MD, it filled my waterproof shoes from in the inside out!! The only thing missing were the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse rinding down the fairway. We had everything else. 85º to 60º in 5 mins, flash flooding rendering cart paths unnavigable, wooden tees marking ball location got washed away and quarter sized hail, and back to 85º within 2 hours!!
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