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  1. Thomas Schertz Texas 12 Handicap Srixon 585 KBS Tour 120 Stiff PTX/Icon Combo
  2. Mizuno Titleist and Callaway took about 2-3 weeks to come in after being custom fitted. Ping is usually a little quicker.
  3. Playing an GBB but want to swap to an Epic!!
  4. Tom Texas 10 Handicap/Average score 84 Never played Wilson irons before C player most days
  5. Didn't Ben Hogan buy Scor? I was thinking about the Hogan wedges but I heard they were going out of business too.
  6. Looking for new set of wedges. My Titleist SM4 50, 54, 60 are worn out. My Scor wedges have started to lose their spin also 53 and 57. Thinking about the Edels, I live in San Antonio so should be Abel to schedule fitting at the factory only about an hour drive. Not sure I want to spend that much per wedge though. Any recommendations?
  7. 1. San Antonio TX 2. Scotty Cameron Fastback 3. Trouble with speed of my putts ( normally short).
  8. Tom Texas 103 SS MPH Mid to Low Launch GBB / Rogue IO 60 gram stiff 3.8 torque Fit by Callaway Rep at demo day I have used the original White Tie and Red Tie before in Taylormade R1 V2
  9. 1. Tom - Texas 2. 10 3. Callaway GBB / Rogue IO Stiff 60 gram 3.8 Torgue 4. 97-103 MPH SS / 245 5. Jim Furyk
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