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  1. - Tony - WI/USA - Callaway Razr X / True Temper Dynamic Gold / Regular flex - 140-150 yards
  2. Thanks all, some very helpful suggestions. I purchased a Cleveland TFi6.5. Only used it twice so far, but must say I feel like the thing is much easier to use. The alignment markings are really helpful, the weight is nice, and the sound is awesome. Currently carrying 3 Cleveland products in my bag. Might need to think about adding something else down the road.
  3. Jordan Spieth Bryson Dechambeau Hao Tong Li Jim Furyk Steve Stricker – Madison's Son!! Winning Score: -6
  4. Tony, Wisconsin Callaway X Hot 10.5 / Project X 90-110 / 18 9.5 / Regular Flex *Honestly, not sure how the 12.5 would feel, never used one before.
  5. I have had many, many putters over the years, both with and without inserts, different weights, etc., but still cannot find consistency. The last 4 putters I bought were all Odyssey brand. I had an old McGregor with a rubber like insert years and years ago that seemed like it was good for me, but it is lost to history, LOL. Any putter ideas for the under $150.00 crowd??
  6. Anybody have knowledge or experience with buying equipment through DHGate? Found these Honma, and (Mizuno) JPX 900 irons, but am thinking might be forgery. What say you? Legit or Bogus?
  7. I find using the oversize grips has done wonders with my accuracy. I am torn between two different grips right now, but the good thing is that when you know how to regrip clubs, the decision making process is a lot less expensive!! LOL
  8. Tony / Wisconsin Cleveland 588 & also RTX Overshooting the green, landing on the backside. 18 Hcp.
  9. I'm sure you have been there... some random shopping stop and you find them... some amazing looking golf balls at an unbelievable price - you buy them and are beyond excited to try them, only to find they amount to little more than hitting rocks with your club. LOL So, what are the worst balls you have had the displeasure of playing? I would have to place NITRO brand at the top of the list. Seems like a very hard ball, not enjoyable to hit. IMO!
  10. I received a box of Wilson/Staff 50 at work last year for a birthday gift, and played them... Not Bad! However, I found that Strata BOOM! (Callaway product) and Strata SMASH (Callaway product) are equally long balls and a bit cheaper. How about a list of WORST GOLF BALLS EVER?? I would have to place NITRO brand at the top of the list. Wow... feels like I'm hitting rocks!
  11. Ram Lynx MacGregor Orlimar All great names from earlier days of golf. Lynx is rebuilding and located in the UK right now; and Orlimar seems to be relegated to the discount bin at kmart and isn't even the real deal from back in the day when Jesse Ortiz was steering the ship. AFIK, Jesse is somehow involved in the Bobby Jones club resurrection project. I hope it gains traction!
  12. I have an older set of Mizuno, T-Zoid Comp EZ irons and the T-Zoid/Blue Rage Driver/3,5,7. Been playing my Callaways for a couple years but still wonder if I should get a newer set of Mizuno irons, like the JPX EZ... so my question to all you JPN Iron lovers, what would be a likely progression to go from the T-Zoid series to something made in the last 3 years? Thanks.
  13. Florida transplant to Wisconsin, just wanted to check out the forum and say HI. Looking at getting new irons for the spring of 2018, and am looking at these chocies: Titleist 718 AP1, Cobra King F8, Wilson D350, Mizuno JPX EZ. I realize clubs are person specific in what each of us like and dislike, so to find a club fitting workshop would be awesome. Highly unlikely to happen in Wisconsin, this state doesn't seem to be as big a golf place as my former home in Florida. My current irons are Callaway RAZR X (bought in 2013). Previous irons include Srixon i701 (nice but didn't feel right), Adams A120s (hit great at store, couldn't hit on course), Titlest DCI 981 (nice but not sure why I sold them), Mizuno T-Zoid Comp EZ (one of my faves, still have them in the garage), King Cobra II Oversize (sold to buy Mizuno), Ping Eye 2 (traded for chainsaw), Wilson 1200 Gear Effect, Dunlop DMT, and Lynx Radius Sole (sold these last three at a garage sale years and years ago).
  14. I picked up a slightly used Callaway XHot driver. WOW! Much better than the Razr Hawk! Sent from my ONE E1005 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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