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  1. I had to buy one off Dicks and go through a secondary shipping agent to get it to Australia. Cost me a small fortune because the box it came in was 150mm too long and pushed it into the oversize shipping rates. Anyhow I'm glad I got it here. It's such a well balanced putter and for whatever reason its the easiest putter to line up with within 10 feet for sure. Build quality is not the best and the blacked out shaft chips as soon as you look at it. I ended up scraping the shaft paint off and cleaned up the mat silver underneath and its come up a treat. I've been a bigger grip fan but I've liked
  2. I have a Cleveland Mezzo and a Evnroll ER2 CS that I bounce between. I love the look, the feel and the grip with the ER2 but for some reason the Mezzo always has the upper hand with fewer putts per round when I decide to play it. It's not that I dislike the Mezzo, I just don't get that excited using it. I really want to be able to putt as well with my ER2.
  3. Use to hate the hybrids and hooked them off the map. Recently discovered how good the G400 range of woods have been and now the 4 hybrid is one of the best clubs in my bag. Perfect step between my 5 iron and 5 wood.
  4. When I had my Mezzo built, my fitter counter balanced it. I had tried the Super Stroke CB grips in the past with not much success so when he suggested it would be a good option for me I was a bit reserved in having it done. We tried several weight combinations with blind testing over an hour until we found what worked for me. I've gone from a 2.6 putting average to 1.8 in 6 months. Though I've changed grip and stroke during this time I still credit all the changes to the fitted putter and the club head feeling I get through the CB setup.
  5. Im finding my 5 wood to be doing the job just fine. Better dispersion and consistency with the shorter length club and im more likely to hit it from the deck when the shot is available. I've dropped my 3W for the time being and sometimes carry another wedge.
  6. Hi Spy's, Just wanted peoples opinions on what training aids or drills have worked for them when they cant swing a club or very least hit balls? I currently work away and dont have access to facilities to hit practice balls. My work stints are 2 weeks at a time and when I get back home for my week off work im finding all my practice is in vein again when I have so much time off swinging the club. So im hoping for something to keep me entertained and the swing thoughts and feels going while im away from the course. I've seen the Gravity Fit golf rubber band gadget as an idea and I've started t
  7. I like to have plain/ discrete branded equipment and apparel that can match in with everything else. My bag goes on my push cart when I play and it's carried around the range hence why I went with a Bagboy Hybrid stand bag in black. Best of both worlds. Have a look at Vessel if you want your own tour spec custom bag. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  8. Played Callaway Chrome Soft last year. Due to Callaway's price hike I picked up the Australian made Forte SS3 Speed again after the break and don't know why I changed. Great ball. Ordered some SS2's and Tour Performance S to try also. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  9. Playing the F7 fairways and hybrid has been an absolute pleasure. The thing I like about Cobra right now is that the tech they advertise works and is reasonably priced. One of the strongest brands of fairways and rescues you can try and that's evident from the rave reviews you still get from the F6 range. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  10. Dueller

    Golf Shafts

    Jump on YouTube and look at the vids from TXG. Those guys recently did a high handicapper driver fitting as well as a guide on if people should get fit or not vs their handicap or skill level. I've learnt the expensive way not to self fit any of my equipment anymore. Investing your time and money into a qualified club fitter will always be the best option. Like others have said there is no standard for flex and there is allot more to it than basic swing speed fitting. Good luck Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  11. I myself have never seen one in the flesh but if it helps others enjoy the game more and keeps them playing I'm all for these concepts as long as they are not blatant lies and snake oil clubs. I struggled with my old sand wedge out of the bunker and after reading the MGS comparison between the Smart Sole, Sure Out and C3i I purchased a Smart Sole based on the test results. I have this at home and use it to practise alongside my 56* traditional wedge when I go to the range to help in grain the splash/ thud feeling of using the club bounce to get me out. It's been a great teaching aid in tha
  12. 50, 56 and 60 for me. I'd say the bounce you choose for each is just as or if not more important than loft. How you swing the club will also have an impact on shaft selection too. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  13. ^^^^^^^^^ This Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  14. It's probably a genius move on Miura's part. The way I look at it Miura already has its fan base and it is obviously still growing. Acquiring True Spec not only gives Miura potentially more audience if the fitting goes that way and as others have said can generate profit through sale of other brands equipment but it also keeps Miura in touch with all the others new tech and what's typically being sold to all levels of golfers. I'd look at it as an advantage in the way that Miura can gather market data and potentially use it in future product design for specific golfers or regions. Sent
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