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  1. Just wanted to update my review after a week: Around the green: I am beginning to play with opening the face around the green, and finding that due to the weighting this may make this an extremely versitile club. I really can play with distance control. But going to have to work on it more as it is different feel/distance than other wedges. Approach shots : after a good range session, i can relay that you dont want to be a full swing sweeper with this club, as it gets inconsistent. I started using 3/4 swing which gave me a better angle of attack, and saw very consistent flight/results. Still undecided on if will keep or go back to traditional wedges... (still using my mizuno 60 standard S wedge).. But I do still think there may be a significant benefit to the clubs, but not a net plus yet (still losing a few strokes a round as I am getting used to it)
  2. I am a huge Mizuno fan, with multiple iron sets over the years - and eventually migrating to all Mizuno wedges. I watched the ES21 videos with interest, as my 56 degree was due for replacement - and trusting Mizuno decided to purchase the ES21. I plan to update this post one or two times as I use the wedge more - and get more definitive in my thoughts. I have had this a week and used it twice on course. Most important to note is that this wedge is center balanced, not hosel weighted as most blade wedges. See the Mizuno videos of this for more details. Around the Green: Okay - the main take away, is that this is center weighted! Okay, I know I just mentioned that above, but that was to give context as to what it is, and now why it matters. The impact of this change in weighting is significant and affects everything around the green. The number one very noticeable change is that this weighting causes a ball to come off the face much hotter. The result is 'different' - and I will do my best to explain how, and why this may be good and bad. By hotter, i mean faster. You may get the spin you expect, but if the ball is travelling faster, it still goes further... This difference makes sense since on other wedges you don't have the weight behind the ball (center strike). This change impacts how you approach the shots as you need to adjust your aim points and assumed flight and roll. The good : out of rough it is much less likely to impact club face, and you will get more solid strikes. I really like this aspect of the club - as even higher club face strikes, due to the rough, result in a better roll onto the green. Big plus here. The good & bad : you get that same impact on clean lies - but need to aim with different flight/roll expectations (per above). This makes short sided pins a bit more precarious> I will need more time to decide if this can be navigated w/ open clubface or not - as this is still too new. But, to date I have had a number of shorter chips end up 6-8 ft past the hole, when I know my previous wedge (Mizuno T7) would have been <2ft. When rechipping I do get closer but have a lighter swing/more open face. The bad : The big concern I have is : as I adjust to this center weighted wedge, what happens in the future if i go back to standard wedge weighting? I likely will have to readjust my swing flight/roll expectations again. I dont want to retrain myself every 3 years.... (note : I do use 60degree around green as well, but from more predictable lies then when I use my 56... ) Approach Shots: I will withhold my final analysis on this - as I have not had time on the range yet. I had hoped that the weighting would result in 2-5 more yards then previous, but so far that seems unlikely. Also, I have been hitting to the right - but that may be due to limited time w/ club. 1/2 and 3/4 swings seem to be much more predictable , but again, its a bit early. Definitely will use from the rough though (vs 60 degree) - and expect positive results. Look: All black shaft / head. I like the black head - not a huge fan of the black shaft. I would rather have had the blue head as an option. But in the end this is all about confidence and preference. Summary: I wanted to post this to give a quick perspective of green play w/ this wedge, as there has been very little written about the club since release. I don't consider this thicker back a 'player improvement' product at all - so those that give that feedback are basing it only on looks. It is a technology play that Mizuno is pursuing. They nailed it on the tech - the question is : is the tech is so good that it may take over all wedges, or is this doomed to be a one-off due to abundance of existing product weighting/feel. My guess is that it is #2 due to the significant change in its feel... Unless Mizuno sticks with this for years. If you are looking for a first wedge or struggle w/ thick lies around the green - this is your product. If you are great w/ wedges, I would stick w/ existing wedge profiles. I am really good w/ wedges, but am going to stick this out for a few weeks to get a final word posted here... Thanks
  3. Okay, fairly irreverent, but golfed with someone who had the Stewart X10 golf trolley. I have had a electric trolley for 10 years. I did not realize until yesterday's round how important QUIET trolleys are. My two electric trolleys make no unnatural noises (unless i crash them into something as i walk behind them).... The Stewart X10 is unbearable to people not owning that thing. It whirs like a wind up car when it moves... but worse, it whirs /runs to catch up to the person it is following, then slows to a crawl, then speeds up, then slows down, up/down/up down..... all the while the motor whirs as it gains speed, up/down/up down.... UG So, imagine listening to that while you swing -- and your partner walks over to their ball? Yep, maddening. Also, your partner cannot move to check out things (l asked him at one point to check if people where off green on a dogleg) - as to have to turn off the follow mode takes a few seconds (dig out remote, turn off, etc)... I could have done it by that time. (oh and the size of that remote lol) And, the thing creaks and sounds like a GEO - about ready to fall apart while moving.. While I normally dont review other peoples stuff - this trolley must be banned from all courses - or approval consent forms from playing partners... Just saying.. Note : person who had this was nice, no issues there... just this device was enough to make me want to jump in a lake or throw it in there
  4. I know that official testers reviewed this in the official forum, but I wanted to give perspective from a person who previously has had a electric trolley - and give insights on the plus's and minus's of the Motocaddy M5 from someone who has significant experience to compare and contrast (this is NOT remote control, but instead walk behind and steer w/ motor) Previous electric trolley : sun mountain ECart. I had his running for about 10 years, which might be a record. the motor is in the front wheel. New electric trolley : Motocaddy M5 DHC. (this one has the GPS screen) There are goods and bads to all products, and some are more important to you than me. Performance of the electric aspect (carry the bag, get from point a to b): The Motocaddy is a rear wheel drive caddy, while the Ecart was front wheel. This really does make a difference in how they perform. The motocaddy has different speeds for each wheel allowing you to turn it easily without changing pace... The ECart, since you lifted the motorized wheel off the ground, was not as smooth. However, going up hills and on side hills the Motocaddy does not perform as well. Think of it this way, it has to push itself up the hill, causing the front wheel to tend to lift - possibly resulting in it tipping over. The ECart pulled itself, thus was much more stable. On side hills, if there is a weight difference on the wheels, the motocaddy thinks you are turning, and will start to speed up one wheel causing a tip over many times (if not compensating for it with your hands on handles). Speed control: Ecart had 5 speeds, Motocaddy has 10. Personally I walk at a speed matching the ECart speed choice (#3) but cannot find a speed that works for me on the Motocaddy(i am at 4 and 5 walking, but really want at 4.5...ug). Note that this could be because I spent 10 years at ECart speed.... So its a bit understandable.. However Motocaddy could have more settings at 'common' walk speeds - and fewer at the light speed no one uses...(7-10). One note on speed control for Motocaddy - it is EXTREMELY easy to hit the dial or turn it... causing it to start/stop or speed up/down without notice. I have sent the cart into people a few times and barreled into it as it stopped w/o notice. Personally, I liked the button speeds of ECart much better, but think the dial would work if it had a bit more resistance. "Send" mode: with both carts you can send it on its own in a direction for a set amount of yardage. This is handy as you near a green and want to get the cart out of the way toward a tee box, etc. The Motocaddy makes you stop/ load in distance and then start it. The ECart just had 15/20/25/50 yards, and you pushed a button.. Much better. Who wants to stop as you approach a green to mess with a trolley? No, you are thinking about that round saving putt...... Build (battery / motor) : the # 1 issue for SunMountain was the weak wiring between the battery and motor. I spent 5 years w/ electrical wiring Gerry-rigging. The Motocaddy seems much better. I am only concerned about : 1) the twisting of the battery wire when plugging into cart socket - as over time wires do get worn.. any pressure eventually will wear them out... 2) the socket on cart faces up, and will collect water during a rain. No issues yet, but i am a bit concerned during a heavy rain that this may cause issues. Battery Life : 36 holes for the Motocaddy - 27 at most for ECart... Motocaddy definitely performs in this aspect, and I can only say positives about the Li battery. (one odd thing is that it requires unplugging at wall/replug to start the charge, but assume this is a faulty sensor in the charger) Misc Features: Motocaddy GPS : I will be blunt - this is so far off, it is worthless for any golfer I reached out to Motocaddy, but responses were lacking (reboot- which did not fix the issue). This is noted by others in the other forum as well... I have a shotscope and sky caddie which are identical to each other. M5 is off from 3 - 8 yards on every hole at 150+ yards... That is 9-24'!!! I paid $300 extra for this, and cannot tell you how disappointing it is. I really hope they get it fixed asap. As such. I love the Motocaddy, but opt for the lower $ non-GPS one at this point. Note : the GPS featues do work well - IF yardage gets fixed... So there is hope. Storage : I dont get this either. Why oh why do these electric carts not have a pouch or something to hold things? Almost all carts have a small area to hold balls, phone, tees, etc...I did get their GPS holder, cup holder, and scorecard holder - which help some, but without going into details they are flawed (GPS holder slides down as walk / Scorecard holder rattles constantly.. Just give me a space to carry stuff... please. Charger : a GREAT feature on Motocaddy is the ability to plug in a USB cord and charge phones, etc. I dont remember to use it, but thats on me... great feature. Size: It is big compared to my old ECart. However, it does get fairly compact with the wheels off. Its also a bit heavy, but not terrible. A note on how small can it get with wheels off? I can fit it (barely) into my BMW Z3 trunk.... With wheels on, a set of clubs and cart take up all of sedans trunk space.. Summary: Overall I like the Motocaddy. Its not a huge upgrade, but it does what it was / is supposed to do. I personally like not having a remote control device distracting me, and this enables me to walk and look like a normal walking pushing a cart (but not doing any work)... The most important thing for these is that they work every time out on the course. So far that has been the case. (25 rounds so far this year) If i were to do it again, I would buy the M1 DHC.. But yes, Motocaddy seems like a good product- but not lightyears ahead of my ECart Glad to answer any other questions
  5. Sorry for the delay, they are standard length. Thanks
  6. Bump w/ reduced price. Text/post w/ questions. thanks
  7. <5/30 : updated price - one time effort thanks for checking into> Hi - after purchasing the new MP20's last year, I am selling my MP54 Mizuno's. These are fantastic clubs, and I can only say - if you ever wanted to try Mizuno's but not at the 'new' set price, this is a great set for 7-14 hdcp. Cavity back makes them fairly forgiving, and they definitely have the Mizuno feel.... Absolutely great clubs. MP54 / 4-PW Standard loft/lie, KBS 120 stiff shafts, golf pride grips As you can see in the pictures, I have always used head covers - so no dings at all, and washed these after each round. And, as you can also see, I used the 7 iron almost exclusively for practice... So yes, that club is definitely worn, but all others are in very good condition (note : you can send it in and get it refinished by a Mizuno recommended refinisher in CO if interested). Grips have about 1 year left, maybe 2 based on # of rounds, conditions, etc. I dont post here much, but am an avid reader/fan of the site - and can assure you these are exceptional clubs. Asking $450 $375 shipped (us). Glad to take additional pictures, share serial #, etc. Thanks
  8. Been considering ping vs mizuno (current clubs) for a while now. very excited for this opportunity - great job. Scott North Dakota - US 7 Mizuno MP 54 KBS Tour Stiff i210
  9. I did a review on a different post a while back - but since this is more active wanted to give an update. I have used the system for over 30 rounds to this point. Summarizing my thoughts: Pros: 1) compared to other systems - it is the easiest to track shots. I tried another and shortly realized how easy it is. Is it perfect? no. but it does some things exceptionally well, including : If you rehit a shot for any reason - it takes the last one (so if hit two drives, it only counts one shot as long as done from same location. Same with putts). This is useful at times for various reasons - as when I play alone its nice to do a 'what if' I had used x club instead. 2) putt tracking is simple and works great - only have one input to enter (at hole) 3) great way to review your round (overhead views of each shot) - and distances 4) easy to upload data 5) gps display is very useful. without this would not be worth it 6) auto estimate club: so I don't have tags on some clubs (see below) but it is now estimating which club I used based on past performance. that is a nice use of AI. summary of pro's: it is pretty good. I do like its simplicity to use on course. I will (below) discuss why I don't often edit rounds any longer. Cons: 1) the tags fall off. I have lost 4 of them. I now have to check them before and after each shot. I have golf pride corded grips w/ mizuno mp54's. If I mishit, the vibrations loosen them about 1/2 out. I have Winn on my wedges and do not have the issue. I contacted shotscope and asked if I could buy a set - and they said they would ship the three I lost. fine, but not having the option to purchase additional means another 3-4 week stretch when another falls out - where I wont have data (without editing round) (note: the extra ones work, but are not tied to the previous data, so it starts collecting new data with that sensor. I now have 3 sets of data for my 5 iron.. ) biggest frustration with this was that I received an email from shot scope saying "You must not know how to put these on your clubs correctly" . Yeah right, I even sent them pictures showing before/after. The next email told me to 'glue them'. Hurm. 2) the watch is really uncomfortable in heat. It is so big that when sweat happens, it is just unbearable. Still a decent GPS in that situation though. 3) Data: This gathers a lot of data. But is completely a wasted effort. Great I know how far I hit it. But I knew that after 10 rounds. The rest of the data is organized poorly and provides very little usable information. For example: missed right/left is fine, but what about average miss yrds? Big difference between 30% miss left of fairway at avg of 10 yards and avg of 30 yards. No data by hole. This is absolutely critical to have - as I make adjustments by hole , not by club used. Why? Some are upwind/downwind, uphill/downhill. I want to know which holes I miss left/right (trends), short/long, etc. My strategy is by hole, not by course/club used. This is what makes the data useful, but it does not exist. Response from Shotscope : maybe next year.. I cannot emphasize enough that this is the biggest concern and downfall . The data exists, they just don't give it to us in a useful format. Thus, after 10 rounds, usefulness is less. In fact I have not looked at my data in a month. Data trendlines : again, they don't summarize data well. Show me trendlines over 5 / 10 / 15/ 20 / yearly clubs, holes, putts, etc. I see a lot of 'dots' now, but so what? I cant count that high. Summarizing: Not bad, but could be great. Add better data analysis tools. Get a customer service department that actually cares about customer feedback (when we are just trying to help them succeed!) 6 out of 10 at this point. potential to be an 8. (a 10 if data and smaller watch)
  10. I purchased this last month and have logged about 15 rounds with it. Felt it would help others to relay more details about the plus and minus that others here may not have mentioned. Accuracy: the original course settings were from the course four years ago. I contacted customer service, and they did get it updated. Unfortunately there are still a number of errors. These include : at least one green completely mislocated, one fairway with the wrong measurements. Also, the new hazard feature seems to have incorrect information on location about 40% of the time by 5-10 yards... Unfortunately this has resulted in times where I hit a great shot and subsequently lose the ball into water (fyi, all comments are in relation to home course so know it well). Shot tracking: this is shotscope's strength. It really catches all shots very well. Even on the green. If arrchos fails on the putting, then shotscope has a major advantage here. Watch itself: the size is bigger than you would think. I agree with others that it does not become a distraction once you start golfing. but due to the size it can be a bit annoying (for me) on hot days. Bugs: I continue to have a few issues with the software on the watch. It does not seem to like some cords for charging. Nothing worse than getting ready to go and not having a charge. Extra swings: One major concern I had was that sometimes I like to reputt, or take a mulligan for whatever reason. Remember golf is supposed to be fun - and I found myself scared to do so as I don't want to have to go online and remove shots, etc very often. After a lot of experimenting, I found that if you don't move from the original spot - it seems as though it does only register one shot. Once figuring this out, I was able to relax and just go have fun. So, concern alleviated. (this is really relevant early in the year as I live up north) Software Analysis: so this is where I have the biggest concerns at this time. If you study the previously shared charts - the data looks impressive. And it is. But I would contend that it is missing what you really want to see. Data that would be better: 1) sortable by hole , not currently able to do this 2) approach shots without woods and hybrids / 3 iron. Get shots from other clubs then would at least be somewhat close... 3) putting charts by hole. put the hole into quadrants and show putts in relation to hole in that quadrants - long/short/left right pct. 4) add legends. data without legends currently so don't what we are looking at. 5) consistency of look across data. meaning it has no logical presentation. 6) trend analysis. none currently available. Am I getting more accurate over the last month? less? Impossible to know with this at this time (okay, you can look at year vs last 5 days, but not see a trend) Summary: Shotscope is good, not great. I have been on the fence about keeping it. The biggest concerns are inaccurate gps data and lack of good data organization in software. If they added data by holes and trend analysis and course accuracy - this would be a solid product. Unfortunately it sounds like (per their staff email to me) they just don't have the priorities of these items. Hole information may be end of year/next year....
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