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  1. Brian Dartmouth Nova Scotia Odyssey Triple Track 10 Impact #3
  2. Brian, Dartmouth Nova Scotia Canada Odyssey Triple Track 10 Would love to test the Heppler Tomcat 14 against the Triple Track. High MOI combined with alignment lines works for me; would the Tomcat 14’s work as well as the Triple Track’s ? Played a Ping Ketsch until the Triple Track came along, and liked it a lot. I would wind up spending even more hours on the practice green if I was selected to do this. Good luck to everyone entering.
  3. Didn’t know if you had free weights available, this the calisthenics reference. I had also been doing low weight high rep training with free weights, but had to change that up because it lead to repetitive motion injuries in my shoulders and elbows. After that cleared up I switched up to more weight and fewer reps, and that has been sustainable and lead to a greater increase in muscle mass than the I was able to achieve with the higher reps routine. It had the added bonus of taking less time than I had needed for the earlier routine.
  4. I’m impressed with your innovation in producing a sled to aid with the workout. The hours of work schedule along with the need to respond to call outs that firefighters have here makes working into a regular schedule a challenge, along with the meals that are often prepared at work are aimed at providing a lot of flavour and that often involves a lot of carbs. Is there another guy at work that you can invite to be a work out/diet buddy? Providing mutual support in person is powerfully motivating. While you didn’t mention it, I expect you are also doing calisthenic exercises as part of you work out, which can be more effective than many people realize. I also had great success with intermittent fasting. I had been on a 2 day a week 36 hour fast, but now am using a 16 hour fasts. I had gained 10 pounds since the start of the pandemic when they closed the gyms and we were ordered to work from home. I have peeled back 3 of those pounds this week with the new fasting schedule, and with gym schedule opening next week will hopefully quickly loose the rest. Please keep us posted on how you are progressing, because I know it is not easy.
  5. Anybody who thinks the Super Stick non-dominant side training makes them feel uncoordinated hasn't see me try to jump rope. I thought it would be an excellent cardio workout, until I started lashing myself with the rope! Good for you, though, there is nothing wrong with old school that works.
  6. For cardio I was doing the SS warm up followed by the Level 2 swing drill, except I was doing 10 swings each side with each club. I was doing this 3 times a week after my regular workout while the gym was still opened. The first time I tried this my heart rate hit 98% of my theoretical maximum for my age. I was able to routinely get my HR in the +90 % range thereafter. That’s not a bad cardio workout when you consider the time it takes to make 190 swings. For reference when doing HIIT I will take my HR to 110% for a brief spurt, but haven’t done that since the gym closed.
  7. 25* Celsius here today and a frost warning for tomorrow night and possibly Saturday as well. First round of the season is Saturday with a high forecast of 14*C. I know that is cold for some, but is near perfect for me.
  8. I am not there yet, since I really enjoy cooking and the more time I have on my hands the more elaborate the meal. We started working from home on March 14 and I am up 8 pounds as of today, and have started the journey back down to my ideal weight. Having the courses re-open here this week has given me the motivation to get back to my routine, but with gym facilities still closed getting my usual summer workout routine going hasn’t started.
  9. I envy you your weather. As forcast, I am sitting here looking at it snow as I am typing this. The temperature is slightly above freezing, but the windchill makes it a lot colder. However, it won't last. They are starting to come out with course restrictions and we are hoping to see courses opening next weekend, which is a national holiday here. Long range it looks like the warmer weather should start for us in the next week or so.
  10. If that was Celsius we would be complaining about the heat.
  11. Snow here yesterday (it didn't stick around) and the forcast is for snow flurries here again tomorrow. Not that unusual for us in May, but it has been cooler that usual. Once again, its not expected to stick around but between the rain and snow driving ranges are too wet to open and we are still waiting for word on courses opening.
  12. Nice to see another Canuck on board with MGS. I lived in Calgary from '78 to '96 and the tough times the province is going through right now is often in my thoughts. On an unrelated note, owing a custom golf club shop is one of those alternative careers, path less well travelled "...if I had tried this I wonder how it would have worked out..." fantasies I indulge in. I hope it is even better than I imagine!
  13. Well this forecast certainly changed. Instead of the mainly sunny we were supposed to get it has been snowing all day. On the bright side it is supposed to turn to rain later. This is turning into the winter that will not die.
  14. My course is closed, with an aspriational opening day during the May long weekend.
  15. Zero degrees here riht now and we just had a snow squall. Usually we have double digit temperatures at this time of year, but instead we are running single and negative numbers. This is the best forecast so far this year.
  16. Class of ‘72 and only started playing in ‘14 so I will never qualify as “still really good”! As for getting better, I feel like I’m on a quest for the Holy Grail: No 3 Putts!
  17. Do you still call her by her last name?
  18. Thanks for that, it’s very kind of you. My boss (Mrs.Pug) seems to think they can’t run the Navy with out me (I am to blame for giving her that impression) and since Mrs Pug makes even more than I do I had better stay put at least for the time being! Thanks for the kind offer, though.
  19. Looks like I will be building a hitting net, since I also have a Voice Caddy 200.
  20. Hi Viking. I’d like to take the credit for the club selection but the reality is they came out on top for me after an extensive fitting where every major brand and a couple of smaller players were all put into the mix. The most interesting part was going through the various shaft selections available for the various brands and then going through the grip selection process. I posted elsewhere that the Mizzies were not the longest, two other contenders got that honour, but nothing beat these for accuracy. As we all know the game gets a lot easier if you can play it from the short grass. It will be interesting to learn if there is some scientific validity regarding the virus dying in the conditions described. Outside the body the virus does not survive long, depending on the surface it is on. I wouldn’t think 80° F would be much of a challenge for a virus that survives the heat and moisture in sinus cavities and lungs, but let’s wait and see what we get. I am with you regarding too much heat and humidity being a game killer. I have only experienced the level of heat and humidity you describe when we were sailing in the Sea of Cortez. Sex was reduced to saying F* you to each other as we passed one another in a passageway! Lucky for us in N.S. there is usually a cool breeze coming in from the Atlantic in summer. If it gets above 28° C with no breeze the whining usually begins. I am not referring to the black flies, either. We are hoping for a mid June opening but that is anything but certain. Weather has definitely become more erratic here. This winter was mild but spring has been even wetter than usual and we are getting snow later in spring than we had previously. It snowed Saturday night into Sunday, and while it didn’t stick other parts of the province got around 30 cm. I have to say that things are very somber here with the mass shooting having really put a shock through the community.
  21. I see you edited your post to add your age, so you’re now good to go. As for sheltering in place, I work with DND so it’s a bit frustrating having limited access to our databases. On an unrelated note, Mrs Pug has decided we should hyphenate our last names. Going forward we will be known as the Shack-Wacky’s of Inner Dartmouth. As for my handicap, I aspire to be average. I am hoping my upgrade to Mizuno irons and wedges along with the Cobra fairways will have an impact. To clarify, I mean a positive impact. Hope you can handle the humour! But that’s enough about me. How are you doing in Winterpeg? Do you think there is any chance of getting part of a season in your neck of the Great White North?
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