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  1. Dustin/Selma, TX 8 /122mph Miura 2 iron 18 degree would be a great club in my bag. Little easier to hit than the my 2 iron, and maybe even a little longer off the tee. Would really make any 400 yard hole or lees leave me a PW in on better. I’ve been old school for a long time, and for as long as I’ve played I have never had a hybrid.
  2. Dustin TX Age-34 Handicap-6 Miura 2 iron, Adams MB Raw 3-PW with black nickel KBS Tour X-Flex and Lamkin UTX Cord 3 wraps.
  3. Tier 1: Tiger Woods Tier 2: Bryson Dechambeau Tier 3: Xander Schauffle Tier 4: Danny Willet Tier 5: Beau Hosslet Winning Score: -14
  4. Dustin, Texas Bombtech Grenade 3 wood -Nunchuck- this shaft is uni-flex, but would be a TX flex in any other shaft. - 15 degrees
  5. Dustin Dennis/Texas Srixon 765 8.5/Miyazaki Tour 6x tipped .5in. 120 mph/ 8 Handicap RH ST 180 9.5/Tensi White 80 X flex Would definitely like to give it a spin, especially to test versus the Srixon that I've already hit to many 375 yard bombs to keep track of.
  6. Dustin Dennis Texas 54/58 Taylormade Milled Grind or custom grind Nike VR V- groove Great with high and soft shots, mediocre at bunker play, and weak at bump and runs. 8 Handicap
  7. A friend of mine is trying to make it as a pro and was always a worse putter than me. Last few rounds we have played his putting has been about solid as one could expect. I enquired what the change was from and ended up buying the Dave Pelz Putting Tutor myself. I feel it helps with lining up your putts and surely hitting the ball on your line. I don't believe in any other types of trainers, just this one.
  8. I'm about 3 dozen in on my Pro Plus Neon Reds. It's comparable and a great deal when buying more than one box. I do not recommend getting the Neon color as my balls look more pink and to some orange. Also there is gaps in the color covering on the ball. Find iron distances a bit shorter than the Bridgestones I commonly use.
  9. Interested to see if any other hard hitters tried these. I tried the grenade 3wood from a friend and it ended up reshafted and in my bag. It sparked me to buy the driver, and unfortunately it was right before the G2 came out. The 9 degree with an X was terrible. The ball would launch like a rocket, and by that I mean straight up with a slight curve do to gravitational pull. About 260 out, the ball just died. Even swapped in a TX 661 Speeder with no help. I like their philosophy and goals. Just think that their products aren't meant for 10-15% of golfers. My friend is using their irons which are great for the price for beginner and average joe golfer. Anyone else experience anything good or bad whit them?
  10. Hello people. My name is Dustin and I've followed this organization in order to get my self reaquatinted with the golf industry. I've been playing since 5, first golf club I still have, chopped down Titleist 5 wood, like wooden wood. I stopped watching golf and playing after not doing well playing in college. A close friend from those days is trying to make it on tour, and sparked me to try and slowly get to that point. I'm a year in my gym work and about 4 months in to putting what time in outside work into rebuilding my swing. Was a certified club maker from Golfsmith at 17 and have always believed in building the best equipment for your game. Now at almost 34, I'm almost back to my 120+mph club head speed without doing any damage to my back. Enjoy reading everyone's posts to learn what's working and what isn't. Also MGS helps me put the best club heads to use for the bang for my buck. Recently went from a Nike VR 8.5 with a limited edition Matrix Ozik 8M TX to a stock Srixon 9 X Miyazaki, first off the rack driver I've ever used for almost 17 years, and I averaged 326 in south TX. Hope to share and take part in several discussions. Good luck to all in your game improvement endeavors.
  11. I bought 5 dozen of the neon pro plus and figured I'd give them a try. The balls weren't as red as I hoped, I guess I am more in love with Volviks flat red and was hopping it would be close. I am about halfway through and think it's more worth it to try and catch bogo sales on your preferred ball. There are several spots on the Vice balls where I see gray spots, like gaps in the Neon Red finish. Also it seems maybe those increase as I continue to bash them. Only a few scuffs but nothing major. As far as distance, I just switched to the Srixon z765 and my 7 tee shots with it and the Vice yesterday averaged 326, but I find with my wedges and irons it falls just a few yards short of where my B330 would be. $25 a box isn't bad and I'm sure the product will only improve.
  12. I used to have the Pingman on my ProPlatinum, but was given a Cameron and Titliest logoed out black grip, smooth and the same size as the Pingman, 10 years ago and it's still on it today. Using a Bettinardi BB8 the last 4 years, I tried the Slim 2.0 on and it had no feel, so tried the 1.0 for a year and finally gave up that effort recently. Currently using the Winn Bettinardi AVS Queen Bee and am happy to be back in a pistol style grip. A friend of mine tried the Flat Cat and just couldn't adjust to it.
  13. I'm 33 with a 176 MPH ball speed, using either a Srixon X765 or Nike VR Tour. I have been using my stockpiled Taylormade Lethals, but usually prefer Bridgestone B330S.
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