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  1. Thanks all, I'm going to laser one out... was secretly hoping Tony C might chime in with some inside spy intel ...!
  2. Does anyone know the correct diameters needed to make a go / no go gauge for ball size and roundness?
  3. Very interesting, I suppose the point I was making was that after a number of custom fits / lessons / endless reading I'm quickly coming to the conclusion that putting is a personal thing and getting too technical might be to my detriment! I recently heard a quote from Jack on British TV when discussing the recent trend for pistol / claw / left hand low grips. He said rather dismissively "Its just putting". Which made me giggle a bit! It also reminded me of the number of times where I've stood over a putt and known that I was going to make / miss it, if I get this feeling I'm rarely wrong, I'm sure others have the same - so my new goal is to find a putting technique that most often gives me that confidence! Back on thread! I think trying both Edel and evn roll is the only way - hopefully one will give you confidence and fit your eye and stroke but its hard to say!
  4. Have to say most people grow up and get used to a putter that's almost certainly off the rack, so I think there's a risk in going too far away from what your experienced with. I often think "what if Jack Nicklaus got custom fit?". Chances are he'd end up with a Fat grip, a ton of counter weight and a short length? He had none of this and was fairly successful.
  5. OK, safe to say we all love golf, but how much? Let's confess what we've missed out on so we could play golf, and let our fellow golf spies forgive or not forgive! Suppose I have to start, A wedding (not my own). I missed the whole ceremony after my competition tee time was rearranged. Didn't turn up until after the speeches.... I'm a bad person. I expect no forgiveness.
  6. Things that I would look a : Grip not square ... Already ruled out. Putter too upright/flat depending on toe hang .... If your last custom fit was a while ago it's worth checking, even comparing it to your old one will be a decent guide. Hands behind ball (like Zac Johnson), ..... Probably worth a quick check in the mirror I would also say it may not necessarily be a negative thing, if you putt with a big forward press then you may need the putter to be closed before the press? Obviously all to be taken with a pinch of salt, but that's what I'd check? Apologies if I'm patronising!!
  7. Even if beauty is in the eye of the beholder Scotty has a lot to answer for on this one....
  8. I'd say the Edel, putter fitting is excellent, to a point, it fits you for aim and speed, but not for stroke. So your Edelman will point where you want it to, thanks the the combinations of neck, headshape, sightlines. It's be effective at distance control thanks to the weight, placement etc. It'll fit you for length and lie, which again aid aim. The flip side is the torque balance suits only a narrow range of stroke. So if your Edel fitter can fit for the entire Edel range that covers all the toe hang option, then it's a no brainer. I think the holy grail, would be to go and get Edelman, fitted, then ask a good club builder to make you an evnroll to those specs?
  9. I don't think worrying about positions in the swing is the best way forward, especially as it's incredibly difficult to train positions into your swing. Best advice I can give is to go to a local teaching pro who's been recommended, and go with an open mind, sometimes you have to put a number of changes in as building blocks before getting into a specific position is even possible, never mind functional!
  10. I'd like to think that the vast majority of golfers are fine with whomever they play with and accept that people golf to different standards. Everyone I've known who plays has started right at the beginning, struggling to break 150 never mind 100. I think it's one of the worst ironys that the game with the best level playing field (the handicapping system). Is so hard to get into because of new players perceived lack of talent. I've found most players take teaching others the etiquette as a responsibility to help grow the game, I certainly do, and am thankful to those that took me under their wing when I was hitting it all over the course with no clue!!
  11. It Humour and horror and a clown.... (I know it's a book really)
  12. Never seen the axis 1 putter before, seems like where I'm trying to get the edel ( but like you say not exactly pretty!!). I've engaged people like Tom Slighted in the past, but wasn't really as informed as I am now. As mentioned I'll feed back anything I find when I get some lead tape in the toe of the Edel, obviously that will then basically be a face balanced putter.... Glad to help wbealsd!! Hope you can get the big dog off without damage!!
  13. Thanks for the feedback SubP. I have to say the Edel feels less forgiving than it actually is, if that makes sense!? A toe strike feel hideous, and the club does twist, but the resultant putt is normally pretty acceptable. I'd suggest because of the strange CoG there's a decent amount of gear effect etc that comes to the rescue. It's all hugely subjective, but I have found with soft inset putters that gross mis-hits can feel good but perform terrible? The edel seems to be the opposite... Thinking out loud there's an argument to say that the Edel fitting misses a trick in the fitting by concentrating so much on alignment and pace control, that stroke and it's effect on strike are missed? As I say all very subjective, and I would point out the E-3 is firmly in the bag!
  14. Theres no excuse for this - I can understand the "its your body do what you want with it" argument. But Driving under the influence is putting others lifes at risk. Not cool.
  15. Thats probably a strong result for your style wbealsd. I'm considering going all out and putting a (homemade weight in the toe to make it face balanced, just need to figure out a way to do it without it being permanent!!
  16. Can't believe how evil you guys are, I'm literally hovering over the buy now on ecco's web page. Definitely miss my old biom's!!
  17. Currently very tempted for the boa eccos. Love eccos, love boa, need my current shoes to wear out!! Must play golf more to speed up the process!!
  18. Interesting the brick is similarly effected bones, as mentioned taking the weight out has helped me, suppose the issue will depend on the alignment aid, bigger the alignment aid more significantly the issue will be I think. Incidentally I almost instantly changed the big dog grip for an iomic, really just for personal preference, but it did seem to balance the putter out a bit. Big dog is nearly 100grams!!
  19. The only time I even consider riding is if there are no restrictions on the carts, following paths in carts totally removes any feel for the design of the course and it's character in my opinion.
  20. That's not great from Taylormade, they know sky shots happen, they should cover that. In fairness to TM, I lost a 2016 M2 to a crack in the titanium behind the hosel, TM replaced immediately?!
  21. Hi all, Question on anyone's experience with Edel Torque Balance putters. With some history... Putting has been an issue for me over the last few seasons, I keep stats, and lose about 2.5 stokes gained on the green. Putting lessons and putters have been common, along with a decent amount of drills and practice. It's made a big difference, but I still have frustrating days!! While clutching at straws on you tube, I saw an edel putter fitting that looked comprehensive and well thought through. So after a lot more research I gave it a go. Fitting done, counter banance on grip, 21g heel weight. Single white dot alignment, E-3 arrived. So far so good, but a test I always do on new putters, 1. Check the grip is fitted straight (OEMs miss this so often!!) 2. Find the sweet spot - age old method of tapping the putter head with a pencil to find the location which doesn't twist. Then confirming with some actual putts with some video. What I found was a sweetspot about 12mm heel side of the alignment aid and centre of head. While this isn't really a surprise, given the toe milling and weight in the heel, I was a bit disappointed that this wasn't allowed for in the design. It's the only putter of this style I've tested, so I'm not sure if it's common in other stroke balance/Torque balanced designs? I contacted Edel, but had no reply. I've since removed the heel weight to try and move the CoG back and it's been pretty successful. It's made the putter more forgiving on toe misses ( which were very common with such a heel biased CoG). Has anybody else had issues like this? Particularly with other brands of toe up? Any ideas if the counter Balance in the grip may also effect the sweetspot (given its a dynamic system I'm sure the centre of percussion is somehow effected!?) Any thought on other solutions to move the CoG back to centre?
  22. 1. Newcastle, UK 2. Edel E-3 3. 3-6ft, for some reason I just can't see these going in!
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