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  1. Name: Eric (Omaha, NE) Handicap: 4.1 Current Irons: MP-68 Desireable Irons: JPX 900 Forged (Left Handed)
  2. I wouldn't say that I was born with a swing, but my parents first started me out when I was around 2 or 3 with those plastic clubs most people get their kids. I got my first set of clubs when I was 6. Started hitting the ball right handed and used the back of the club to hit left handed. Did that for about 2 years when I decided I wanted to play golf left handed as I did not want hand me downs from my dad. finally got my first set of LH clubs when I was 8. We had a membership at a local golf course and my dad, brother, and myself would go out 4-5 times a week in the summers (my dad was a teacher) and play 6 holes then go swim til my dad finished up on 18 then head home. Did this for about a year or two then started playing 9 holes and sometimes 18 holes 3-4 times a week in the summer. The last 5 or 6 years I can honestly say that I have played a total of 50 rounds of golf (not including tournaments) and still hold a 4.1 handicap. I have played an 18 hole round and a 9 hole round this year...shot a 72 (+1) and a 35 (-1). I have never taken lessons, just read golf digest growing up and hitting balls into our backyard (we had 5 acres of land growing up) almost daily. Golf is not an easy sport, it takes a lot of time and practice...as I have found out from getting my wife involved. She had never played golf in her entire life until 4 years ago. We went out last year and played at a tough local course that she worked at and shot a legit 101...with probably seven 3 putts. As I said before, it takes time and practice to get good. I have also been told by friends and my dads friends that I have a gift. not quite sure what that means though.
  3. So with all the people on here that shoot 90-100, do you buy new clubs every 2 or so years and if so why?
  4. Hoping so to. Had to run to Golf Galaxy and get a midsize grip put on though. Didn't realize how expensive grips (and installation) are now-a-days compared to 5-10 years ago
  5. Just wanted to report back and say I should have just tried that out before posting this stupid question on the forum...I guess you could say it was a noob post. I went out last night with my dad to the range as I have been trying to help him get his swing back after losing 90lbs, and was able to hit my driver as well. Set the driver all the way to fade and tightened it down (thanks @jlukes for the explanation of how the weight actually works). Set the shaft to "N" and "S" and tee'd up the first ball. Getting used to a new driver sometimes has some learning curve, at least for me. First two balls were low-flying and drew hard to the right...probably 70 yards right of center line. After that I was absolutely blown away at what this driver can do and how accurate it is. I hit another 15 balls with it and, aside from how straight I was FINALLY hitting a driver, the only thing that may have me concerned is my ball flight is QUITE a bit lower on the 9.0° setting. I will have to wait til I am out on the course and see if I can actually get roll-out from my drives. My previous few drivers would hit, bounce, and roll maybe 10-15 yards. with the way the ball was coming off last night, it absolutely cuts through the air (and will cut the wind, no doubt about it). I was in absolute awe. The last ball I hit I was aiming at a dark red tree at the end of the driving range and I hit exactly on line with it. It gave me a really good feeling about the next time I play. Thanks again to everyone here who chimed in. This forum has a wealth of knowledge and glad you all could share a bit of info with me while bearing with my noob-ness to these newer drivers.
  6. Thanks for the advice, I am planning to hit the range this evening and go through Trial and Error hoping to get it dialed in. Ahh, that makes sense then. I never really have been a fan of any club that has anything moveable in the head and just dealt with the draw I have...but now that this technology has been tried and true for YEARS I guess I can stop playing the mind game.
  7. I recently acquired a "played 2 rounds" Great Big Bertha Epic through a trade deal (somehow the gentleman I traded wanted my nearly new 915D3) and am trying to get the settings figured out on the driver. I have watched some videos and understand what everything on the hosel means, but I find it upsetting that they do not have a "Fade" option on it...only a draw setting for shot shape. I have a natural draw on all of my clubs and had my 915 set up on the hosel as a fade and it really helped my accuracy of Center Line. I know the Epic has the perimeter weight but feel that if I slide that weight all the way to the "Fade" side on the club that it will cause the toe of the driver to roll over more often than not and create that dreaded "duck hook". I have a buddy who is the head golf fitter at a local-ish Austad's golf store but that is still 45 minutes away from me. He got me all set up on my Titleist thanks to the new technology in their simulator and the card that Titleist sends out with their clubs to help with the fittings. Anyone have any tips for me?
  8. A lot of love here! Glad I finally made the jump to join. As much as it pains most Nebraskans...I am NOT a Husker fan. lol
  9. Name is Eric and I enjoy catfishing, softball, golfing, hunting, and volleyball. I used to be a super avid golfer but now only hitting the links maybe a total of 15 rounds a year, including outings (sigh). I still carry a 4.1 handicap according to DiabloGolf and have played one 18 hole round (+1) and one 9 hole round (-1) so far this year. I also play quite a few outings each year. I swing left handed and am known by everyone by being able to "Crush" the ball...also being able to swing a club pretty dang well right handed. Wanted to stop by after following this site on FB and gaining a wealth of knowledge from it.
  10. Age: 29 Driver Speed: 119. Ball speed: 165 ProV1X or Taylormade Project (a)
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