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  1. I play long and intermittently curly. The one advantage I have over most guys in my group is not having to worry about obstacles in the landing zone, fairway bunkers, water hazards, well placed trees, pinched in fairway, etc. Most courses I play are wide open which lets me take a rip at the ball without fear of getting into trouble. Put me on a tight and narrow course and I will leave the driver in the bag and go for straight.
  2. I don't get bothered during a casual round with friends or playing by myself, but when it matters, I get all twisted up inside my head. I have been a favorite to win our club championship for several years, but my game goes to pot because I can't keep my stuff together. Even if I play well the first day and put myself in contention, the second day usually goes awry. I learned how to meditate this summer, something suggested in several mental game books I have read. Nothing fancy, just 10-15 minutes a day clearing my mind. I meditated before both rounds of our club championship this year and man what a difference. I felt calm both days, even when I hit shots that didn't go where I wanted. It is amazing what you can do when you get the 6 inches between your ears out of the way of your game.
  3. My best rounds have been those where I had no swing thoughts, just a target. My biggest problem is changing from range brain to play brain. That is not taking my swing thoughts from the range to course. As soon as I hit a bad shot during play, I start thinking about how I will correct things on the next swing, then I just start scrambling instead of focusing on my targets.
  4. When I go from playing well to not knowing where the ball will go, I go to the range and check my grip, alignment, and setup to the ball. Then I get out my 7 iron, tee up a range ball about 1/2", and take a full swing, very slow and methodical, trying to hit the balls 40-50 yards. This allows me to really feel the entire swing, noting any part that might be out of sync. As soon as the 40-50 yard balls start flying straight, I speed up the swing trying to go 10 yards further. I continue to increase the swing speed until I get to my regular speed. I can usually work out any kinks in about 15-20 balls.
  5. Truck nuts...awesome idea!! Hang them off your cart or bag to show them off!! I've seen some that have a LED light inside to really make them glow!! The tournament is a fund raiser/benefit tournament. I live in a small town, the course is the only one in town and only 9 holes. No proshop here. But I could do gift cards to a sporting goods store close by. @Apes44, I like the ball marker idea, I will look into that one. @poprocksncoke, is that a putter, driver, or both???
  6. Good ideas. The winner of every putting contest gets a new putter. I don't understand it either!
  7. New to the forum and loving it so far. I'm in charge of coming up with a prize package for the long drive contest in an upcoming tournament. Last year I put together a package that included the token golf balls, tees, towel, etc. I was also able to get a chiropractor to donate a back adjustment and a massage therapist to donate a massage. I'm looking for ideas this year that go beyond the balls, tees, etc, but would like to keep the package around $100. What have you seen or won in a golf prize package that you thought was useful or funny?
  8. Welcome to the forums fortysixandtwo :)


    We are glad to have you at MGS. Go start your first message!


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