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  1. Sign me up!!! Awesome package
  2. I had this at the end of last season and ultimately purchased a theraband flexbar and performed eccentric strengthening exercises and it only gets sore with bicep and tricep strengthening. Less than 20 bucks and helped me within a few weeks. No pain with the golf swing
  3. Jeff New Hampshire hc 4 vokey sm6 50, 53 tm hi toe 58 ibreally like to hit a 70-85 yard 3/4 low checking shot to a middle or back hole location
  4. Jeff. NH HC 4.5 I have not used putting aids but really think that I need to try one. My putting has become inconsistent in both speed and line. Nothing is worse than hitting it great and putting terrible. Would like to give this an honest opinion
  5. Jeffrey. Etna NH HC 3. SS 105 Titleist 816 19 ping g 30 22 Would prefer the 19 as I find the Titleist a little inconsistent and more difficult to control when adding or subtracting yardage
  6. Jeff New Hampshire 4 handicap, 102mph Titleist 917 d3 G410plus I would really enjoy the process of testing a ping driver. I have had my eyes on the G400max and am going to be testing it soon. The G410 looks even better.
  7. Jeff from New Hampshire i currently have a Linksoul jacket and pant combo played in steady rain in 25 mph winds at Ballybunion last September... Everything was wet
  8. Big shot sunglasses look sweeeet i always play in sun glasses and these would be fab
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