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  1. Thanks for the birthday wishes guys!!! Haven't been around much the past couple weeks - been in the process of moving into a new house and had to attend a funeral out of state. I love this forum and it's simple things like birthday wishes that make me want to preach the MGS gospel!
  2. I agree. Saw a couple of data points that could maybe be tossed to try and arrive at a "true" number, but overall it wouldn't make any significant difference. I do find the data for the 50 a little bit curious. Is the data presented in the same order you hit the clubs in? Possible you could have been a lot more warmed up and in a groove by the time you got to the 50 to produce some of those numbers.
  3. I've used it on occasion. Not one I practice much, but have been fortunate to pull off when needed.
  4. I started to ask a similar question because I can play a bump and run with a variety of clubs just depending on what the shot requires, but it ultimately comes down to what the individual is most comfortable with and willing to devote time to. Certainly anyone could learn to hit a particular shot with almost any club, but time and effort remains an issue unless you're lucky enough to golf full-time.
  5. What @RickyBobby_PR said above is correct. In the past I've scheduled a gap analysis with a club fitter and had clubs adjusted (if needed). It only took around 5 swings with each club (sometimes less, sometimes 1 or 2 more) and we dialed everything in around 10-12 yards. A lot of people like to go for the perfect 4-degree gaps between clubs, but that really isn't how it plays out in reality. Shaft length, head weight, CG location, MOI properties, face construction, etc. all play a role in determining how far the ball will go.
  6. Based on what you're saying about your concerns with the set wedge being too hot for a bump-and-run, I'd elect to go with an SM8 if you really think you won't be able to adjust to the T100S. My only concern would be the gapping if you do use the club for full shots at all. If you're transitioning from a club with a hot face and some forgiveness to a specialty wedge then you would probably want to avoid creating a large gap between your PW and GW. My recommendation would be to do a gap analysis and look specifically at the distance rather than the loft unless you want a particular grind that's
  7. Aldila RIP Alpha 60 Stiff because it was a cheap replacement for the OEM Fujikura Atmos Blue that reduces misses to the right. Maybe one day I won't be quite so cash strapped and can get a proper fitting, but for now this certainly gets the job done.
  8. I'm like most and can generally recall every shot from my most recent round or two with a catalog of much older shots of varying significance. There are occasions where I don't remember my round very well, even right after. It's usually due to an extremely poor performance causing me to just check out, or perhaps an especially slow round where I find I have to distract myself between shots to keep from losing my cool.
  9. Based on what Ball Lab says about launch and spin, the advantage is for Wilson to present two options without the investment required to manufacture balls of different construction. It's a truly brilliant move on their part. Like you mentioned though, the balls will look pretty rough after just a few holes and as noted in Tony's analysis, the lack of paint and clearcoat will negatively impact performance in wet conditions.
  10. That's just it though. Up until paint and clearcoat are applied to a subset of balls, they are the exact same ball. It would seem the determination of which balls receive paint and which ones do not is arbitrary since there is no structural difference between the two and any structural defects could wind up in either box of golf balls. Perhaps Wilson has a specific process for this, but if they share the same construction I sure wouldn't.
  11. The guys at MGS have done their homework and routinely speak with industry experts on the subject of which material defects will/won't affect golf ball performance. As for the robot testing it is absolutely impossible to cut a ball open, identify a defect, and then test with a robot. It is also difficult to intentionally replicate certain defects into a sample of balls for testing. The only way to do it is to hit the balls first, identify outliers, and cut them open for inspection which is exactly what happened in the 2019 Ball Test that led Tony down the path to Ball Lab. Even in this scenari
  12. I'll be gaming the Snell MTB-X in 2021 - or at least I will once I've depleted my current stock of MTB Black, Bridgestone Tour B XS, and Vice Pro balls...
  13. I started to post a question to Tony on the blog, but had internet issues that I just now resolved. I wonder if it would make sense for the consumer to lump the results of these two balls together given that they are constructed exactly the same and the only point of separation is paint and clearcoat which had absolutely no bearing on the results in Ball Lab. ??? That would result in just 10% out of 72 balls that are bad instead of 6% out of 36 and 14% out of 36. Thoughts? BTW, this is mostly a hypothetical as the number of bad balls in any dozen is not an absolute certainty. Ev
  14. You're absolutely right, and I completely forgot about that club. IMO, it only makes PING's current stance on carbon fiber more intriguing.
  15. The main reason why I refer to it as a technology is because that's how Callaway refers to it in their marketing. I don't really see it as a technology either, but this is the kind of ridiculousness we have to deal with in golf. lol
  16. I don't know that I would put Triple Track on the list of absolute gimmicks, but I also wouldn't call it a technology either (like Callaway does) - it's literally 3 lines on a golf ball. It makes sense that it would work well in assisting golfers with alignment between the club and the ball due to having more points of reference, but you still have to line the ball up to the hole (or other target on a breaking putt) and I don't see any reason why 3 lines vs. 1 line vs. 0 lines would make much of a difference.
  17. I'm not sure ball alignment "technologies" are quite in the same space as driver technology and general design philosophies. Titleist was always capable of producing high-speed, low-spin drivers, but their design philosophies differed (and still do to a significant degree) from those of other OEMs. However, if you want to look at drivers as an example, I'd say it's unlikely Titleist releases anything akin to Triple Track anytime soon (if ever) due to their lower-than-average adoption rate of new technologies. If you don't quite understand what I mean by that, just go back and look at the
  18. First name: Richard City & State: Grand Prairie, TX Do you currently walk the majority of your rounds: No. Do you use a push cart now, if yes which one: No, I had to sell my Clicgear 3.5+ along with other golf items over the last year.
  19. Lol. Honestly, I've never noticed much difference in scoring between the tees I play now and the next set up. However, on the rare occasion I do see a drop in score, I've always felt like I had to place an asterisk next to that round when really it doesn't matter at all.
  20. That was a good read and definitely brings to light a lot of issues. It also made me think about my own game and tee selection. I don't think I play tees that are too long for me, but it does make me question my attitude towards playing forward a set or two every once in a while.
  21. Do you have any courses lined up? I used to live a couple hours south of KC and did a buddies trip up there a few years ago.
  22. My wife got all the video of the planes - I'll have to see if I can get one or two clips from her to share. I will also say, my short game has been remarkably good as of late. No hole outs yet, but I've been routinely close on numerous occasions. That was the third near miss on this particular round.
  23. For me it was BMX. As soon as I could ride a bike without training wheels, I was jumping off pretty much whatever looked interesting. I probably would have gotten out of BMX when I was about 10 or 11 - I really wanted a mountain bike to ride to and from school, but for whatever reason my dad was adamant that I couldn't have one. So, I saved up Christmas and birthday money until I could make my first BIG purchase and bought a "legit" BMX bike. Everything pretty much spiraled from there and I parted out my last BMX bike about 6 or 7 years ago when my daughter was around 3 years old. Now that I h
  24. Not as well I would have liked yesterday, but considering I had zero warm-up and had been traveling all weekend I'll take what I can get - 49/46 for a 95 at Hawks Creek with 34 putts. My game was very up and down - especially on the front nine - but I managed four pars and one birdie. I had three 3-putts on the back nine that were basically just unforced errors. I think I finally got the new putter figured out and just need to give certain putts a bit more attention. There were so many highlights from the round yesterday: My wife came with me and rode in the cart. My pl
  25. Could be a little of both. It could also just depend on what suits you best regardless of skill level. I personally prefer clubs with less offset and have generally experienced better performance when gaming them compared to GI clubs with significant offset.
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