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  1. If you select Medalist Club through the TXGA it's basically the same as any other online service. Otherwise, The Grint is a good option as others have suggested.
  2. I'm hopeful that '22 will finally be the return to form I've been looking for and yesterday showed promise despite a score of 90. I've been hard at work using the Spornia golf net I reviewed for the forum mixed in with a few range sessions, and I've finally identified a few key factors (primarily in my setup) which allow me to swing more freely. A minor tweak yesterday to my alignment and it was off to the races. Started out rough with several topped shots, but I managed to shake it off and make the correction. By the time I reached the 5th hole (I started on the back nine) I was swinging well and proceeded to start hitting some personal best drives. As in, if you were to allow me to place my tee shot on the holes where I was really connecting, I would be 20+ yards back from where my drives finished yesterday it was absolutely unreal! And thanks to the boost in driving performance, I saw a 50% reduction in DOA approaches (approach shots where the green isn't even an option) and an 86% reduction in penalties!!! Unfortunately, my touch around the greens was a bit lackluster as I bladed several chips and had more 3-putts than last week. However, I was able to offset that with at least one more green and a few more 1-putts.
  3. Well, I've spent the past week really focusing on healing up my hands and making a concerted effort to lotion up regularly. My hand felt so good in fact that when my wife said I could golf yesterday afternoon, I went for it. Temps were hovering right around 60 again with plenty of sun and less breeze than the previous round. I took some Gold Bond hand cream with me and applied it periodically throughout the round. To my surprise, the lotion felt much less greasy than it had ever before - I'd assume my hands are in much better condition to quickly absorb the lotion. I did have to change gloves though as I could feel some extra movement in my thumb with the one I've been using (which is nearly worn out). Luckily, I bought two new gloves recently and had them in my bag and the snug fit of a fresh glove eliminated the issue. The best part of all was that when I finished, the damage (and pain) was absolutely minimal!!! I'll have to try again in cooler temps just to make sure I wasn't fortunate with milder weather throughout the entirety of my round, but it was very promising. Assuming my next few outings go just as well, I'll probably make the switch to a corded grip and just continue applying lotion throughout the round. I don't have any pics from yesterday, but here's what my hand looks like this morning: You can see that my hands are still a bit flaky and dry in spots, but he worst of the damage was limited to my right thumb as shown in the last picture. And in case you're wondering what I've been using, here's a list: Amazon.com : Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Hand Cream, 3 oz., Lasts Through Handwashing : Beauty & Personal Care Amazon.com: Gold Bond Overnight Deep Moisturizing 8 oz., Skin Therapy Lotion With Calming Scent : Beauty & Personal Care Amazon.com: CARA Moisturizing Eczema Cotton Gloves, Large, 24 Pair : Everything Else
  4. Man, I have not been following this thread enough! Great stuff MPR!!! Hoping I can finally return to form and scratch my way closer to single digits as well. Best of luck in '22!
  5. I don't think anyone here would argue with the idea that Stealth is not worth the yds/$ (if any) over SIM or SIM2, but what I believe @Shapotomous was suggesting is that it wasn't a particularly great test in the sense that the average strike location and dynamic loft was quite different for each club. IMO this is where TXG will really suffer without someone like Matt. Unless something really felt off that guy could just produce a level of consistency that is probably only rivaled by Crossfield in the YT world.
  6. I've never had a pair of "waterproof" Adidas that didn't work as advertised. Currently on my 3rd? season with the Adidas Tour 360 Boost 2.0 and they still keep water out. I can't say the same for my FJ's even at the same point in their life cycle (I've owned them a while longer).
  7. Keep a sleeve and play the rest if you think it's something cool to have. Nothing wrong with a good throwback in the golf collection.
  8. I appreciate the replies from everyone so far. I think I'll probably experiment with some different grips and using lotion, but I have a strong feeling I may need to start using two gloves. With that said, I've tried the FootJoy winter gloves before, but they didn't seem to hold up well. Any other recommendations for gloves? I'm honestly thinking something more along the lines of rain gloves or even two standard gloves. I don't intend on golfing very much when it's below 40 out so heavy gloves aren't as big an issue.
  9. The softest I've played is the GP Tour Wrap 2G. I don't believe the grip is the problem so much as it is the environment based on past experience and the reading I've done about excessively dry skin. Several years ago when this wasn't an issue for me, I'd only experience the occasional callus with corded grips. I wasn't a huge fan of how that felt so I started experimenting with some slightly softer grips before landing on the Tour Velvets I play now. It might be something to consider though. Perhaps I grip one club with a corded grip and then on another club I throw on a Dri-Tac or the CP2 which I've heard great things about. Any improvement would be great. I don't like to play in weather that's truly cold, but I think a day in the mid 40's up to the 60's should at least be possible. I do use a bunch of Gold Bond products and just got some overnight lotion and gloves to get my hands in better shape, but I may have to give this a try. Thanks for the recommendation!
  10. I've never enjoyed videos where Ian hits as much as I did when Matt would hit. I'll continue to be a subscriber and see how this all shakes out, but the back and forth with Matt was much better than what's being presented now. I think it helped that Matt wasn't as knowledgeable. He learned a lot during his time with Ian, but his occupation was not and has never been Club Fitter. I think that created a much more natural opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback that were relevant to the user. Also, while I enjoy the visual of the new TXG intro, the audio doesn't even compare. There's nothing quite like that cello(?) and drums to let you know you're about to watch a great video.
  11. No, it doesn't and if two gloves is what I have to resort to for the winter months I will. Just trying to see if anyone has come across another solution.
  12. The data (though extremely sparse) was in the blog post so I assume they didn't feel the need to repeat it. How does the TaylorMade Stealth driver perform? With the pool of golfers that comes with Most Wanted testing, we’ll have a much better sense of how Stealth stacks up. Out of the gate, in our range session with Trackman and TaylorMade TP5 balls, we saw exceptional results. These days, I typically hover around 158 mph ball speed. With the Stealth Plus, I repeatedly hit 162 and change (a personal best for me). Obvious (though not massive) mishits dipped to 158 mph or so while the total trash typically stayed above 150. Our Harry Nodwell plays professionally. He’s typically in the 178 mph range but he repeatedly and consistently broke 180, including a personal best of 181.4.
  13. What I was saying (which you seem to have missed) is that the MGS staffer's response was not driven by numbers. It was driven by a new way of doing something which could have a profound impact on the way drivers across all brands are constructed in the future. The fact TM was able to produce a carbon-faced driver with performance similar to that of current titanium drivers is fairly impressive given that (by all accounts I've read) the Callaway C4 from '02 was somewhat of a dud. I tried to find information on the JDM Taylormade Gloire, but there's not much out there based on the brief search I did. Ball speed and distance numbers have very little to do with what was being said, but that's all anyone focuses on. No one ever cares much about where the performance comes from. The statement about ball speed was simply meant to convey the point that Stealth is something the MGS staff have never seen. Perhaps you're right though, maybe that's why Rick didn't think the driver was special and if that's the case I think he kind of missed the boat. Anyway, it's not about kissing anyone's rear, it's about acknowledging a leap forward in technology. At least that's how I read it.
  14. I think the reason for the MGS reply is they felt Rick was doing some sort of disservice to the golf consumer by not being more specific about what makes the Stealth driver special. I don't feel it was handled correctly, but I do believe that is the driving force behind the response as alluded to when the (for now) anonymous staffer said, "When it comes to the Stealth, what I can tell you is that I have never seen a single product in the driver category produce ball speed personal records for EVERY staff member of MGS that tested the product. That is a first. Will it be better for everyone, maybe not, but you need to give kudos to something when it actually deserves it. This wasn’t just words and an ad, they actually pushed an envelope and made something better and moved a technology forward for golfers. And trust me that is more than a lot of the products we see that come across our facility. I give a golf clap to what they did this year, it was a lot of work and work they should be proud of."
  15. It really just depends on your definition of "massive", but I think you make a fair point here.
  16. Why spend the money and time having a robot replicate the shots of average golfers when you can just have average golfers hit shots? I get that people want apples-to-apples comparisons of equipment, but you could attach the club to a pole and have a robot swing it and it's not going to correlate to the average golfer. Average is average, as in most common. When you have actual golfers test equipment, they aren't going to hit the center of the face with any level of precision; their shot pattern is going to move around and you will achieve exactly the result you're asking for. I think the people clamoring for this type of test simply don't understand what it is they're asking for or what it would mean - and in relation to the golfing consumer that is precisely nothing.
  17. Absolutely agree with this perspective and I hope it didn't come off as though I think Stealth is going to be significantly better than anything else that comes out this year from a performance standpoint. I don't really think MGS Staff believes that either to be honest. It's simply that revolutionary products which introduce new materials and manufacturing methods open up new doors and what we see 10 years down the line could be quite different as a result. Perhaps the whole "every MGS staffer that tested picked up ball speed" (I'm summarizing of course) is overstated. However, I get the excitement surrounding that and wanting to point it out. There was a lot of excitement about the Cobra F9 when it came out and while it did perform exceptionally well for some there were plenty of others who didn't see a benefit and experienced better performance from a different brand/model.
  18. Looking to see if anyone has experience and could help me. I suffer from excessively dry skin and during the winter months it becomes very difficult to play as my hands get chapped. It's really quite painful and in some cases I can barely touch anything afterward without pain. Even playing in what I'd consider mildly cold conditions yesterday (around 45* and sunny when I hit my first shot & around 60* when I finished) my right hand turned to this... For anyone who can't quite make it out, nearly all of that redness you see in my hand is from fissures and cracks in the skin which occurred during the course of play. The only way to really treat this is to apply lotions/moisturizers multiple times per day. The rub here is that this makes the grip of my right hand quite slippery so rarely do I apply lotion before or during a round. So, what I'm thinking of trying is going back to a fully corded grip (something I haven't done in several years) and see if I can maintain a stable grip after a fresh application of hand lotion. Before I do though, I thought it'd be worthwhile to see if anyone else has experienced this and what solution(s) you came up with. Thanks!
  19. I've finally made it through all the posts here and I know you've gone back and forth with @RickyBobby_PR on these points. Just thought I'd share my two cents. To start, I think you kind of answered yourself here. The expansion of MGS capability (new staff, Ball Lab, Most Wanted Tests - especially the ball test which requires renting time at a facility, the equipment, and an engineer or test technician) means the expansion of revenue avenues. The only way MGS could ever be fully independent is to be 100% donor funded, and I don't think that would ever generate enough money to do what they do. When you look at the MGS Mission, their goal is to be unbiased by not accepting deals from major OEM's who actually have enough money and sway to steer the conversation. They could probably go a little further to clarify #4, but even at the very end the stipulation is "big companies". For anyone who hasn't seen the MGS Mission Statement: Our Mission | MyGolfSpy I'll also simply say I agree with @RickyBobby_PR that MGS was defending the hard work and dedication, that has resulted in a (potentially) revolutionary product, materials, and manufacturing process. I don't think they showed PXG this kind of reception (maybe they did, and I just can't remember), but they have shown similar appreciation for Cobra's advancements in 3D printing. I understand your perspective, but I don't think it's wild for MGS to step up to the plate and acknowledge when an OEM does something that could truly change the equipment we use to play the game or how it can be tailored to the individual golfer. I think Rick's review undersold this advancement in technology and that's ultimately what MGS is defending. I think it could have been handled better, but it is what it is now. Surely if it's that big of a deal, MGS and RS will communicate directly and resolve the issue - at least that's what I hope would happen.
  20. Thanks, other than Tony I wasn't sure. Tony's the only one I know of who's "in a relationship" with his golf ball.
  21. (Video Link included for time references - rather than referring to the full podcast video) Ok, I'm a little late to this only just having come across the RS video myself this morning, but I went back to the comment section before watching the whole thing because I knew right away what they were talking about. After reading both the original comment, the MGS reply, and hearing Rick's side of the story here's what I take away. MGS probably should not have taken a shot at Rick like that (nor should they about any YouTuber), but I can't say I fully blame them. All we know about the majority of these YT reviews is what we see. Very rarely (if ever) does the reviewer go into detail about how they (A) were fit for the club, or (B) how they conduct their testing off camera (i.e. how many shots, what environment/location, etc., etc.). In the case of Rick Shiels specifically, I myself have called into question his "test" methods because several years ago now (when he and Pete were sharing studio space) Rick was on a journey to beef up his own testing and data collection to the point he even mentioned in at least one video about hiring someone to help with new test protocols to make his reviews better. Unfortunately, I do not know of (and if someone has seen something I have not please share) any follow-up video in which he states that work has been completed and go on to explain what the new test procedure would be. Indeed, what I saw in his videos was a slow degradation in his test methods as he and Pete began to separate a bit and then they both left the studio. Now, that isn't to say his test methods didn't improve or they didn't at least remain the same. However, he never seemed to address that as far as I know and newer videos began to strip those details out almost entirely to the point that now we just hear, "I took X club out to the course, and collected data with GC Quad in the studio" with no specifics about number of balls hit or any adjustments he might have made to achieve the numbers he's getting on the LM. To Rick's credit, his response to the MGS comment makes it clear he does spend much more time testing equipment than we previously knew or otherwise might have thought. I also applaud him for taking his own GC Quad to Taylormade and for controlling his environment by stepping off the mats and hitting from grass - something every golfer doing a fit should do if it's available. Where (IMO) he gets it wrong is by (A) not taking his gamer - 5:57, (B) not allowing the fitters to fully fit him - 9:07, and (C) not realizing that when MGS talk about personal best ball speeds they mean with any club/any ball; that's why it's a personal best. It's also important to take note of what he says at the 12:05 mark because I don't think this point is represented well in his videos. Yes, he almost always suggests everyone should go get fit and try the products he reviews but it's his review. Everything he does during his review videos is geared toward him and how he likes to play, what he likes to see, etc., etc. Finally, one point he does make during this discussion that I would be curious to learn more about from the MGS staff regards the golf ball. It has been said in at least one, if not several NPG podcasts that you should fit the golf ball to the irons and the driver to the golf ball. I'd be curious what MGS staff play and how Stealth performs with those balls.
  22. If you're still in the process of taking lessons and making changes, I'd hold off a bit longer. It's always a good idea to reevaluate your equipment (regardless of age) after making any big changes to your swing because how you load the shaft and impact dynamics could change depending on what you're working on. Under normal circumstances I'll probably go about two seasons before making a driver change, but it doesn't mean I always purchase the latest and greatest (rarely does that happen actually). Sometimes I simply want to try a club I hadn't before and will look for NOS or used on eBay. If I had a bigger wallet, I'd go do a fitting and get whatever current model is recommended - probably within the same timeframe.
  23. For myself neither the music nor the f-bomb would be much of an issue, but I do take issue with the song selection as a matter of good business. Many people in the world are still put off by vulgar language and you could ultimately lose business over such a simple thing which is silly. The issue is compounded if children are present.
  24. Watched their Live Q&A and (at least for the moment) nothing changes on either side. TXG will continue to operate as TXG in Canada (including the use of GC Quad & Quintic) and CC will still be CC here in the US. I think what this merger really does (short term anyway) is provide financial backing for TXG to continue expanding north of the border and CC to attract more customers via name/brand recognition and TXG's online following. How well any of the statements made during the Live Q&A hold up over time remains to be seen; obviously. It's important to take statements made during mergers like these with a heavy dose of salt IMO. Ian certainly comes across as the type of guy to follow through on his word and his goal(s) to help the average golfer are admirable. However, he's also a businessman and sometimes what the customer/client think is in their best interests don't align with company ambitions (i.e. the reason this deal was made to begin with - a lot of people would have liked TXG to remain its own business).
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