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  1. Brian Boston, MA Ping G400 w/ AWT Extra Stiff shaft 180-185 yards
  2. Tier 1: Rickie Fowler Tier 2: Bryson Dechambeau Tier 3: Tony Finau Tier 4: Si Woo Kim Tier 5: Peter Uihlein Score: -8
  3. 1. Brian, Massachusetts 2. N/A keeping going to start tracking HC this year, tend to shoot low 90s. 108-110 driver SS 3. Titleist 917D2 4. Ping G400 Max, Tour 75 Stiff, 44.5"
  4. 718 AP1s with KBS tour x stiff shafts Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  5. I did not give the Glide 2.0's a try though the new blacked out ones look awesome! I actually hit the Kings maybe 6 months ago? Really enjoyed them but wasn't in the market at the time! So many good wedges out there!
  6. I tried out the T7 and really enjoyed chipping with them but I hit RTX-3s better on full shots Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  7. Hey everyone, apologies if there are topics on this already but I haven't really been able to find many threads on these wedges using the search function. I'm in the market for some wedges as I recently got fitted for new irons (should've sprung for the wedges to...) but the gapping on my old wedges are now off from my old set. I've been looking at the Vokeys, RTX-3s, and lastly S18s. The only issue is none of the stores around me seem to have the S18s to demo. Quite a few have the T7s which are pretty nice but I think the S18 suits my eye more based off pictures. Does anyone here currently game or tested them at all? Any insight is greatly appreciated!
  8. Love how this driver looks and the tech intrigues me.. will definitely be testing it out Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  9. As I turn into more of a club ho, I find my bag being mostly Titleist and Cobra. Titleist because I have had really great experiences at their free Titleist Thursday fitting events and Cobra because I really like the looks of their clubs.
  10. I bought a Spider Tour Platinum about a month ago. Played 8-9 rounds with it and just couldn't sink putts with the thing. Ended up selling it today lol Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  11. 1. Brian / Massachusetts 2. Cleveland Huntington Beach #1 3. No 4. Studio Stock 8 Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  12. c0delift

    US Open

    Pulling for Rickie, really happy he's in first so far. Probably my favorite pro now a days. Seems to be playing conservative so far today. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  13. Cobra King F7 3/4 wood, tried it at a demo day and really want to grab one. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  14. I joined because it seemed like the best source of unbiased reviews on info on the web. It also seems like a very friendly community so for me at least, a perfect storm for a forum I would want to join.
  15. I surprisingly hit my driver much better on the course. I think it is just the range tees that throw me off as I can't control the height. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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