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  1. I’ve been to hell and back with my putting. Yesterday 3 putted from 3 feet, threw my ball into the water, wife asks why, I reply the ball is cheaper than the putter. The only hope I seem to have (yes I have tried everything else - EVERYTHING - is the old Arnold Palmer method, pigeon toed knees locked together, arms locked and motionless, entire stroke with the wrists, straight back straight through pop stroke. It works on the practice green I just need the strength of purpose to take it to the course. Can’t be worse than I am now. Truly makes the blade travel straight back and through, the alinement feature on top of the putter travels in a straight line. Anyone else try this/resort to this? Palmer and Casper were brilliant putters in their day, second to none.
  2. Arnie/West Palm Beach, FL 8.6/90 Cobra DWS would want something I’d hit 165 yards, prob 24 degree or close to it
  3. Arnie, Florida 9.1 index Played Wilson Staff Dynapower blades in the 70's, loved them Current irons Titleist AP1
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