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  1. I played last night - if it hadn't been the last scheduled league night, I may have skipped, but who knows when I'll get to play again. It was 42 with drizzle/mist all round. Rain gloves performed beyond my expectations (I had never used any other than for SuperSpeed). I had no idea how wet the grips were until I finished and grabbed a club with my bare hand. Only 5 of 16 were man enough (or dumb enough) to play.
  2. TXG had a nice video comparing a hybrid versus a 5 wood. Depends on what you want/need. As I recall, Matt saw very similar distance, but trajectories were different.
  3. I certainly missed it.... it took another response to get it. Man I'm slow sometimes. Tonight may have been the last league night based on extended forecast. I played ok (+8 with a 7 league handicap), but chipping let me down, which was predictable after the way I chipped Sunday. I learned a valuable lesson tonight. Apparently some of my issues off the tee are related to alignment - I was lined up way right of where I thought I was. After my friend pointed it out to me, I felt like I was aiming miles left, but started the ball on the left side and faded into the middle on the last three
  4. Great point. If it was a matter of messing up orders instead of just grabbing the wrong shaft off a rack, who knows, maybe that 8 iron is set a few degrees flat for someone else.
  5. I'm the same. I sort of have a gap in the top of my bag between 6i and 4h. 5i would theoretically be perfect, but consistency is poor. I have found that if I choke down on the 4h about an inch, it is right at decent 5i distance.
  6. @MattF - after reading your review (nice job, BTW), I came back to make a similar comment, especially after seeing that the 8 was the only club longer than the B'stones - since you are so used to S flex, maybe the 5.5 could be a better fit for you, but you just aren't used to the ball flight/launch. Not that I'm suggesting you should adjust yourself to fit the irons, but perhaps it means there is a fair amount of room for optimization. I agree with your comment on the B'stones - when you flush one, the lack of feeling is beautiful. It really does feel like there was no ball there at times
  7. Played with @MattF and @Tsmithjr9 this morning. We played one of the tougher munis in Akron (at least in my book). I feel like I was hitting the ball decently but struggled to score, especially on the front. Ended up with 8 pars (6 on the back thanks to some good chipping), but too many doubles and a triple. Ended up shooting 45/42 (par 71). The greens seemed lightning fast, but I suspect that had a lot to do with the fact that every other course I've played for the last 3-ish weeks had been recently aerated.
  8. Congrats to the testers! As one who is in dire need of a properly fitted driver, I'll be following this one!
  9. What's it like having a one-way miss? Seriously, what's it like? I thought I had mostly eliminated the right side mid-summer, but the high flare has come back with a vengeance and is now my predominant "shot shape" off the tee.
  10. Question for @SuperSpeed Golf or anyone else who has been through this.... With fall firmly upon us, the weather has not cooperated all that well for me. I have not been able to maintain 3 sessions a week for around a month now - probably more weeks with only 2 sessions. Do I continue trudging along with Level 3 as best I can recognizing there may be gaps of a week or more when the snow starts flying? How long of a break would essentially require me starting over?
  11. I'm hesitant to say it, but I may have figured out my timing issues off the tee, but the damage had already been done tonight. Besides that, Arccos stats show the best SG approach I've had since I've had the sensors. Putting was kind of lame, but the greens were punched this week, so I'm not bothered by it too much, except I had two 10 to 15-ish foot birdie putts that were tracking nicely only to wobble to the side in the last few feet. I don't have a ton of confidence in a 5i right now, but I've learned that choking down about an inch on my 4h gives me that distance comfortably and
  12. I played bad golf today. By score, it was the second worst round of the year, but considering the worst was at Catawba Island (a strange course), this felt worse to me. I took a half-day vacation and met @MattF at Windmill Lakes. It already plays fairly long, but when you are hitting tee balls as poorly as I did today, It can be a beast. Ended up shooting 49/47 (par 70) with 6 (!!!!!!) penalties. Ugh. Easily the best shot of the day was trying Matt's Sub70 3W. I had to manually add it in Arccos, but it says it was about a 260 yard 3W (wind was crossing with a bit of help).
  13. I watched Blacklist a year, or so, ago. Season 7 just dropped recently and I flew through it. James Spader's character is great, IMO. My wife and I watched Longmire and really enjoyed it, so we may have similar tastes?
  14. My wife ordered me 2 dozen when they had a BOGO offer. I normally play the Z-star, but have been playing Oncores for a few weeks now that I am out of my Srixons. I generally like the ball but it does seem to spin more on short shots, but now that I have adjusted to it, I'm ok with it. I'll likely go back to Srixon just because I like them a bit better and the durability is really good.
  15. Since I started SuperSpeed, I am more prone to a high flare to the right. Last week, after hitting such a flare, my friend said something along the lines of "it's hard to diagnose because your club is moving visibly faster, but it really looks like your lower body is starting early and your arms are dragging behind and never catch up." It makes sense to me given the push-slice ball flight, but I don't have a good "feel" for what I need to do to correct it. Maybe the thought of starting with the hands is something to think about? Man, I need some lessons....
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