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  1. That looks awesome and I would love to do it, but don't have an official GHIN - just my unofficial logging in The Grint. I would aim for Signature of Solon if I had the chance.
  2. Don't you just love it when the part of the game you struggle with changes weekly? Yesterday I got off the tee pretty well - I only sprayed one ball OB, the rest were all playable, which is great, but I started pulling my irons badly yesterday, like 20-30 yards pulled with dead straight ball flight. Chipping was pretty sketchy and it was the worst putting day so far this season. The greens were quite a bit faster last night and I was playing too much break and/or pounding the ball through the break. I ended up with three 3-putts as a result. Pace of play was brutal last night, too. We were badgering the first group pretty badly and they were oblivious - they tried to claim they were waiting the whole time but we saw them lose touch with the group ahead of them on the 4th hole. Still, it was fun time.
  3. She still may not believe you!
  4. I almost convinced a friend to buy a car last night, for what it's worth. @Mr_Theoo - do it, man!
  5. I would call what he does a "saunter", but I'm with you.
  6. I try to be conscious of where I am standing, but sometimes I get so wrapped up in what I am trying to accomplish that I lose track. I am more than ok with people correcting me in those moments as it's never intentional. I used to play in a league with a guy that was a Vietnam vet and he really, really didn't like when people stood directly behind him within about 30 feet - it kind of freaked him out when he could sense your presence but not see you.
  7. When I had my putter fitting in preparation for the Stroke Lab testing, the guy asked me if I had ever tried the claw grip to help with quieting my hands. I used it for about a year and had good results starting the ball on line, but my distance control sucked (there are other reasons for that too, but you'll have to wait for the thread). He suggested trying it just in practice to get the feel of a less wristy/quieter hands stroke.
  8. I was sent a dozen Tour B RX's with the Bridgestone test last fall based on Bridgestone's online fitting tool and generally liked the ball. I also recently found an RXS that was in great shape and played it for quite a few holes before dunking it in a pond and think I prefer the RXS over the RX. Compared to other balls, I prefer the OnCore Elixer or Maxfli Tour X over them, especially around the green, but overall the RX/RXS are decent balls for me.
  9. I played around with an armlock putter a couple months ago and, like you, it felt very unnatural to me. Bad enough that I wasn't sure I was doing it "right". I'm sure it would have come to me, but don't know that I would have the patience to make it muscle memory. I haven't been paying enough attention to this thread - are you seeing benefits?
  10. Now why did you have to go and do that?!?!? I rely on the lack of reading comprehension to improve my odds, and still barely manage to crack the top 300.
  11. Congrats guys! It is nice seeing a regular contributor win one of these things, but I would have rather had it be me....
  12. It seems we complain about the tour stops on normal weeks and how they need to narrow the fairway and grow the rough which was pretty much the setup at BP. I'm guessing the players have stats that suggest they are better off taking their chances with a 9 or PW out of the thick rough than a 5, 6, or 7 from the fairway if they lay up.
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