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  1. Not to moderate the moderator, but wouldn't this be more appropriate in the happy thread?
  2. One of the things that helped me from that distance is backing off my swing a bit. I CAN hit my gap wedge about 110 or a bit more, but it's erratic (like you, more height, less distance). Anything over 100-105 has become a choked down/partial PW. 125-130 is about my stock PW distance.
  3. My basement and garage are both low headroom, so I have no room to swing anything in the off-season. I've hit enough at various stores over the winter that I'm feeling pretty good about some minor changes I made with the driver, but need to get a range for verification. It's 53 today, so I might be able to sneak out this afternoon.
  4. It's always interesting to me how people can have similar handicaps but achieve them in completely different ways. Admittedly, I have never seen data like yours for myself, so I might be entirely wrong, but if I played a par 3 course with all holes in the 100 - 120 range, I'm pretty comfortable saying I could probably shoot well under my handicap with regularity. Make them all 60 yards, and the struggles begin. Make all the holes 400 yards, straight, and tight, I'd probably end up a 30 HC since driver is my (perceived) biggest weakness.
  5. I love them. For reference, this is what they are replacing and what I bought last year. I like the color and texture they have added to this years' model.
  6. If it is as accurate as you were hitting the Bridgestone with more length, that baby would be a keeper. You were automatic when we played in Columbus.
  7. For what it's worth, I see you on the entry list
  8. Nice to see a lady golfer posting! Is it safe to assume you've been playing about 4.5 years? Welcome to the forum!
  9. Welcome and thanks for posting. Please include some pictures when you get a chance. I like to see the goods.
  10. I plan on watching the recording tonight. I'm not a huge fan (nor a detractor) but the media's "mad scientist" schtick is growing a little thin on me. Patrick Reed was another one I saw on Feherty in which he changed my opinion of him a bit.
  11. I also assume there was the thing called "grain" that we never contend with up here? I know when I was in Myrtle Beach last year, it took us a long time to figure out what the grain might be doing to our putts and it still didn't make a lot of sense, at times.
  12. He's played with me. He knows bad golf....
  13. I was thinking the same thing as it happened. The caddy clearly didn't like the choice but the boss was adament.
  14. Definitely! I loved it when Feherty referred to him as looking like a homeless person robbed a Nike store.
  15. Just once, I want to make a point of beating @Shankster to the punch of getting the next tournament thread started.
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