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  1. Fred, Highland Park, Illinois 24 handicap I have played the Wilson Staff C100 Irons Now playing The Wilson Staff D200 Irons 6,7,8,9,Gap Wedge, Sand wedge , D200 Driver, D200 5& 7 wood, 4&5 D200 hybrid
  2. Hi All, I have worked 6-7 days a week most of my life, never had time to take up golf or anything else. I retired from my main job about 3 years ago after 43 years as a plumber. I was offered a part time job as a plumbing inspector in the town that I live and I took it. I also took up golf which my sons encouraged me to do. As soon as i started I was hooked on the game. i read the magazines, watch the Golf Channel and joined the GolfWeek Amateur Tour which my sons are members, I was nervous at first because I am not that good, but i met a great bunch of players who have become great friends. I sure wish i had started years ago. Tough game but the pluses outweigh the negatives. I noticed MYGOLFSPY on Facebook and I love the site, so I decided to become a member to learn more about this wonderful game. I am playing WilsonStaff D200 Irons, hybrids and Driver. Also the Wilson Duo golf balls. I was playing the yellow because of cataracts in my eyes but since i have had that taken care I'm back to white. Thank you for letting me be a member of your fine group. I would love to test the Wilson D300 Clubs.
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