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  1. i might be able to post 1-2 scores in this little contest for the timeframe.
  2. Sweet! Those are awesome and love the engraving. Did you get to test them before buying?
  3. 1. I chose the Forged Tec OL irons for a few reasons. One length offers the ability to greatly improve my ball striking consistency. It eliminates the concern to know exactly where each progressive iron needs to be placed in my stance. Additionally, this will allow me to focus on the upcoming shot and allow me to improve my shot shaping given the pin location. 2. Jon - Charleston, SC 3. currently playing Mizuno JPX921 hot metal irons 4. 11.2 hdcp 5. Definitely! Pics, videos, ball data, etc.
  4. Some recent wins by our group include an ExPutt, Accra golf shafts, and a Xander Schauffle kit (maybe autographed shoes)
  5. dang i might need to check this out and see if its offered at my location! I need new fairway woods/ hybrids and new wedges. oops just saw it was for May 13- 15... uugghhh
  6. I was fit for both the 2019 P790's and the original T200's and ended up hitting Mizuno JPX921 Hot Metals the most consistent. With that, I did play with the new P970's and they were amazing. LOVED EM.
  7. i'll be interested to hear what all changed. Doesn't look too different than the Tsi models. I'm sure they just did some minor tweaking. Aesthetics aren't much different.
  8. to picking a winning team right now is anyone's guess
  9. If yall havent watched the video on the H2H matchup of the Sim2 v. the Stealth+, DEFINITELY go watch it: For anyone under 105mph swing speed, they will pick up more yards over the LAST iteration of club (Sim2) Imagine the yardage pickup for OLD drivers. Interesting how the slower swing players will benefit from the technology more! Great video though and loving these short videos MGS is putting out there.
  10. I 2nd that. I've LOVED mine so far. And I don't know if its the head or the stock Ventus shaft but the combo of the 2 are just working for me. Have i had bad shots, yes. But far less than my old M6 it feels like. And not nearly as bad of ones too
  11. I appreciate it, thank you very much @MattF
  12. Intro Welcome My Golf Spy addicts. In lieu of the Spring Season, I’ve been fortunate enough to win, test, and use the Taylormade Stealth Driver. This was not sponsored by MGS but WAS semi-sponsored by Taylormade and the AJGA (American Junior Golf Association)…. But let me tell you about later… More about me and my game The Personal Questions I’m out of Charleston, SC and mainly play Dunes West Golf Club and Yeamans Hall. I’ve been golfing for about 22years Driver club speed about 100-105mph, Ball speed abt 145-150mph. Current gamer: Taylormade M6 9* I’m a casual golfer but definitely enjoy competition. 11.2 hdcp averaging mid to high 80’s per round. My Review Summary (TLDR) As part of the un-official MGS Instagram tagging crew I entered and won the TM Stealth+ “influencer Box” from the AJGA page with the following items: RH TM Stealth+ 9* driver w/ tool & HC Leather Sunday bag Personals bag Ball mark Divot tool My goal was to determine if I wanted to game the new driver (compared to my TM M6) or cash in. To stay in the bag, I needed better consistency/ Accuracy and/or better distance My results after 2 range sessions and 2 rounds: 86.5/100 As a member of the MGS forum and the un-official MGS Instagram tagging crew, I’ve been able to win and test an awesome amount of equipment: • MGS Tester '20 - G710 Iron Review • MGS Tester '19 -Precision Pro NX9 HD Pro laser rangefinder • Birdieball 10ft x 2.5ft putting green • TourAim alignment tool • UST Mamiya Lin-Q Purple driver shaft • Year supply of Taylormade Amateur(a) golf balls I grew up loving Taylormade products, mainly their drivers. I started with the Supersteel, R580, R9, R1, and then most recently the M6 a few years ago. Though that may seem biased, I have always had a comfort with the look and feel of their products. By no means does it mean they are better, but my ability to hit TM drivers has always been better than that of other manufacturers. The TM M6 I was previously gaming was selected from a full open-minded driver fitting at David Ayers golf in Mt. Pleasant, SC (Charleston). I tried the Ping G400, Callaway Epic Flash, Titleist TS2… but the M6 was most consistent FOR ME. Having entered and won the AJGA/ Taylormade promotional giveaway on Instagram, I was sent an awesome box of Stealth items! Of course, it was a Right-handed Stealth+ Driver at 9* which would be awesome except… I play Left-handed. Not too big of a deal, the driver has never been hit and David Ayers was open to swapping out a lefty model for me. BUT was the Stealth+ the right driver for me (of the Stealth models). Well, I wasn’t planning to pay for a fitting for only ONE driver so the guys over at David Ayers Lowcountry Custom Golf squeezed me into a booth to check out how I hit the demo Stealth+ and the regular Stealth. After hitting the Stealth+, the spin was WAY too low; like 1500-1900 rpm. We tried out the regular Stealth and that was the ticket. What was even better feeling was the stock Ventus shaft. To provide the best feeback to real-world testing, I am reviewing this as a put-in-play testing and trying to get some numbers from my Rapsodo MLM. Though the MLM will be beneficial, the confidence on the course will be more important. Grading • Real world, on-course playability: 50 pts • Rapsodo MLM numbers: 10 pts • Workability: 10 pts • Feel & Sound: 20 pts • Looks: 10 pts First Impressions This is the new age of the Carbonwood. No more titanium faces. We’ve had the carbonfiber crowns but not its into the face! Blacked out and with red accents, this thing looks mean. I love it! The face is red with the carbon fiber pattern showing through. Its an aggressive color scheme. The matching headcover is great in my book as well. Looks: 8.5 out of 10 pts ● Typical driver head shape ● Clean look ● Love the matte black and red combo with the carbon fiber ● Deductions because the red face wouldn’t be my ideal pick but it is a mean look ● Very little distractions if any on the crown. The one color tone on top keeps me focused a little better. Feel & Sound: 16 out of 20 pts ● Due to the carbon fiber face, the sound is a bit more muted and less “pingy”. Less likely to turn heads. ● For baseball fans, it’s like hitting or hearing a wood bat v. a metal bat. ● Deductions because it can be hard to hear and feel off-center hits. Everything sounds the same. ● Does it feel consistent across the face, or are mis-hits noticeably pronounced? ● Solid center-faced contact sounds like you really crunched one. Rapsodo MLM Numbers: 6 out of 10 pts Without owning a high end launch monitor (GC Quad, trackman, or even a Skytrack), it can be hard to trust the measurements the MLM is getting. But we don’t play in a simulated world so why only go off the digital readouts; this is meant for on-course gaming. Some players are great at practice, others are gamers! ● Accuracy – the dispersion seemed excellent. I attribute a lot of that to the shaft. It’s the Stiff Ventus (non-velcore) stock shaft be feels great TO ME. ● Distance – Maybe a slight edge to the Stealth compared to my TM M6. Just having a hard time believing those readings because the on-course numbers were much higher (260-280). ● Trajectory – Similar trajectory to the TM M6; a penetrating mid flight shot. MLM wasnt not reading launch angle very well. ● Forgiveness – Ideally I need to add some footspray to the face for better observance. But mishits closer to the toe still had great trajectories and rollouts. ● Control – The loft sleeve definitely helps zero in a great ball path. The weight seems heavier than say a Ping G400 (which I consider very light) Stealth hitting into a net Stealth Hitting at the range Workability: 8 out of 10 pts ● Workability – I prefer a straight trajectory but have worked it a few times. I have not had any difficulty working a fade or draw. On-Course: 48 out of 50 pts This is where it all matters; you’ve practiced with them and have a good idea of the characteristics described above (accuracy, distance, forgiveness, trajectory, control, workability) and now is the time to put them to the test. Playing on the course is where it is truly going to matter. Do I really have confidence with the Stealth every time I take it out of the bag! I have incorporated a little bit of Arccos data into the pictures below. ● Pressure – High confidence. Getting the feel on the range and then hitting the course, I knew I could blast one down the pipe. The solid matte black crown alleviated any distractions. ● Center strikes just felt really good. You could almost feel the compression of the face and ball. ● The 2nd round I played with it took me a little while to get going but that was a ME problem, not a club issue. Final Performance Comments: ● The very first round with the Stealth I averaged 260yds with a long of 280yds in early morning, cool dew-filled conditions (little roll). I hit 57% of the fairways. ● 2nd round on May 1 and skipping the front 9 (I don’t wanna talk about it haha), I drove it from 268-311yds and hit 5/6 fairways that I used driver on. ● Based on Arccos, I improved 2.2 Strokes gained compared to my previous 10rds. ● After a few great shots, I just felt GOOD. Especially using Arccos to see how far the drive went. Playing 6400yds, I felt like I only had a wedge left into most par 4’s! ● Taking such a large leap out of metal woods and into carbon fiber, this will be very interesting to see where the future goes with this technology. Play it or Trade it? Have you see my listing on eBay for my TM M6 yet?? Is that the answer you need. That 2nd round with the Stealth sealed it into my bag. When I rip a drive, it just feels gggoooooooddd. That’s a fist bump kind of drive. Final Score: 86.5 • Seems like a low score… but the on-course performance sealed the deal for me. Most point deductions were from the MLM readings. Ideally, its best to take the club onto the course to get the best feeling how it will game for you. Rapsodo_MLM_Jon_Mayer_01050951.mov Rapsodo_MLM_Jon_Mayer_01050958.mov Rapsodo_MLM_Jon_Mayer_01050959.mov
  13. Its a shame you missed the center hahaha Tag a friend who has never seen this on their driver
  14. I won the Stealth Plus+ in a giveaway but ended up trading it in for the regular Stealth bc the spin was too low. It was around 1500rpm for me. But I LOVE the feel of the stealth at impact. Only have 1 rd with it but every shot felt like butter. On a small sample size, It’s abt 5yds longer than my M6. That was not on my home course either so I’ll be interested in seeing how it rolls there.
  15. Sounds like a fun comparison and review. I've never been a fan of PXG either; the clubs look nice but their marketing drives me nuts. Sounds like you've got the skill level to really see what the club is made of; You're not the hacker like some of us haha. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on its performance!
  16. i was "fit" for the same shaft on the TrueGolfFit app as well. For the Stealth driver. Been trying to get a hold of one through ebay but no luck winning yet.
  17. I appreciate the offer but its ok, i'll manage. Heck, maybe this click higher fixes the problem.
  18. @revkevi meant to say i fade it a little bit. oops . So i guess that kinda helps confirm what im reading; if i go slightly higher then it should help get me to straight or slight draw. I am horrible about really seeing if a club looks open or closed at address. Sounds weird but drivers always appear open to me; maybe bc i can see the face?? I wish there was somewhere i could try a autoflex or real ventus somewhere without a hassle....
  19. Thanks for the unofficial review @revkev. I too have a hold of the regular Stealth 9deg with "Ventus" Red (TM Ventus, not velcore); Won one in an online contest. I currently game a TM M6 as TM's have always suited me best. The one round i've put in with the Stealth has been great. The misses seem much smaller than with my M6. I'll try to put together an unofficial review myself too. I have had a tendency to hit a slight fade with the Stealth so going to try ticking it 1deg towards HIGHER on the sleeve to close the face a. hair and see how that does.
  20. a 15hr brisket smoke sounds amazing! Not sure i can get my BGE to smoke that long...
  21. This is great bc it not only provides the Moderators with information when selecting testers, but now i can see who relates to me as far as skill, swing speed, etc. As well as when i'm relating to others in the forum.
  22. Unfortunately could not get dynamic loft from the GC2. We are ignoring those first 2 shots as "warmups".
  23. Not a fan of a knuckle ball?? haha yea pretty low but that with their stock HZDS Red shaft (mid/mid). I would need more of a high/high shaft (which i'll steal from my current M6)
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