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  1. That 7 iron is tempting, my current one seems to have a lot of offset and makes me want to try something like this. I'll take a number and wait in line in case nobody else takes it. Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  2. I played Talking Stick over the summer ( the "easier" of the 2 courses) and thought it was nice. It's right next to top golf which is also fun, in case you haven't done that before. But like Gassman1 said it's snowbird season so the more flexible you are with tee times the easier and possibly cheaper you'll be able to play. I use both apps that you mentioned and always check each because there is sometimes a difference between the two. Honestly those are a good place to start because you can see what the general price range is for a lot of the courses around you.
  3. What are the 3 dozen others you have?
  4. 1. AGE: 34 2. SWING SPEED: 105-110 3. HANDICAP: 23 4. ROUNDS PER YEAR: 20 ish 5. CURRENT DRIVER: bombtech grenade 6. HAVE YOU EVER BEEN FIT FOR A DRIVER IN THE PAST YEAR: No 7. AVERAGE DRIVER DISTANCE: 270 I love what this does for the DIY or budget golfer. It has serious potential to bring better golf to the masses in a way that currently doesn't exist. This could save a lot of people a lot of time and money.
  5. I have the Adams idea pro a 12's 3- pw and really like them. I find them to be forgiving but informative on bad shots.
  6. Played 9 today after not playing for a few weeks and played pretty well. Shot 5 over on an executive course which often plays more like 10 over, also official had my closest to a hole in one shot so far and I made the birdie put!
  7. Oh sorry no It is not easy for me to get to so I have not made it over there again yet. But it would be nice to get better numbers. I'll see if I can cut out sometime to do that.
  8. I forget where in the review I put it but yeah I did. Distance numbers were slightly longer with the 8- PW and about the same for everything else. Unfortunately the spin numbers weren't reliable or what I would deem believable that day, and the guy working wasn't interested in trying to figure out why.
  9. The pool....I didn't want one, still don't, my wife won't let me drain it and skateboard in it. It needs constant attention and I think it has some underlying major issues that I haven't figured out yet. Had to drain it completely and get it acid and chlorine washed this last year and I don't feel like that really helped anything all that much. It always has algae problems and I feel like I have to clean the filter once a week which I've been told should really only be a once a month to once every 3 month job.
  10. I had a couple weeks where I wasn't too excited with the results but that was more the indian than the arrow, my coordination had to catch up to swing changes I decided needed to happen. I played 9 a week ago and felt like I had a much more controllable swing that had a real release to it. I've been struggling with feeling like the club released out in front of me, but I think I finally have an idea of what that is supposed to feel like. Getting that feeling down has really seemed to improve my accuracy. I hit some par 3 greens during that last round and the ones that I missed were either really short chips or putt-able.
  11. Alright guys here is my stage 2 finally thanks for your patience!!
  12. Life has been kicking my butt. I will get my stage 2 up soon though. Good job on the stage 2's guys.
  13. Looked and found them at Dick's sporting goods. I thought they were going to be a lower priced ball. Saw the 47 dollar price tag and decided I'd wait a bit.
  14. That's quite the stage 2 Volgolfer, it'll be hard to follow that up. Congrats on the win!!
  15. Don't see any reason not to. If it came in at a good price I'd give it a shot.
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