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  1. Abel/ Tilburg/ The Netherlands/ Europe Current Handicap: 22.6 Current Irons: Titleist AP1 718 7 iron carry distance: 125 meters (about 136 yards)
  2. I'm a big fan of PearlGolf.. Smaller brand.. The PurePro and PurePro X are simular to Pro V1 and Pro V1X
  3. 1. Abel Aandewiel, Tilburg, The Netherlands, 50ish rounds a year 2. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat 3.22,6 Handicap, 85 mph 4. Current Titleist AP 1 718 irons, Cleveland RTX Wedges, Taylormade RBZ H,W &D 5. Desired Cobra Set- King F9 driver and one length irons
  4. I totally agree with you, me finding them was pure luck..They are a really small company and marketing is pretty expensive, so I think that is why.. I like the style of the review! Couldn't help laughing a bit.. That Titleist guy is only playing them when he has to go over water!
  5. Pretty cool, they send it in a protection bag for storage.. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  6. Can you give us a review? Hope there are more Pearl fans
  7. " One of the downsides is that the Pearl bag does not seem to be made from water resistant materials where the other two obviously are. " I have the same bag, it is water resistant!;-)
  8. I've been playing Pearl Golf balls last few weeks, even smaller company then Vice, and I love them! Yesterday I even shot my first eagle ever! I'm not saying I wouldn't have shot it with other brand balls, but it does increase my enthusiasm..:) I did a review, but would love to see an official one ! I do not believe the Vice, Snell, Pearl, Oncore and Cut differ a lot in quality and performance, I think it's all about what brand suits you best. To me it was the price aspect and the looks that pulled me to Pearl instead of Vice or Cut..
  9. Had my first 9 holes, lost two balls, got 2 birdies and a near hole in one (about 4 inches past the hole) I'm sold..
  10. I did some reseach and got to the conclusion my swingspeed is to slow to game the X. I think i'll get that with every 4 piece ball. The Pure Soft is my gaming ball for now. I got a sleeve of their Pro Soft balls, going to try them out!
  11. Because we don't have GC Quad, we have to work with feel and cold weather like today. (rain, wind and 10 degrees c) Our first shots, we compared the balls with the Taylormade TP, Titleist DT truesoft and the Titleist Velocity. We both agreed that we loved the feel of the Pearl balls so much, we didn't need to compare them at all! We did 5 different tests: Driver: Feel & distance Long iron: Feel & distance Short Iron: Feel & spin Chip/ Pitch: Feel & spin Putt: Feel & roll For me: PG Driver:Feel not bad
  12. I know GSWAG, and I like that! Smaller brands knocking on the door of the big brands with comparable quality balls. I normally play lakeballs, because I lose to many balls and don't like to spend a whole lot of cash on balls I hit just a few times;) Reading tips/tricks on websites and looking on youtube taught me that it's best to play new balls cause of consistenty of your game. This made me look at cheaper models that might suit my game. I read a lot about Cut, Vice and Snell. I liked the Cut, the only problem is that I live in the Netherlands (Europe) and it costs w
  13. I really like the smaller brand golf balls like Cut, Pearl, Snell and Vice. Apparel brands also! Love the look of Matte Grey and Travis Mathew.
  14. Anyone here ever played Pearl golfballs? https://pearlgolf.com/
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