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  1. David, NC Current driver is a hand-me-down Ping G15 with a VooDoo shaft. Driver swing speed is around 100 mph; average carry distance in the 235-240 range. Current handicap index is 6.0.
  2. 1. David, NC 2. Most recent handicap index is 6.0. Haven't been on a monitor in a while, but swing speed is right around 95-100 mph. 3. Playing a Ping G15 10.5 that consistently finds fairways. Love it. 4. G400 LST 10.5, regular flex
  3. Tier 1: Justin Thomas Tier 2: Louis Oosthuizen Tier 3: Kevin Kisner Tier 4: Fred Couples Tier 5: Danny Willett Winning Score: -9 Low Amateur: +4
  4. They definitely launch a little higher than my 588s on a full swing, but I don't go at wedges hard—I prefer to take a little less loft and make a smooth, relaxed swing rather than standing on one. I haven't had any issues so far in making that transition. As for bunkers, I had one the other day where the ball was significantly below my feet in the sand (I was standing outside the bunker as the ball was near the lip). I was short-sided to the flag, and the 60* popped the ball right out with no problem to about 10 feet. Small sample size, of course, but the early returns are promising. E
  5. I needed a new gap wedge, so I asked for (and received) a 50* CBX wedge as a Christmas present from my wife and daughter. I had been carrying Cleveland 588 Rotex 2.0 wedges prior to that in 52, 56, and 60* lofts, but definitely had a gapping problem between the 52* and the pitching wedge in my set of Srixon Z 565 irons (bent to 46*). Over the past couple of months, I found myself using the CBX as often as possible, even in situations where the 56* was the better choice—the CBX was just that much fun to hit. It glides through the rough, and is really simple for greenside chips and pitch
  6. Really enjoying reading these reviews. I have been going back and forth between a Huntington Beach 6C and 3 in the bag recently--I was lucky enough to win the 6C in a contest, and I liked it so much that I ordered the 3 just to have a blade style to mess around with. If I had to choose between the two of them at the moment, I'd probably stick with the 6C, but I developed a lot of trust in it over the summer tournament season and set a new personal best by shooting 74 twice with it in the bag. I find it to be very easy to align, and my preferred stroke is square-to-square, so the center s
  7. 1. David, Hickory, NC 2. Most recent index is 6.4 3. Dream bag would be based upon finding the set up that would work best (which is the fun part of a fitting), but having read up on all of the new offerings from Cleveland, I'm most intrigued by these: Driver--Launcher HB 10.5* Fairway--Launcher HB 16* Hybrid--Launcher HB 19* and 21* Irons--Launcher CBX 5-PW Wedges--CBX 50*, 54*, 58* Putter--TFi 2135 Elevado Thanks to Cleveland for the chance for a cool experience!
  8. I already play and love Cleveland RTX 588 wedges and I have two of the Huntington Beach putters--the 6C is my favorite putter I have ever used. I also play the Srixon Z565 irons, and my usual ball is the Z Star XV. Needless to say, I have become a Srixon/Cleveland guy. The one area I haven't switched is my driver, woods, and hybrids. After the good ratings the Srixon drivers got in the testing on this site and the statement from the Cleveland R&D guys that the new Launcher just goes "high and straight," I have to say I'm intrigued...
  9. I recently used Ship Sticks for the first time. I sent my clubs out to Colorado to play in a member-guest. I had scheduled delivery on the day I was going to arrive, with a practice round scheduled for the next morning. As I was about to board my flight to Denver, I got a call from a Ship Sticks rep that there had been a foul up with the delivery and that my clubs hadn't yet been dropped off at the Club we were playing (and wouldn't be delivered until sometime the next day). I told him I was supposed to play the next morning and that I was getting on a plane. He told me he would see what
  10. I have been playing the 6C with the 1.32 Winn Pro X grip for about the last two months, and I love it. Sets up square to the line and is very easy to keep square to the target. I similarly had never used a center shafted putter before this one but had always been intrigued. If you prefer a straight back to straight through stroke, give the 6C a try. At the price point Cleveland offers these, they can't be beaten.
  11. If you are in the market for new irons and haven't tried the Srixon Z565/765/965 line, you're doing yourself a disservice. I did a full iron fitting with multiple shafts and clubheads from multiple manufacturers, and the 565 outperformed most of the options listed in the original post (for me at least). I got them at the beginning of May, and I have lowered my handicap index from 7.9 to 6.1 since then.
  12. One of the things I like about playing the Srixon Z-Star--I don't have to put dots and marks all over it to differentiate it from the million Titleists that are around the golf course. I have recently tried the new Q-Star Tour, as it is geared towards moderate swing speed like I have. After a couple of rounds, I have found that I like it fine except off the driver; it feels heavier, and I'm certain that I don't get the kind of consistent distance that I do with the Z-Star. I'd have loved to have found a ball that was $10 cheaper per box, but chicks dig the long ball. Thus, the Z-Star sh
  13. I played a sleeve and didn't mind the Truvis pattern as much as I thought I would. I'll echo the sentiment that my favorite shots with it were greenside, as you can really see what the ball is doing as it spins, checks, releases, etc. I didn't switch to making it my primary ball as I prefer the feel of the Srixon Z-Star, particularly off the tee (the Chrome Soft felt too, well, soft to me). If I weren't playing the Srixon, though, this ball would be in the mix for me.
  14. My favorite part of club tinkering is comparing the objective data from a launch monitor with the more subjective areas such as feel and look. With the 565 irons the numbers matched up with what I felt was going on. Really happy to have pulled the trigger. Glad the Pings are working for you!
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