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  1. My regular weekly game is always walking. I'm 71 and my playing partners are that age or more. When I play resort courses carts are usually mandatory and it seems they are designed to prevent walking . I can see that for pace of play reasons but my buddies and I can and often do play in 3-3 1/2 hrs. We are always in position or far ahead of the group behind us. Strange to me to see so many young guys taking carts on our relatively flat, very walkable course.
  2. First Name/City State: Robert, Carmichael, CA Have You Ever Used a Hitting Net: Yes, I have a competitive product but this looks like a better constructed net. Do you use any sort of LM with one: Yes, I have a Swing Caddy
  3. First Name / State or Country of residence: Robert / California (Northern) Handicap: 7.4 Current irons in Play: Ping I 500 The carry distance of your 7 iron: 145
  4. I'm 6'5" and need 36" waist 37 " inseam pants. Galway Bay is the only company to offer this length that sit where I want on my waist without a high rise (either droopy crotch or over the belly button). As a long legged guy, this is a unique problem for sure but it was great to find these perfect fitting pants on MGS. I played several rounds in Ireland this past March. It rained every day with one day of occasional sleet (see photo) at Druids Glen. The Galway Bay rain gear kept me comfortable and dry in all conditions. I ordered both the lined and unlined pants along with the jacket and could not be happier with the purchase. Thank you Galway Bay and MGS for bringing this rain gear to my attention.
  5. I created a golf course review webpage as a retirement project. Just a couple of reviews up at this point but will become more active next year. Feedback welcome ...


  6. Robert, Northern California Handicap- 6.1 Current Irons - Ping I500 and Ping G410 Hybrids 7 Iron carry is approx 150 (so I could use some distance assistance) Love Ping product but never tried the G410 irons. Purchased the 210's and upgraded to I500 due to them being slightly longer.
  7. Robert California 95608 Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter 150 rounds/yr 95mph/6 index Ping I500 5-GW plus 56 degree Callaway Rogue Driver, 3W,4W Desired Cobra Set  9.5 Degree reg driver 3 wood 3 and 4 hybrid Single length irons, Currently playing 1" overlength (I'm 6'5") King wedges
  8. Robert, Northern California 6 index, 98 mph SS I currently play the Rogue I'm interested in the Standard Flash
  9. Robert, Northern California Foot Joy Dry Joy Pants and Jacket The worst rain on a golf course was at Portmarnock Links course in Ireland. Only last 30 minutes or so but it was a tropical like downpour with wind. I play in light rain often at home (empty course and fast pace of play suits me) so I use my rain gear regularly.
  10. Humm, when is something to good to be true? This simple approach to fitting depends upon the accuracy of the responses by the player. A quality in person fitting makes all this subjective opinion into real time data as well as allowing for the feel/look to be factored into this $400-500 purchase.
  11. OK, first off this is kind of embarrassing. I am not a loud talking braggart but jeez, this qualifies as a story to share with other golf addicted individuals. As an update to my i210's "get yours yet" thread I submit the following: Update: I've been playing the i210's now for a week and have played several rounds on different course layouts and conditions. The i210's have been stellar. I don't know if this is just a honeymoon period or, if they really are that good. Yesterday I played a very tight par 70 mountain course with big elevation changes and many blind second shots. I was hitting the driver the best I have in years and had many wedges or short irons into the green from the blue tees (approx 6K yds). My best score on this course had been 74 (I'm a six index) and I shot a 5 under 30 (3 consecutive birdies and an eagle) on the back nine with a couple of missed under 10' birdie putts. Combined with a one over 36 on the front I shot a 4 under 66 which is one less than my age! I haven't shot in the 60's since my college playing days back in the 70's and never went that low then, so to say this round came as a surprise is a huge understatement. Did the i210's have anything to do with it? I can say that I love the look/feel of them and I was very confident over the ball. The fast pace of play helped (played in 3.5 hours) but it was the best round of my life and suffice to say, the i210's have earned a spot in my bag ... ;-)
  12. Will do, no word on delivery and I'm getting a little anxious. I've got a tournament in 3 weeks and need a few rounds to get a feel for them.
  13. I ordered a set of Ping i210 13 days ago. I realize they didn't start shipping until 08/01 but was hoping my fiters estimate of 10 days might be accurate. In any case I am going to be gaming these soon after 2 years with a Callaway Apex CF-16/Pro combo set. I had the Pings fitted where the Callaways were a my best guess internet buy. Hitting the Pings fitted (I'm 6'5") to me was a very good experience, The feel of the i210's is as good as most reviews describe. Can't wait to play them...
  14. I like Mark Crossfields VLOGS with the My Golf Travel guys. Fast paced 3 hole segments with great production values. I'm looking forward to this years offerings. As far as the equip testing and instruction go, I'm less interested in any of the youtube channels. As a believer in the "it's the Indian, not the Arrow" theory I need to test golf stuff myself.
  15. Robert - California (Northern) Current Index is 6.1 I'm playing Callaway Chrome Soft (2018) and Taylormade TP5
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