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  1. Did he say whether or not he liked them?
  2. This is what I was about to recommend. There are a lot of videos on YouTube of instructors doing this, give them a watch.
  3. BDubya23


    Welcome from Missouri. Glad to have ya Aziz
  4. Back then they didn't want me, now I'm hot they all on me
  5. Good looking setup you got there!
  6. I second Shawn Clement [emoji1312] He's got some great videos! Just remember, you're cutting a dandelion
  7. Do you think they're helping your game? It's crazy how something that minor could have a big impact.
  8. I witnessed someone get mad and break their club as we were driving by them, I tried so hard to hold it in. I failed. But, I wasn't laughing at him... I was laughing with him... [emoji55]
  9. Working on being able to hit a fade or draw on demand. I feel like I'm almost there, but I still have some doozies that get away from me.
  10. That's still a score to be proud about. Most of the time when this starts to happen to me, I just take a breather. Don't focus on the previous hole and tell yourself you have to do so and so in order to break par. Just play golf like you were doing the whole round, and focus on each shot at hand.
  11. Practice, then practice more. Try to focus on one part of your game until you have it figured out perfectly, then move on to the next. Just don't forget what you learned previously, which is what I do sometimes lol
  12. What if I want 281 330 8004 Hit Mike Jones.... ah nvm.
  13. Currently playing ChromeSofts until I run out. I think I will end up giving those new MaxFli balls a go. I'm curious to see if they're worth it.
  14. Really need to invest in a new 3W. I've only been able to test the F7 3-4, and it felt good. Need to test the M1 and M2.
  15. I stick with the cheap wooden ones, simply because I don't have to worry about losing them as they're inexpensive. I tee my driver pretty low, nothing above the crown, so I can sometimes just pick up a broken one from the tee box.
  16. No kidding. I wouldn't even want to see the price of something like that. I'm not even sure who that would appeal to if it ever did happen. Good players don't lose balls often enough to consider something like that. Beginners would never consider paying a premium price, especially that high, for balls... imo.
  17. After reading this, I immediately thought of Terry Crews being a commentator. Idk why, I just did. [emoji23][emoji23]
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