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  1. I remember reading an article last year sometime about how the game could change in the future. The only part that even sounded a tiny bit realistic was adding GPS chips to the balls, so you'd know exactly where it is when you miss the fairway.
  2. I used to do the same thing, with video game stuff as well. Looking back, I wish I would have kept everything. I'd have a heck of a putter collection and an even bigger video game collection.
  3. If you're on the app or Tapatalk, you can click on the button that looks like a mountain and voila. I think the MGS app requires you to hit the "+" sign first, then you'll see the photo option.
  4. Slowly converting everything from standard to midsize. Have a Plus4 midsize on my driver, but it's a little too big. Will probably end up with everything in Plus4 standard size.
  5. Both, just depends on how I'm feeling that day. Just picked up a new cart bag, so even when I do walk now I don't have to carry anymore. It's a nice experience.
  6. I always used to tinker with my grip, then I finally found something that feels natural and has improved my putting a lot. It's almost like a ten finger grip, but my right index finger (as a lefty) runs over the top of the fingers on my left hand. If that makes any sense.
  7. • Blade | Missouri • Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 • Not custom fit • Studio Stock 8 Thanks for this amazing opportunity, MGS!
  8. BDubya23

    Ping G400

    I can't wait to see what this lineup looks like. Ping always makes a beautiful looking iron.
  9. I have never had one, but damn they made some nice putters.
  10. You will have to keep this post updated when you return to have that done. If I decide to get a fitting at the one in STL, I'll be sure to report back and let ya know how it compares to your experience. All of the reviews and testimonials were 5 stars, so fingers crossed.
  11. Thanks for the insight, I was planning on doing this at the Club Champion in STL. I have been "fit" at Golf Galaxy for a putter in the past. When I say fit, I mean he watched my swing and adjusted the lie and loft, nothing like a fancy SAM lab. The $100 price point for that few of putts is a little crazy to me, and the fact that he pushed the most expensive putter on you is something I don't like. One thing I do like about CC though is that you aren't required to buy any equipment from them after the fitting. I honestly think I would go there just to get the specs and such of what I need
  12. Perk of being a lefty, not many people wanna borrow those clubs [emoji6]
  13. I will most likely be having friends over for some grilling and other shenanigans. Maybe let the ladies hangout while the guys go play a round. Then we'll end up watching fireworks. A small town near us has one of the best shows around.
  14. Lightning or hard rain, and I'm out. I don't mind playing in drizzle, it makes things interesting. Just as long as you're prepared when the rain comes down. I played last year with a group and I was the only one with a jacket in my bag. It felt good to be the wise one.
  15. If I'm playing with a group, I typically wait for the ones ahead of us, unless it's one of those groups who have no intentions of speeding up play. Then I'll say something or ask to play through. If I'm by myself, I don't mind at all. I can drop an extra ball or two and get some practice in while I wait.
  16. I know Ping bought a few of their club patents. I wonder if it was those.
  17. I've been browsing through driver shafts recently, just window shopping, looking at all the awesome artwork that goes into them. I think my favorite at the moment is the Project X Even Flow in blue, it looks amazing. Anyway, I'm curious what ideas you would come up with if you were given the chance to design your own shaft. Would you show some wild side with vibrant colors? Keep it classy? What would it be? I like the idea of having a chameleon-like paint job that sorta changes color in different lights. From dark purple to blue to maybe green.
  18. Congrats on the W and closest to the pin! Sounds like a good day, indeed.
  19. Phil the Thrill. Definitely a short game wizard.
  20. First, that's awesome! Second, I gotta try this. Idk if it will necessarily help my score but I have a feeling it will help me realize that "so and so" club isn't the only one to go to when you're said yards out. Broaden my horizons a bit.
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