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  1. I believe most mallet putters fit a putting stroke that is straight back, straight through. Some do work with a slight arc. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.
  2. Welcome, from Missouri. Grats on the new baby
  3. I'm with you GG, my Adams hybrid is probably my most reliable and underrated club in the bag. I don't hit it very often, but I can count on it every time I pull it out of the bag. Going to be hard to replace.
  4. No shades for me, the hat usually does it for me. I wear them outside everywhere, but for some reason I just can't while I'm on the course.
  5. Oh the nostalgia. I wish I still had mine. I sold it my sophomore year to one of my friends, and it had allll the goodies. I'd love to fire it up right about now
  6. That's what I meant, I was coming back to correct myself. I used to play the crap out of excite bike. I remember sitting on the living room for hours, thinking it was the best game ever
  7. Played a quick 9 today. Boy was it windyyyy! Little rough starting out, but my chipping saved me. Knocked a few in from off the green and said forget the putter.
  8. Work is getting in the way of my golf. [emoji1304]
  9. Anything that brings more people to the game is a positive in my eye.
  10. Welcome to MGS. I currently own some Footjoys spiked, and they are great! I forgot the exact model, however. I do own spikeless, and I wear those occasionally, as they're easier to wear off the course if you have to run some errands and whatnot. If I had to choose between the two when I'm out playing, spiked all the way.
  11. My initials and my favorite basketball player's number. Fancy, I know.
  12. I've switched putters so many times this year I can't keep track. I find something that I think I want and will like, then I used it for a little while and get the itch to try something else. Had an O Works 1, liked it but didn't care for the colors. Bought a Versa WBW 1W, never even used it. Just purchased an Odyssey White Hot Pro that I really think is the one haha. This all happened within about a three month span.
  13. For those of you who suffered from hitting a slice or played a fade, did you move the weight to the inside and test it out? If so, did you like the result?
  14. Used to tee it up every chance I get, but I don't do that anymore and usually just find a good lie and let it rip.
  15. Welcome from Missouri
  16. With Robertson on this one, I don't think I'd mind my SO golfing but golf is sorta my "me time."
  17. Lmao way to show him who is boss. I'd love to have seen the look on his face afterwards.
  18. Getting ready to head out shortly, will be sure to update when I finish up
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