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  1. Three hours of work for a Scotty, sign me up haha. Good looking bag
  2. The Flatso grips are very good, used to be my gamer until I switched to a Golf Pride Tour SNSR.
  3. That's gotta be one of the worst feelings in the world. Hopefully TaylorMade does you right!
  4. I. WANT. ONE. SO. BAD.
  5. I hear nothing but GREAT things about the RTX3s, you might give them a look
  6. Exactly what jlukes said [emoji1312] There are always going to be premium products in everything you look at... shoes, cars, watches, tools, electronics, the list goes on and on. Those prices are there for the people who can afford that stuff and who prefer to have "premium."
  7. I would say there was some definite difference between the two around the green. I went to the TM Tour Preferred wedges btw. What wedges are you looking at?
  8. It was a combo of both for me, wanting new clubs and mine were looking weathered. They still performed okay, I just wanted something new. But honestly as long as their doing what you need them to do, keep 'em... ...unless you like new & shiny. Then open that wallet and drop some bills.
  9. Haha. I think you would enjoy watching Spring Break with Rickie, JT, Smylie, and Spieth.
  10. I like classy, but I also like the loose dress code policy too. Sports are becoming so strict nowadays, not just with dress, but with rules and things of that nature. You have to give the player some sort of leeway show their personality. To me, that makes the game more fun. Even in the NFL now, players are penalized for dancing/taunting after a touchdown.. excessive celebration, c'mon. I'm not saying let the players show up in jean shorts and a pink flamingo cutoff, but there has to be some wiggle room to allow for some flair.
  11. This is very important. I always read about people going to get lessons and then when they get back to the course, everything is off. Nothing feels right. Shots aren't great. The key is to do exactly as you said, practice.
  12. If you liked all of them, not particularly one over the other, then I'd go with whatever looks best to you.
  13. I've never thought about polishing them with anything lol. I typically clean mine after a few rounds or so. Other than that, I will wipe them clean after every shot, especially if I'm riding in a cart with a club washer
  14. I've heard of people filling army sacks or such with carpet strips or old pillow or even those little balls you find in bean bag chairs. However, that seems like a lot of work considering an impact bag runs like $20-$30. Idk if that's how he [emoji1312] did it, just what I've read around the World Wide Web.
  15. Hello from Missouri, and you're right.. GO CARDS!
  16. I'm in need of a new 3W and when they announced these, I instantly had to add it to my wishlist.
  17. Any switchblade ones I recommend. Idk how people walk around with the non-switchblade type in their pocket without getting stabbed [emoji380]
  18. Welcome to the forums [emoji1303] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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