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  1. I started “playing it forward” (from 6123 yds. to 5563yds.) consistently this year. Most of my regular partners have done the same. As others have pointed out this move has made the game more fun (I can reach 7/8 par 4s in regulation with a tee shot in the fairway!), and more interesting (seeing the course differently than for the past 20+ years). We all have experience playing with folks who overstate their ability, cling to memories of past ability, or equate gender with ability and choose to play from tees that seem, to me, to be longer than their current skill level warrants. But that’s their choice. Just don’t unduly slow the pace of play. Play whatever tees you want, I’ll play whatever tees I want. And, no, I don’t have an unfair advantage in our match. If we both have legitimate GHIN handicaps, then the software will make the course/tee specific calculations for us. (The OP didn’t mention anything about the stakes of the game but . . . .)
  2. I have used the Q-Star Tour Divide a fair amount. Experimented late in the season with those, Maxfli Tour and TM Tour Response (the stripe version). All performed well for me — no clear winner. As others have mentioned, the QST Divide is not as long off the tee with driver as, say, a Pro V but have a bit more pop off the irons for me. Accuracy is slightly higher as well. While I do no have high spin on short shots around the green, I have not found the QST prone to more roll out than other balls in its class. The two-colors give great visual feedback on putting. I also use the divide on the tee if I want a reminder to try to move the ball flight left or right. (My personal data shows that teeing with the yellow side toward me promotes a draw while the orange or blue side toward me promotes a fade. ) Like other matte finish balls, however, the QST Divide can be difficult to keep clean. Durability is not an issue.
  3. Thanks, @Golfspy_TCB. Since I am out of season for posting scores (but still play until the snow comes), I thought trying fewer clubs would be an interesting challenge. In 2021 my scores were 1.6 strokes higher with 7 clubs. So far in 2022 my scores are 0.3 strokes lower. I'm sure part of the difference is in making a concession to age and moving up a tee box but part of it is also that I think less about club choice -- fewer clubs to choose from and more confident about what each one can do.
  4. This review grows out of my need to replace an older, small carry bag that I use when playing with less than a full set of clubs. A little about me to start. I live in Michigan where the official season for posting GHIN scores is April 1-October 31. At almost 72 years of age, I still prefer to walk using a pushcart and average about 100 rounds per year (96.5 rounds so far in 2022). Before April 1 and after October 31, however, I play with only seven clubs (currently 3 wood, 4 hybrid, 6 and 8 irons, pitching and sand wedges (44.5º and 54º), and putter in a carry bag. My old bag was getting “tired” so I began looking for alternatives. My requirements were: (1) dual carry straps; (2) stand legs; (3) more than 2 full-length dividers; and (4) easily accommodate 7 clubs without being so crowded that handles would snag. In my search I deliberately avoided carry bags that could hold a full set of clubs since I knew it would never be used in that manner. I also did not consider unstructured bags, and, early on in the search, I eliminated bags with mini-stands. I eventually decided to pull the trigger on a Sunday Golf El Camino bag in matte black. Before ordering the bag I contacted Sunday’s customer support with a couple of questions. Their response was amazingly quick (about 30 minutes) to an email sent at 10:15 p.m. EST. The time between placing the order and receipt of the bag was approximately 10 days — I think the popularity of the color may have delayed the order slightly as the web site had it listed as low stock. I’ve used the bag for 10 times now (four 18-hole rounds, and six 9-hole rounds). Here are some of my reactions. Features — 4.5 out of 5 The bag has a 4-way top with 3 “full-length” dividers (according to SG customer service, the dividers “extend 90% of the way down the bag) and is designed to hold up to 10 clubs. Club handles have not become tangled and there is plenty of room for my 7 clubs (and lightweight 6’ ball retriever). There is one full length garment pocket. The size of the pocket is proportionately smaller than on a 14-club bag so, while it is fine for holding the included rain hood and spare glove(s), anything much bulkier than a lightweight windbreaker would be hard to fit. The soft-lined valuables pocket is more than sufficient for holding car keys and cell phone, and the range finder pocket is easily accessible but still secure enough that I don’t worry about my Nikon accidentally falling out. There is an external tee/pencil holder, and a mesh pocket that holds a 16 ounce bottle of water (I have only used standard Aquafina/Absopure bottles so I do not know how 20 oz. bottles or refillable bottles will fit). The mesh feels a touch flimsy but the elastic top feels strong and secure. The ball pocket is large enough to cary 6-9 balls (if you wanted to carry the extra weight), and also has an inside mesh pocket that I use for a few extra tees and minimal first aid supplies. The bag also has an external glove holder — stick the velcro enclosure of the glove to the patch to keep track of it (a small but useful feature for those of us prone to dropping gloves and having to backtrack to find them). The insulated “Frosty Pocket” is large enough to hold a sandwich/snack and extra water bottle. Additional features include a small, textured hip pad; a single fabric towel loop; a lightly padded carry handle as well as a fairly heavy duty lift handle built in to the top of the bag. Size — 5 out of 5 The 4-way top is 7” x 6.5” and is absolutely perfect for my needs. My clubs and ball retriever fit comfortably, and don’t snag even with the SuperStroke Slim 3.0 grip on my putter. I have not tested Sunday’s claim that the bag will hold 10 clubs; my gut says that you probably could get 10 clubs in the bag but it would be a tight fit especially if you have mid/oversize grips. Comfort — 4.5 out of 5 The dual-strap carry system is certainly adequate. While not as thick as on my older bag, the padding is sufficient. Like many dual-strap systems this took some time to adjust to the optimal position. I often use just a single strap but shifting between single and dual is easily done, and I can carry the bag for the full 18 holes without discomfort. Ease of use — 4 out of 5 The bag is lightweight, the strap system is easily manageable once the right balance point is found, and the overall features are convenient and well-placed. The stand system is taking some time to get used to. Extending the legs requires a fairly substantial downward pressure on the molded top handle, something I was not used to in previous stand bags that had a built in rocker system to extend the legs. I still find this a bit disconcerting after the first 10 rounds. Also, one of the tension bars popped loose during my first round with the bag but was easily repositioned — whether this was because I was not used to the system or the bracket coming loose in shipment/set up I don’t know. The legs have good-sized feet to help it stay upright and, when I want, I can simply lay the bag down flat without interference from an automatic leg system. The light weight of the bag does require me to be very aware of wind direction when standing the bag as wind and ground slope can equal instability. Overall — 4.5 out of 5 So far I have been very satisfied with the El Camino bag and would recommend it to anyone looking for a stand bag larger than a pencil bag but smaller than a full-size bag.
  5. Found this on the course today. Looks it might have been a Titleist prototype. Side stamp looks like 2013.
  6. Saw this today in the online Titleist Golf Ball Fitting & Education pamphlet: “There are a number of important factors to consider when deciding which golf ball is best for you, but swing speed should not be one of those factors.” (Emphasis mine) So many discussions/questions about ball choice here and on other sites seem to start with swing speed. i have never been through a ball fitting so I’m curious to know if those of y’all that have been through a ball fitting found swing speed to be a non-factor. Thanks.
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    Bucket Hats

    Tips of my ears sunburn quickly so once the UV index starts getting into my danger zone I use bucket hats. Mostly use a Field and Stream hat from the fishing section at Dick's; in high heat I use a Mission Cooling bucket hat.
  9. Lucky enough to have a very affordable membership that includes two distinctly different “home” courses here in mid-Michigan: Riverwood Resort (Mt. Pleasant) and The Pines at Lake Isabella.
  10. Last year was my first time using GPS watch (ShotScope G3) which I really like; this year thinking of adding a range finder for more accurate measurements. The number of choices is a bit daunting and I could use some advice. Looking for a ranger finder that: (1) is easy to use while wearing glasses -- contacts are not an option for me so I always wear glasses -- I've tried a couple of with my friends and have had some problem with my glasses and the finder's eye cup; (2) compensate for somewhat shaky hands -- running joke in the family with old film cameras was that I always lowered the camera at the same time I pushed the button to expose film with predictable results -- I don't know if that means image stabilization (like most digital cameras these days) or just a fast lock-on feature; (3) preferably water resistant or waterproof; Otherwise open to other features. Would love to stay around $200 (might as well ask for the moon), but would go higher if needed. Thanks. Tim
  11. I currently use a Shot Scope GPS watch (G3) but have been looking at the GHIN app (standard version). As someone with a limited data plan and somewhat rural location I'm a little worried about how much of my plan would be consumed in a 4.5 hour round. Any estimates? Thanks.
  12. My go to smoke back in the day (playing pinochle in the Student Union instead of going to class). Maybe I should try this more with my golf balls — would certainly let me test a wide variety.
  13. 14-way on my push cart, and 2-way in my Sunday carry bag (half set of clubs).
  14. Swing thought(s) = swing through the ball and tempo Motto = I'm not good enough to think on the golf course
  15. A number of years ago I was living in Ireland for a few months and decided to take a short trip to St. Andrews. Made car rental reservation with an outfit at Edinburgh airport and said, yes, a Ford car would be acceptable. Upon arrival I discovered that the reservation agent had said Ford Ka not Ford car. Upshot was that my clubs (in a Sun Mountain carry bag) had to ride at angle in the back seat because trunk was too small! Like others have posted, I always take my clubs and push cart with when looking for a new car — odd looks from salespeople but golfers among them instantly understand. A side note: was lucky enough to only wait 30 minutes as a walk-up single to get on the Old Course, and Carnoustie is the hardest course I’ve ever played.
  16. I have tried several brands this year. My take: 1. Columbia OmniFreeze Zero - the most obvious cooling “tech.” These were my first purchase. They work well but are loosest fit around bicep so require most frequent adjustment - a minor annoyance but enough so that when playing 18 holes I prefer other brands. Also a bit short in sleeve length. 2. Nelson (nwgolf) - the longest in sleeve length, upper arm fit is closest to arm pit. Also work well, good upper arm grip without squeezing. 3. SunDay Afternoons - good fit, adequate job. 4. SParms sleeves - really like the way they work but sleeve length is a touch short; stay up well. 5. SParms shawl - function great, no worry about slipping due to wrap around shoulders but length is too short for my liking. 6. Solbari - good function and fit but some slippage around bicep. 7. Tough Outdoors - from Amazon. Worked okay but had to roll top down a little to prevent bicep from being squeezed to tight (felt like blood flow was being cut off). The only sleeves to leave deep marks after wearing them for only 9 holes. All the sleeves I tried are sized- I deliberately avoided one size fits all. I didn’t find any of them to restrict my swing. You will know you are wearing them, especially when walking on calm, sunny days but it is not so intrusive for me that I would go back to slathering on sunscreen (just had my annual appointment with my dermatologist after have some cancer removed a while back and he was very pleased). Riding or on days with some breeze you will feel a noticeable cooling effect. As with all MSG forum comments, YMMV.
  17. Like many of you I am intrigued by the ongoing MSG ball tests/ball labs. Like some of you, perhaps, I am also confused by mixed messages I seem to get from the data. Below are some things I see as recurring point. About me: 70 years old; erratic with driver; solid distance, by my standards, with 30-degree 7 iron (145 carry); driver swing speed guesstimate of 88-90 (been a couple of years since accurate assessment); I do not have a favorite ball at this point. Ball test/lab takeaways: (1) low compression (soft) balls are slower and shorter — except when they aren’t; (2) at my swing speed I’m leaving distance on the table with driver by using lower compression ball but probably gaining a few yards with irons; (3) around the greens I’m losing spin with lower compression ball; (4) matte finished balls spin less than gloss finish, and significantly less when wet; (5) non-urethane balls may give more distance off driver but less control on approach shots. Am I badly misreading the test results? Thanks.
  18. Currently using a ShotScope G3 watch and am happy I went the wearable route.
  19. Tried a Phantom, which I liked, but lost the darn thing somehow. Went with a ShotScope G3 wearable and am quite pleased. The V3 had more bells and whistles than I think I need at this point.
  20. Currently playing one brand throughout the bag. But then I only own 16 clubs (two additional putters).
  21. The new ball test underway got me thinking: a) how many golfers actually know their swing speed with a driver? b) how do they know their speed (i.e., are their numbers based on iPhone apps, personal launch monitors, GC Quad, professional fitting, etc)? c) how often do they test their speed? I ask because I know I have, at best, a “guesstimate” of my swing speed (much closer to 85 than 115). I don’t own/have access to a launch monitor, I don’t belong to a private club with a pro who might have such equipment, and the nearest fitting center is a 90+ minute drive. Also, I’m not sure that the good folk at Dick's will be too happy to see me bring my club in and monopolize the hitting bay for 45 minutes to check numbers. I have recently come round to Tony’s idea that I should play the “best” ball I can afford to lose, and I’m lucky enough I can find enough wayward Pro Vs/TP 5s/etc., on my home course that i rarely buy golf balls. Still, without accurate swing speed data, I feel like I might be missing out on a good fit. I know yardages with most of my clubs (except driver/3w/6i which are too inconsistent) but not if/how that transfers to ball choice. Thoughts on a rainy afternoon in the middle of the mitten. Thanks for reading along.
  22. Hmm, I’ve always thought that delofting will open the face.
  23. I’ve been trying to find best setting with my G425 Max 10.5* driver. I've tried the higher lofts with both neutral and draw settings for back weight, and currently use standard loft/draw setting for back weight. So far I have resisted going down in loft for fear of club face being open at address (my miss is usually high toe push/slice). Assuming a good swing at the ball, what might I expect to see at the lower loft setting? Thanks!
  24. Posted the following a short time ago to the forum topic about UV arm sleeves: "I ordered from two different companies and tried the first pair today — Columbia Freezer Zero. They stayed up quite well (the top rolled down a little but nowhere near enough to interfere/annoy — never worried about them sliding down. "When waiting on the group ahead I could feel the heat of the day but not more than I would have with bare arms covered in sunscreen. When walking or when there was a breeze my arms felt significantly cooler. "Three notes about the Columbia: (1) wide seam on inside of arm — did not leave a mark or become irritating but some might not like the look; (2) there is a definite bluish tinge to the white sleeves due to the cooling technology in the fabric; and (3) large Columbia logo on forearm of each sleeve. None of these would stop me from buying again but I wasn’t fully aware of these until they arrived"
  25. I asked the MGS forum about long sleeve shirts a few days ago and a number of responses recommended arm/sun sleeves. There are a bunch of choices out there. I ordered from two different companies and tried the first pair today — Columbia Freezer Zero. They stayed up quite well (the top rolled down a little but nowhere near enough to interfere/annoy — never worried about them sliding down. When waiting on the group ahead I could feel the heat of the day but not more than I would have with bare arms covered in sunscreen. When walking or when there was a breeze my arms felt significantly cooler. Three notes about the Columbia: (1) wide seam on inside of arm — did not leave a mark or become irritating but some might not like the look; (2) there is a definite bluish tinge to the white sleeves due to the cooling technology in the fabric; and (3) large Columbia logo on forearm of each sleeve. None of these would stop me from buying again but I wasn’t fully aware of these until they arrived I have a second pair on order from another company and intend to explore some other brands. And, as if this reply isn’t long enough already, be sure you note whether the product is using UPF or SPF as its standard for UV protection.
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