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  1. Viet / Eastvale, CA Iphone 12 pro max Both indoors and outdoors Yes
  2. 1. Viet, Southern California 2. 18 3. Hot Metals I really didn't want to be that guy that registered just to enter for this chance, but here I am. If it is any consolation, I've been an avid reader for years, and really do appreciate your unbiased reviews. It is very refreshing to see your rankings that are based strictly on performance numbers, with often times surprising results. I have been a Mizuno fanboy for awhile, but am currently playing Srixon 545s which are a superb club. Coming from MP53s, the difference in forgiveness was extremely noticable, and helped my game tremendously. I admit when I bought the MP53s, I was overly cocky about my ball striking, and was hoping to be able to grow into them. Years later, I finally put my ego aside and searched for something more suitable to my skill level. I looked hard at the Hot Metals as well, but the Srixons being forged just put them a little ahead of the comparable Mizuno choice. I do admit, I still look at the Mizunos with some envy though. They are just great looking clubs. The tours in particular are one of the best looking clubs I've seen in awhle, but the reality of my game keeps them out of my bag. In any case, I would love a chance to give my thoughts on the club. I do pride myself on being able to convey my thoughts through a keyboard, and often times I feel my communication comes through better with my fingers than my tongue. I'm fully confident I can provide a well worded review. Keep up the good work, and good luck to everyone who is interested.
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