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  1. Right now the JPX 919 irons and the new Ping i series releases have my interest.
  2. As others have said, really depends on what you are looking to get out of it, and what you're capable of (walking, standing, etc) and what kind of hours you want to spend. I've done the range and marshalled and enjoyed both. I've had friends do shotlink, player transportation, and TV (think the guy that stands near the player in the fairway holding the mic to pick up their conversation). Everyone had their 'couldnt get that doing anything else' and ones not so great, but overall enjoyed.
  3. Dave, 55 Northern California Bugaboos (at least what I think they are) From the tee - Hanging back and sending one left (and then overcompensating for it) From the fairway - Downhill lies Short irons, good for 1 borderline s---k per round that goes way right, usually after a great drive :-|
  4. I like that look much more. When it comes to golf gear, I'm just not big on either bright green or orange.
  5. 10 more yards and just as accurate? If it's a look/sound I can live with, sign me up! Wait, one more thing - it must be guaranteed that my wife will not find out ;-)
  6. Given the love that the Skechers have gotten, if you have Amazon Prime you can get some great deals today. Some models under $60.
  7. Poulter has photos of them on Instagram.
  8. No argument from me. I suspect they're accustomed to being able to leverage their quantities to get what they want. I suspect they probably could get that, but not at the price they want, especially when the factory has other customers willing to pay more.
  9. How short lived their inventory was for the second time surprises me. It sure feels like this is an unused capacity buy. It's understandable that they may have not estimated demand the first time around, but the second? If Costco was interested in having this product as well stocked as most of their products I would have expected ample quantities in warehouses by now. It's the unofficial halfway point of golf season and with father's day just passing, the peak of golf ball buying. It's not like them to miss out on that kind of oppurtunity.
  10. Rumor is there will be an AP3 that slots between the AP1 and AP2, which will not doubt confuse some. It's been described it as AP1 like long irons, AP2 ish short irons.
  11. From address it could be confused with a G at first glance. A little shorter front to back. Bigger turbulators. Dragonfly ribs extend all the way to the back of the head.
  12. You may have caught them in an update. The site seems to undergoing some frequent changes. A few days ago it looked like the mobile version of the site even if you were browsing from a desktop.
  13. IMO, there are a few reasons they do it. Be easily recognizable on TV so you know who's playing it. Put the tech on display, whether that means making sure you see the carbon fiber or words that blurt it out. Stand out enough to not blend in with everything else on the rack. For the really big multisport companies, be part of the brand identity (think volt green everywhere). A genuine belief that the graphic can help the swing in some way. Now whether they work or we think they work... that's a different discussion.
  14. Hey from NorCal. Been on other forums, long time lurker here, mostly due to a series of snafus getting an account set up. Nice to be here now.
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