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  1. I'm a big fan of driving irons. My home course is short and definitely rewards well placed long iron shots off the tee. I have been using the Taylor Made TP UDI 2 iron for a few years and I love it. I'm a diehard Mizuno iron player though so the release of the new MP 18 fli high line peaked my interest.


    That being said, Taylor Made just released the p-790 irons and everything I read was how the touring pros loved them in the long driving irons. TM is only offering full sets of these irons starting at 3 iron to the public apparently. I guess TM just wants to sell full sets off the rack, no consideration of single order custom clubs. Would love to try one of these 2 irons but appears that not an option. Love that Mizuno is embracing the blending and customization of sets among all skill levels. Anyone have any thoughts?



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  2. I've tried several times before with my M2 driver to remove the adaptor without melting the plastic ferrule to no avail. Anyone had any luck removing the adaptor in a way that the adaptor can be reused on a different shaft?


    I've tried Vasoline, torches and heat guns. Never can get enough heat to loosen the epoxy without melting the attached plastic part at the bottom of the adaptor. Any advice?

  3. 1. Adam Dallas, TX

    2. 5 handicap

    3. Mizuno MP-25 3-5 iron, MP-4 6-9 iron

    4. JPX 900 Tour


    Been eyeing the JPX 900 Tour since they've been released. Curious to know the difference of the whole tour set compared to my current blended MP-25/MP-4 set I'm currently gaming. Love the look!

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