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  1. I have belonged to a private club for years. True it is expensive. Over the years it has gone from mostly doctors and lawyers to mostly finance and Tech people. I enjoy having a quiet private place for lunch or dinner with the wife though quality of the food varies. I guess the big thing that I enjoy the most is playing a few holes after work in the late spring and summer. I can just walk on the course and play 4-5 holes before dark. It is quiet and very peaceful. In many way I enjoy this more than playing 18 with 3 friends. This is something you can't do at a public course unless you want to pay.
  2. Not an idiot at all. Have gone back and forth with irons. I found that the more blade like irons taught me a lot. I learned to hit the ball more consistently on the sweet spot and to feel the difference when I was off just a little. I think you can get sloppy when hitting game improvement irons. I have settled on the T100s irons. For me they are the right combination of feel and forgiveness. I don't hit it as far as my playing partners but distance isn't always the only goal.
  3. I have been using the arm sleeves for several years. I live in AZ and the sun is very intense this time of year. I don't like many of the sunscreens because they can make your hands slippery. The sleeves are not hot and in fact some seem to be cooling. Would definitely recommend if you do not like the sunscreen. I am not sure how long the UV protection lasts so I replace every year and wash by hand.
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