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  1. You obviously misunderstood my comment, at least I hope so. I was referring to the non MGS posted “contests” that others put up here. Go back and see how much stuff I've tried to win this year. I signed up for exactly one review opportunity, the G400, and then withdrew my name before winners were picked because I was happy with my equipment as is. Then look at how much I post. I am very active, or was at least, until being singled out when I'm not even talking about this site. I would have hoped that you would at least look at the content of my posts before singling me out as “prize grabber”. I am very disappointed in being referred to in that manner on a site where I take part in so many discussions. Maybe you're right and MyGolfSpy isn't for me.
  2. LOLOL. I'm surprised that they won't double your offer like the other infomercials. My favorite claim was that it would save you a stroke a hole. Would I pay $70 to be a +17 handicap? Hmmm...
  3. Holy smokes. Must have been a steel shortage that year.
  4. I had a mint Macgregor Jack Nicklaus “8802” style with a real deal wrap leather grip when I was in high school. It was old as dirt then but had been taken great care of. Still wish I hadn't sold it for other clubs. Didn't even putt that well with it and it's probably not worth anything, but would love to have it still. Haven't seen a comparable one for decent money in years.
  5. Have a ATTAS Punch 6S in my driver and it was the best shaft for me hands down in my G400. Ping Tour shafts are UST as well. I also had a ATTAS 6Star in a 3 wood but I was give or take with it.
  6. I have an old Judy Rankin 1-3-5 set of woods here at the house that belongs to my wife's grandma. I regripped the driver the other day just to try it out. Hit it one the screws and it's okay. Miss it just a tiny bit though and you are up a creek!
  7. Go to Golf WRX and really study his WITB pics. The putter has more loft but It it also seems to have more forward press or lean built into the plumbers neck. That could be the tricky part to replicate properly. Let us know what you come up with tough and post pics if you make one!
  8. Yeah I think those “contests” are just info grabs. I used to sign up for them and then I realized I get enough emails already. 🙂
  9. Got on the voice caddie today and figured out the answer for this question, for me at least. While I prefer the look (and the thought) of the Srixon ZU45, it has been beaten out by a Titleist 816H1 23* hybrid. I averaged 207 carry with it and 207 with my Srixon Utility Iron, but I had no "drop" shots out of 9 with the hybrid and 3 out of 9 with the Utility iron. With dropped shots the utility iron average was down to 204 and the centerline would have been quite a bit worse.
  10. Bad news just came in that he couldn't get my swing weights where I wanted them, which is admittedly a high SW for irons, so I will have to use some lead tape on these to get them up to D4. Going to try thin strips on top of the muscle cavity and then sharpie that last one so it will hopefully blend in.
  11. My first set was 3,5,7,9,W. I think it is a good way to learn the game. I have actually really enjoyed playing the last week or two without my regular irons. I have a 4 iron, 7 iron, 9,PW,and my regular high loft wedges. I have had to manufacture quite a few shots between the 4 and 7 and have been surprised at how well I have done with them.
  12. Me too! I have heard good reviews but time will tell. Nick's prices are hard to beat though so if they make it a year looking good it was worth it. $270 to have those done, shafts spine aligned and reinstalled. I thought that was very reasonable. Others charge up to $50 a head with no clean up of the heads before hand. Nick touched these up before they were refinished and to me they look like new. A couple of the heads had quite a bit of bag chatter that wasn't evident in the pictures.
  13. Got great news from Nick today, the irons were finished ahead of schedule and should ship back out to me tomorrow, which is a good two weeks sooner than anticipated. For a reminder, this is what my heads looked like before: And here is the picture of my iron heads that Nick sent me today: I will post more pictures when the assembled irons arrive and wear pics as they start to get used.
  14. I'm not a fan of the green reading app. To me reading the green itself is part of the skill of putting. But then again I'm not a fan of the pros having the green reading books either. Get off my lawn!!
  15. Another good one. I'll be interested to see how people compare it to ShotScope.
  16. Agree with everyone above. This seems like too low hanging of a fruit for an ex professional player to have missed. I will say that if you play in windy conditions you can pretty much disregard the distances it shows you hitting your irons because it can't factor that in and you won't have a true “stock” shot reading. Also whatever clubs you hit a lot of partial shots with will be skewed as well. These were two of the main reasons I traded mine, that and the fact I didn't like wearing the watch. They do provide a ton of great short game information however. If I played somewhere with clearer prevailing weather I would be tempted to get another one.
  17. Awesome Rev can't wait to hear the first reports back. Remember it may take a couple rounds to get comfortable with it so give it time.
  18. Thanks for posting. That was an excellent piece, one of the best golf related articles I have read. Gives me more perspective on Feherty for sure.
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