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  1. Any updates on these units, did they get the bugs worked out on them?
  2. anybody have any experience with the new ShotScope range finder/GPS/shot tracker all in one? https://shotscope.com/us/products/golf-rangefinders/pro-lx-plus-blue/
  3. That’s very interesting if you go to the main product page from the menu of the website it does not list the R1 at all, but as you mentioned if you scroll all the way to the bottom in the fine print under products, the R1 is there. I really wish they would retool it to use a regular rangefinder battery instead of the rechargeable version that doesn’t seem to work very well.
  4. Work has been killing me over the past month but I finally got out and played on Sunday. Only the third round on my new PXG irons but I’m really hitting them well. Ended up shooting 48 on the front with a couple of wayward drives and then really turned it around with a 41 on the back for a nice 89. good to see a score below 90 for a change. Hoping to be able to play a couple of rounds over the holiday weekend, weather here in Southeast Texas is absolutely perfect with temperatures in the mid 70s every day.
  5. I noticed the R1 is no longer on their website, have they scrapped it?
  6. Had a dentist appointment this morning so I said the heck with it and took the day off to play this afternoon…perfect fall weather…..sunny 78* very little breeze struggled out of the gate but brought it back on the back 9 53/42 = 95 really hit the driver well on the back 9
  7. I lost my rangefinder (left it on a cart at my course and nobody turned it in ) So I need to replace it and thought I would give this one a shot.....plus it notifies you if you leave it which is a big plus! I have signed up to be notified when they are available again. When I get one I will do a mini review on it
  8. I was getting ready to pull the trigger on one of these but they are out of stock
  9. Got out for a quick round this afternoon. It was the second round with my new PXG irons….they were amazing!! I hit them high and either a baby draw or dead straight and about 10 yards longer than my old cobra irons. Perfect fall gold weather…80*, blue skies, no wind. 11/14 fairways, 6 GIR, 29 putts 41+41 = 82…..best round in months!
  10. Thanks, that’s exactly what I was worried about is the ability to open the face especially on the sand wedge and lob wedge, I think I wind up getting a new set of Vokey wedges
  11. I am thinking about adding some PXG Wedges to my bag...I wonder what the wedges from the 0211 set are like? Does anybody have those?
  12. Got my new 0211 irons today…they look and fell great! cant wait to hit the course Sunday!
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