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  1. I play my driver 1/2 inch short and I always have it tipped because I need a lower ball flight with the driver.
  2. Sounds like a great day.....what resort are you at?
  3. I moved up a set of tees just for fun...ended up with my best score in over a year
  4. The issue at my club is the blue tees are over 6700 yards and the whites are just under 6109... to me that's too big of a gap. Just for fun I played the whites this afternoon....shot 81...longest club into a par 4 was a 7 iron, but most were 8 or 9....it's so much more fun to shoot a good score and to be able to go for the pin with a 9 iron in my hand instead just trying to hit the green somewhere with a 4 hybrid.
  5. I don't think all GI are fugly...kinda hard to call APEX CF 16's fugly and they are GI irons. I have played players irons and the crossover iron like the BRIDGESTONE J40 DPC"s ( wish I still had those) but I find I get better results with a little more forgiveness.
  6. Phil never ceases to amaze me around the greens, there's nothing that he can't pull off. If I had the chance to pick one part of anybody's game and I could magically have it, it would be Lefty's short game......I mean it doesn't matter how far you can hit it if you can't get it in the hole!! That's why all the long drive guys aren't on tour...no touch around the greens! I figure give me Phils short game and I can be close to scratch for the rest of my life, because all I have to do is get close to the green in regulation and the wave my magic wand to save par!
  7. I always move the ball back in my stance in wet conditions, I grew up playing in Texas where the ground gets hard as a rock in the summer so I've always had a steep swing.
  8. I've never had one, but I know guys that we're fit at Bettinardi Studios and others who were fit for a SeeMore putter and they all raved about how much they learned about their stroke and how much it helped them.
  9. Tiger will never be Tiger again...at least how we remember him. I wish that every golf writer or TV talking head who had to quit the game because they couldn't make a 4 foot downhill putt into a mop bucket, would leave the man alone! They can't get through a single telecast without talking about what he has done in the past or comparing some young golfer to Tigers accomplishments, it gets old fast. Let him be, let him heal and maybe he can come back and be competitive, but he is never going to be dominant again.....and he is never going to teach either.
  10. Dang that's a ton of strokes!! What were the handicaps for both of you?
  11. Congrats on the win! Our MGA has a Tuesday night 9 hole event, it's usually 2-3 man teams and we alternate formats. This week it was 2 man better ball, we won with -7 and I was 4 under net on my own ball!
  12. I want real world info whether you like or not, if I wanted to hear that every new piece of equipment was the best thing out there I would just read the press releases from the OEM's. If the equipment fits your game and helps you enjoy the game more then great...but we all know that not every new club or ball is for everybody, so if that's the case tell me why it's not working for you. And throwing in some light hearted comments helps a lot too.
  13. I have Oakley Flak Jackets with the older G3 golf lenses. I love the fact that they "brighten" the colors and make everything stand out and they are very comfortable to wear. My lenses do have some scratches on them and I've been thinking about replacing them with Prizm lenses.
  14. Just saw this in my email...pretty good list https://mygolfspy.com/2017-golf-sunglasses-buyers-guide/
  15. Welcome aboard, sorry never heard of Founders golf balls, they make decent beer though
  16. If I went by my handicap and lack of length I should play the whites and I tend to score better and have more fun from those tees, the problem is I'm a member of a very active Men's Golf Association that has one to 2 events a month and a weekly 9 hole event during the summer months and their rules are if you are under 60 then you play the blues. So I play the blues 99% of the time so I can practice from there.
  17. Doing good bulldog, good to see you!
  18. I understand what you are saying, I don't expect to be chosen honestly and I'll still be here next week doing what I can to contribute
  19. I think it can only help bring more exposure to the game, seeing young superstar athletes play golf and respect the game can only help
  20. I carry both...a 14* 3w and a 17* hybrid....about 10-15 yards distance between them but I hit the hybrid much straighter and can pay it out of tougher lies. I then drop to a 4 hybrid because I can choke down on the 2 hybrid and play it like a 3 hybrid.
  21. Caledonia and True Bliue are amazing courses and the staffs are top notch! Caledonia might be the closest thing most of us will ever get to playing Augusta!
  22. Nice intro....makes me feel self conscious about mine lol
  23. Im one of the newbies here at MGS, I spent a lot of time on another forum for years and tested several products while I was there and I think I did a very good with them. The climate on the other forum changed awhile back and I just didn't fit in anymore so I spent less and less time there and eventually quit logging on at all. I knew a few of the guys on here from days at the other place ( Ole Grey, Dawgdaddy and a few others) so I decided that I might be a good fit here as well. I agree with what others have said about the time and commitment it takes to do a proper review, it can be a j
  24. I've been wearing a pair for about a month and a half and I love them!! Very comfortable, they fit well and I get good traction with them.....highly recommended!
  25. Well that's not near enough then!!
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