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    See those nice holes on the sides for ventilation? Yeah, they're the perfect size for cat paws to reach through and knock over food and water Made some adjustments to close in the sides and rear and we've been mess-free since. Also added a rubber mat the floor for easy cleanup. Cats are jerks.
  2. Yup. You might have to refresh the page but it’ll be an automatic action.
  3. The MyGolfSpy Forum is a true Community in every sense of the word. For the reader, by the reader. We aim to be a welcoming place where all opinions can be heard and all members are encouraged to participate. One of the greatest barriers for this (and other forums for that matter) is the on-boarding process. New members fresh to the site are searching to find their way around and often have too much ability to handle up front. Enter, the Recruit Group. The Recruit Group will be aimed at assisting new members by guiding them through the process to learn 'how to forum' before they're full-on members. With that, comes a few restrictions as well. These restrictions will hopefully encourage new community members to discover all that we have to offer while limiting the impact on our existing and established members. The following permissions will be disabled for Recruits: Display Name Change Content Reporting Chat Box Posting listings in Buy/Sell/Trade Apply for Forum Testing Opportunities The following permissions will be limited for Recruits: 10MB max photo uploads Max 15 posts per day Limited to 5 recipients per message, 50 total, 10/day Rest assured, these measures should not be looked at as punishments but rather view them as the rails to keep you on the tracks until you're ready to be a contributing member to the forum. Want full permissions? It's quite easy to get promoted to Member. You just need to hit the following criteria: Make 15 posts AND Receive 15 likes AND Spend 2 total days on the forum. That's it. Easy enough? Get posting! Be sure to hit up the FAQ for assistance. Questions?? Either reply to this thread or reach out to one of our great staffers: Yours Truly, @Golfspy_CG2, @GolfSpy MPR, and @GolfSpy Stroker To the rest of you who are established, please make every effort possible to help lead new members to the information they need to find success and camaraderie. We're all in this together! Note: If you've suddenly found yourself in the Recruit Group but have already satisfied all criteria to be a member, just reload your sign-in. It's an automatic rule that runs when a member logs in to the forum.
  4. As much as I love this option, I fear FedEx would never allow it given how much $$ they dump into the pot. Maybe pushing back the playoffs could be a decent middle ground???
  5. I’d be careful about recommending any lie adjustment for him based solely on height. There’s so much more that’s goes into the lie decision that you really can’t base it on the static measurements and it’s infinitely important to his development as a golfer. Get it wrong and he’ll struggle to keep it on this planet no matter how good his swing is. The obvious recommendation is to send him to a fitter but on a budget, there is some information that can be gleaned from the line test. For a first set, the box sets are usually the best entry point for cost, completeness, and coolness with matching color schemes. Then he can upgrade a club here a club there as he goes along We did a member test for the Wilson kid and teen sets last year and I hope to do more this year. Head over to that thread to read more: Hope you find this helpful!
  6. 72 in 2 is intense. How was your fitness feeling after all that?? Great pics!
  7. Curious how many people need to change their vote to this poll since originally answering it. Our whole area seems to have shut down as of 5pm yesterday.
  8. What a great bunch! Small, medium and large.
  9. FIXED! Full version is ready. https://forum.mygolfspy.com/faq/
  10. Perplexed. It looks and works 100% correct for us staffers and, as far as I can tell, is not an issue with permissions. While we wait for the developer to sort this out, I went ahead and rolled it back to the older version: https://forum.mygolfspy.com/faq-old/ The content is all the same, the newer version just looks and acts differently. Here's a snapshot for those curious: Then as you click the links on the side, new pages pop up in the main window so scrolling is minimal.
  11. Hmm. Was working fine for me. How about now?
  12. Haven't drawn a ton of attention to it yet, but we've recently rolled out an FAQ for the forum to help new and old members alike. The forum is periodically updated and we occasionally roll out new features so a little help along the way can be useful regardless of how long you've been around. Big props to @GolfSpy MPR for doing the heavy lifting on this item and our developer behind the scenes added a fresh coat of paint to make it a dynamic and interactive forum aid. You'll see "FAQ" along the top bar of the forum page but you can also click here to check it out: FAQ I've also attached a poll to this thread because feedback is important. Do you find this element useful? Is there any other topics you'd like us to tackle?
  13. You might not be so thankful in a few more days. We got it on DVD right after release and I’ve about HAD IT UP TO HERE (gestures) with Olaf’s antics.
  14. Spring is arguably the biggest sporting season of the year and now it’s either postponed or cancelled. What now?? What sports are you watching to fill the void? For me, it’s gotta be the track races with Jelle’s Marble Runs and 3dbotmaker. #OOOOOOOOOoooooooo Neither of these videos are from the current seasons since I thought you'd like a taste before jumping in.
  15. O. K. This. Is the most epic Rube Goldberg machine I've ever seen: You're welcome.
  16. Talked to them, it’ll get fixed. Oh geez. This could be a field day. Let’s get that action going!
  17. Classic sales tactic. “Assuming the sale”
  18. GolfSpy STUDque

    river snow2

    Wow! What a pic! How many takes? I’ll bet that good boy could’ve been jumping all day.
  19. It’s busy now because of the contest but I’d expect it to calm down to a normal pace after that. Just needed a kickstart to get people using the gallery so they could get comfortable with it. While it’s true you can use rules to hide them, I’d advise leaving them in because the future content should be great stuff that will flow nicely with the feed.
  20. You getting stuck on this page? Just hit next to get to the page where you upload photos. This page is only for the album setup and description.
  21. And what did he think?
  22. That’s a great memory. Looks like it was a fun time. Not many things beat work rounds picked up by the boss. I hope you guys still get together from time to time.
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    So sweet. How old? Gotta get that bug going young.
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    Here’s a forum like.
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