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  1. PRIZE ANNOUNCEMENT: PGA CHAMPIONSHIP When the favorite wins a major, the excitement must be found around the fringes. #SpyStaffSlam was on the thoughts of many as 266 of you chose Brooks to win the PGA Championship and had a shot at glory. Thanks to Brooks Koepka for creating an interesting viewing experience on Sunday but in the end, he prevailed the the relief of 3 lucky spies. As a group, we got better at following directions as 72% of us managed to submit Tier 5 selections. One day, I dream for 100% completion. Reading is fundamental people! Those Tier 5 players were a big factor this PGA Championship as 4 players in the top 8 and ties were from Tier 5 and EIGHT appeared on the leader-board before a single Tier 3 player. There were many ways to glory for Tiers 2-5 but the one way to win was with Koepka. Our perfect entry would've been Koepka, Cantlay, Snedeker, Lowry, MWallace for a total of $3,538,495. Greater than $3M is a consistent high-water mark in these challenges where you've got a good chance to win. Our Pal "Chalk" actually faired quite well thanks to Brooks. With Koepka, Kuchar, Poulter, Hoffman, Homa, Chalk raked in $2,290,545 and finished in 106th place. Not as bad as usual Without further ado, your top 10: 10) @tbs0001 $2,721,450 Koepka, Cantlay, Snedeker, Hoffman, None 9) @TSauer $2,724,550 Koepka, Cantlay, Glover, ZJohnson, Kevin Na @ice487 $2,749,900 Koepka, Cantlay, KMitchell, Bjerregard, Hossler 7) @Badams69 $2,783,800 Koepka, Casey, CSmith, Bjerregard, MWallace 6) @Mrlaw@yahoo.com $2,822,995 Koepka, Cantlay, Poulter, Lowry, Schaffele 5) @Theheel $2,826,095 Koepka, Scott, SW Kim, Ben An, MWallace 4) @GeekingGolf $2,925,100 Koepka, Cantlay, Poulter, Hoffman, Kang Drumrolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll........ Third Prize: Dozen Wilson Golf Balls @MattJPB $2,932,700 Koepka, Cantlay, Glover, Bjerregard, Kokrak Second Prize: D7 Driver @King Cobra $2,999,030 Koepka, Scott, Wise, Bjerregard, MWallace GRAND PRIZE: CUSTOM WILSON IRONS SET @Undershooter $3,277,200 Koepka, Cantlay, Poulter, Bjerregard, MWallace Congrats to the winners! Be on the lookout for a PM from me with more instructions to fulfill your prize. For those curious, the full/final standings can be found here: #SpyStaffSlam Scoring Sheet
  2. 101.109 iirc. I looked at it yesterday. It went 15-17 for the week so much more balanced than The Masters. Going 0-5, I thought I would take a mighty tumble so I'm glad to see it was only a slide to 3rd in Digest. No one seems to want that top spot. Looking forward I'm pretty pumped to get a crack at the juggernaut @GB13 this week though.
  3. Agree with you on that front. Earlier is better to account for possible situations. I think we're mostly fine doing the draft on a weeknight so you'll probably be ok on the scheduling. Just for due diligence, I looked into other platforms again but the biggest they get is 20. Unless something changes, we'll be back with Fantrax. Hoping all this user feedback they're taking translates into a much improved platform.
  4. You going full in with balata too? If you can't find any, I'm sure Chrome Soft will do Good luck on this challenge! I hope you give it more than one shot if you don't do it the first time.
  5. Great thread MPR, I had thoughts of starting a similar one. I no longer consider this my home course but this hole came to mind. #16 at Breton Bay is a true test of your game. Until you survive this one, no good round is secure. I always seem to play this hole decently when I've got a sideways round going but would happily take a bogey any day. The tees are all bunched up to start. A strong poke with a longer club is required to reach the tiny target area (yellow circle). Driver is too much for even shorter hitters when the fairway gets hard and fast in the summer heat. After the line, a hill steeply falls off into the lake or woods to the right. That's one of those cart path hills that forces the autostop on the cart to engage. If you happen to find the approachable area, it's a long poke to an elevated green over water. The slopes to the right of the green feed sharply into the woods. Finishing in the bunker is a great result. The green itself is long front-to-back but narrow left-to-right with a hefty slope back-to-front. End up on the wrong part of the green? Hello three putt. This is the rare hole where a 35 yard pitch from the fairway is sometimes needed to give you a chance at getting across the chasm. I hate the tee shot, hate the second shot, and hate everything around the green. All said, this hole is fairly designed so there's nothing I'd change about it. It's just plain HARD.
  6. Oof! I remember this one. For those keeping track at home, we played the tips for the experience just to punish ourselves. Maybe it's more manageable from the other tees, but that was easily a Par 4.5. My hunch is that hole is hard from any tee.
  7. It's ready. For those wanting to review their picks for #SpyStaffSlam, head on over to the tracking Sheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1RRiDBlLOeOQpB9jIKbyNsXvDbfW6qzXq-5l7Q-9izhw/edit?usp=sharing Those who chose Brooks are in good shape, but he was the single-most chosen player in the pool so you've got a lot of competition. Carry on!
  8. Oh my....... Staring 4 missed cuts and an 0-5 major right in the eye. Come on guys! Let's get it together! Can I count JT's Fortnight kills for my points?
  9. Another week in the books and we're on to the second major. Will be interesting to see if *League Average* continues as a formidable opponent. The Digest matchups are set and @Berg Ryman will handle Truth as usual. Looks like there will be tough lineup decisions across the league. Most of the teams I've looked at had well more than 4 players eligible. Just curious, do you guys ever pick your own players in #SpyStaffSlam? I'm trying to hedge my bets by picking guys not on my team.
  10. So they say. The football draft was a complete disaster, the golf draft was slightly better but still really bad. We must be the biggest league they have. They claim they've sorted the issues but I've got a few ideas on how we can protect ourselves from any other draft mishaps. We'll get into that when football season is on us.
  11. I'm trying and trying but it doesn't look like there will be much budge allowing points for WD players. All I'm asking them for is to put the control in the commissioner's hands. I see both sides of this debate so I can live with it going either way. The tough part for us is we're halfway through the season. That could change a lot of results if we adopt the change. Seems like the ship has sailed on this topic for 2019. Maybe 2020. On another note, this focus group is bringing out a lot of good changes. Some small stuff they've already implemented and some really big stuff for the future that we can benefit from for football. Most notably: a native app will be released to iOS and Android in the near future. I'm just thrilled that they're hearing and implementing changes. Nobody is going to be perfect, but the ability and willingness to accommodate your users is a characteristic that's hard to find.
  12. Continuing the great fun from last year's contest, Wilson Staff is back with MyGolfSpy for the 2019 edition of #SpyStaffSlam. Be sure to watch each Major this year with MyGolfSpy and Wilson Staff for an opportunity to win prizes. Next up, with a new place in the scheduleThe PGA Championship. Just like last year, some BIG prizes are on the line: 1st Prize: CUSTOM SET OF ANY WILSON STAFF IRONS (FG Tour V6, C300, C300 Forged, D7) 2nd Prize: WILSON D7 DRIVER 3rd Prize: DOZEN OF ANY WILSON BALL (Duo Pro/Soft/Soft Spin/Optix, 50 Elite or Zip) How to Enter: The players have been broken out into 5 Tiers based on Vegas odds Log in via desktop or mobile to select your players in Tiers 1-4 using the poll provided (won't work in-app) Reply to this thread with your selection for Tier 5 (anyone not in Tiers 1-4) AND your prediction for the winning score (tiebreaker). Watch and comment along with the rest of MGS in the OFFICIAL PGA CHAMPIONSHIP THREAD Winning entry will be whomever has the most total prize money won amongst the 5 players Deadline to enter is 8:00am EST on Thursday, May 16, 2019 Use that hashtag! The winners will be announced during the week following The Masters.
  13. It's top 8 actually. We've gotta do a manual bracket. Here's the original post:
  14. Dang that's gotta be the third time this year for you. You know that's a setting that can be changed right? Just follow the steps and hakuna matata
  15. Just gonna share the tweet: Wish I had a course like this by me. That was great fun chipping onto greens with my second shots.
  16. Well you don't have to go away either. We're an all-inclusive and respectful community. You'll never catch us trying to push someone out. Ever. There's a lot of fantastic conversations going on at all times. Take a look around and jump in!
  17. I feel compelled to weigh in from the MGS perspective so I'll do my best to address your concerns. You don't have to take my word for it but please consider these with an open mind. Here we go: Allowing Ads from small/medium companies: Yes, ad dollars are accepted from these companies, but that's only after MGS vets their product and deems it to be of high quality. There's a lot of products that get denied sponsorship because they just don't pass the smell test. You'd see these companies highly ranked in tests regardless if they were sponsors. Bias for the little guys through test results: Advertising on the site is completely removed from the tests. Most Wanted could be written by a robot with zero emotional connection because there's a straight line from the data to the results. Tests may change from year to test but that objective is to increase the quality of the test. All things must improve over time and Most Wanted is no different. Glaring (or not) reviews: The MGS Blog has long been out of the game of writing reviews. They may do feature pieces on new technology but the reviews can be found here, on the forum, conducted by real people. We can only put clubs in the hands of real people if a company offers up product. We ask every OEM, every year, and run the tests that we receive commitments from. No Scotty reviews means no Scotties have been submitted (as much as our members would love it). Forum Review Integrity: Any agreement we make comes with the caveat that good reviews are not guaranteed. We've lost sponsors before at the hands of poor performing member reviews. So be it. If there's one thing we promise, it's an unbiased opinion and that will not be compromised. Political Affiliation: Please don't Your final statement is an aggressive agreement with our philosophy. The data indicates tendencies of key attributes over large sample sizes but does not dictate what's best for you. Every player is different. The large data size or individual reviews should be considered a starting point, not a finish line. Eric, I would like to sincerely thank you for voicing your concerns on our site. Open discussion is key to education. I hope my response sufficiently addressed your apprehensions about MyGolfSpy. If you have any other questions or concerns, fire away and we'll be happy to respond.
  18. Not in the least. I'm pleased where I'm at. I appreciate the fact that LST is gonna be a great driver and will make a lot of people happy. But I'm going to embrace the "set it and forget it" mentality since 410+ is working so well for me. I've found the best results come when I embrace the push/fade. That's when it flies the straightest and longest. If I try to force it otherwise, I hit a foul ball left. These may be famous last words, but I've yet to send one sailing wide right even when I put a swing on it that felt like it should've done that. Take the FWIW.
  19. Can confirm, the confidence is high with this club. I've been in a funk for a few years where I just can't swing freely with the driver which is an absolute shame. Now, I'm having a lot of fun letting it rip.
  20. So of course, the first question is: what specifically do you want from an app that the downloadable PWA doesn't have? My main beef is notifications. Everything else is handled quite nicely installing the PWA to the home screen.
  21. Hey Guys,  I've been included in a focus group for Fantrax. Got any suggestions to forward along?
  22. Hey Guys, I've been included in a focus group for Fantrax. Got any suggestions to forward along?
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