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    2019 Official MGS Fantasy Golf League

    The New Year has arrived and it's time to turn our attention to the PGA Tour! Get ready for the: 2019 MYGOLFSPY FANTASY GOLF LEAGUE The MGS community lends itself to large fantasy leagues which boost the drama to nail-biting hair-pulling levels (just ask @blackngold_blood). This will be a great opportunity to connect with fellow posters and chat about the PGA Tour all summer long. @Berg Ryman and I will be your humble commissioners. The format will change from last year and we're working with Fantrax to see if they can add a new option for the season/playoffs. If that doesn't pan out, we have a plan B that we'll roll out. Both options will be geared to maximize drama during the season and in the playoffs. In the meantime, it's time to start gathering players. So, who's in?? Platform: Fantrax Buy-In: Free Draft: January 30, 2019 9:00PM EST (can be changed by popular demand) Draft Format: TBD pending league size Format: Head 2 Head - Details TBD Scoring: See Below League Size: As big as we can get while remaining even 1st Tournament: AT&T Pebble Beach - February 7, 2019 Playoffs: During FedEx Playoffs Prize: For returning players, the 2018 league has been renewed and all of your profiles carried over. There's no action required from you on the Fantrax side, but please confirm your interest in this thread. Until your name below says confirmed, you're not in the league: BjornsBoys Cam’s Gotta Big Putt - Confirmed Carolina Golfer 2 - GolfJunkie302 - Confirmed Jahren01 putt masters - Confirmed Low Country Hacker - Confirmed MGoBlue100 - Confirmed mpatrickriley - Confirmed Mudfish - Confirmed Rhyming Bergs - Confirmed pineapple squad - Confirmed poprocksnbirdies - Confirmed Shankster - Confirmed Stud Muffins - Confirmed tom mc - Undershooter30 - Confirmed Newly Added: GolfSpy Stroker GB13 bardle 02uwmadgrad TSauer cnosil blackngold_blood Apolloshowl Russtopherb Jbmullin DannyDips GeekingGolf Asef HQ Intern Kyle GolfSpy Dave 00sportsman Alanpe HardcoreLooper If you're new and would like to join for the first time, drop a comment in this thread then shoot me or Berg a PM with your email address. We'll get an invite headed your way. For simplicity, the point values were reduced by the highest common divisible (5). Anything that used to be worth 5 points, is now worth 1; anything that was 10, is now 2 and so on. The scaling and weight is exactly the same as before. The only new category is Par for 1/2 point to keep course setup from blasting our players. Scoring Summary: Albatrosses: 4 Birdies: 2 Bogies: -1 Cuts Missed: -1 Cuts Made: 2 Double Bogies: -2 Eagles: 3 Holes In One: 4 Others: -3 Par: 1/2 Top 25: 5 Top 3: 5 Top 10: 5 Wins: 5 In addition to expressing interest, please comment on any changes you'd like made to the scoring or format. No promises that they'll be incorporated, but now is your chance to make recommendations. Stay tuned for more details. Good Luck!
  2. GolfSpy STUDque

    2019 Official MGS Fantasy Golf League

    Me checking my team after round one: Me during that weird in-between time where some guys finished 2 but some didn't Me watching my players blow up in round 2 (except JT) Me the rest of the way rooting for JT to win so I can eek out another 1-1 week Looking back, this is pretty much a stages of grief post. Hopefully I don't have to post acceptance at 0-2
  3. GolfSpy STUDque

    Shoe Recommendations for Walking

    I'm a big fan of the Adidas Boost 2.0. I walk all of my rounds and they're still in great condition 2 years later. Didn't realize just how waterproof they were until I played in pouring rain then a saturated course with standing water back to back rounds (different courses). Funny to say it but my socks were the only dry clothing on my body after both affairs. I bought them as bang-for-buck shoes but they've turned out to be just plain BANG!
  4. GolfSpy STUDque

    New Wilson Staff Tour Ball

    Got a dozen just because I wanted some green balls to play with. Due to a heavy head cold, I've only chipped and putted on carpet with them but man that color POPS. The matte makes all the difference.
  5. GolfSpy STUDque

    Kuchar is embarrassingly cheap

    Glad to see Kuchar put it to bed. Now we can stop talking about it
  6. GolfSpy STUDque

    2019 Official MGS Fantasy Golf League

    @Apolloshowl and @Jbmullin just admit it, you paid off the PGA Tour to sabotage my fantasy team. Na has a good history at the Genesis but he's also fighting a finger injury. Here's hoping DL3 makes me look like a genius.
  7. GolfSpy STUDque

    2019 Official MGS Fantasy Golf League

    I'd be happy to take those two players off your hands
  8. GolfSpy STUDque

    2019 Official MGS Fantasy Golf League

    Quit putting us on. We all know you're still a force to be reckoned with. Two quick notes for those that may be feeling the same way: 1) It's a long season with lots of opportunity to bring it back. Especially since the studs don't play every week, the waiver game is crucial. 2) A lot of teams make the playoffs in this format. Top 8 in each division to be exact.
  9. GolfSpy STUDque

    2019 Official MGS Fantasy Golf League

    Polls are closed. Both votes were much closer than I expected. We're going to keep Par value the same and remove the penalty for missing the cut. I'm just going to change the value to 0 so it'll continue to count cuts in players stats for research purposes. This change didn't affect the games from last week. Funny how the matches worked out that we've got 13 teams at 2-0, 13 at 0-2 and only 6 at 1-1. Will be interesting to see how this week shakes out. Poor @Low Country Golfer takes the slimmest loss of only 1 point (might've been a win if the par reduction passed) and @cnosil drops a 213 bomb for the highest score of the week.
  10. GolfSpy STUDque

    Golf poem

    Might wanna take a look at the formatting Tony
  11. GolfSpy STUDque


    Ok ok. No need to pile on guys. Let's play nice and help out our new members. Darrell, the best place for your application to be seen is in the testing thread. Here's the link if you'd like to head over and submit. https://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/30053-4-testers-wanted-galway-bay-rain-gear/ Also I'd recommend checking this thread out for some tips to help increase your chances:
  12. GolfSpy STUDque

    2019 Official MGS Fantasy Golf League

    The weighting from last year to this year is the same, I just divided all values by 5 to adjust for inflation. What used to be 5 points is now 1. What used to be 10 is 2. And so on....The only new thing is par. It seems to be a little heavy so that's why Berg and I put that one to a vote. I said it once but I'll say it again to be sure, any scoring changes we decide on will retroactively affect week 1 also. That's why we're just taking this one crack at a rebalance now that everyone has seen it in action. .
  13. GolfSpy STUDque

    What's your on-course identity?

    We've all got our 'thing' that characterizes us on the course. Sometimes it's good, sometimes it's bad, sometimes it's both. The idea here is to sum up your game in a short sentence. For example: In typical Tiger fashion, he pulled his drive in the bunker then hit a 3 iron over water onto a green 250 yards away. Or Phil being Phil, he took a gamble that put him in the water then holes his chip on one hop for par. To make this a little more fun, try to put your submission as if a sports commentator was announcing it. Sent from carrier pigeon using MyGolfSpy
  14. GolfSpy STUDque

    2019 Official MGS Fantasy Golf League

    Ok so we did this after the first event last year and I wanted to do it again since we've got lots of fresh eyes. Scoring check. Does the points scoring balance seem appropriate? Is there anything that seems unfair or skewed or is something missing from the stats? Keep in mind, advanced stats like sandies and the like aren't yet available but I could check with Fantrax to see if it can be added. Changing the stats could affect outcomes from the first week like it did last year, but that's better than riding out a whole season in unbalance. Let's run this like a typical committee. If someone comes up with a suggestion that gets seconded, I'll put it to a league vote. Majority rules from there.
  15. GolfSpy STUDque

    One Sentence Story

    OK folks. Let's get those creative juices flowing. It's time for a community experiment. Timing seems right since we've got so many new members looking for a place they can participate. The rules are simple, each post can only be one word. You can post a picture in addition to your one word, if desired. There's no limit to participation but don't post more than one at a time. Together, we'll make an epic story. Ready?!?!? First poster gets us started. Here's the writing prompt: Roy, a carpet salesman in his early 40's is out for a round with his weekend group. A wayward drive sends him searching for his ball down by the treeline. As he approaches his ball, he sees a white rabbit who whispers "follow me."
  16. GolfSpy STUDque

    What's your on-course identity?

    One week removed from Johnny Miller's retirement from broadcast, I've been reminded of this thread by the many compilations of Johnny-isms. Anybody else care to share? Doesn't have to be Mr Miller
  17. Thought this would be a fun bump from #ThisTimeLastYear Now that we're another year later, anybody use the 2018 reviews in a purchasing decision?? (For better or worse)
  18. GolfSpy STUDque

    Evnroll REFURB for $250 at Budget Golf

    I can tell you're ready to take the plunge just by the simple fact you're telling this community of ho's. Seems like you're just looking for a push
  19. GolfSpy STUDque

    2019 Official MGS Fantasy Golf League

    Speaking of, @cnosil is gonna be a force to be reckoned with this year. His B squad is balling out. Just wait until some of those beasts on his bench get in on the action.
  20. GolfSpy STUDque

    P2 Grips

    VERY excited to put this on my Tour Classic. Time to hit some flagsticks! The black/green combo probably looks better but I already had a SS in that scheme so I went with the white/green. Nothing like that new grip feel.
  21. Walking around at the Farmer's, I was struck by just how many pros leave it in. Really caught me off guard seeing guys regularly leave it in for medium-long range putts. They were still pulling for the shortish ones so maybe it's just the way the producers are stitching together the shots. Mentally, I think I'm in the same space. I've been three-putting much more since I've been consciously leaving the pin in. Psychologically, the hole feels smaller and I've yet to clang one off the pin so I'm not seeing the benefit indicated by the studies. If anything, these three putts are a result of poor speed control caused by focusing too much on the stick. In my round yesterday, I accidentally pulled it by force of habit on 17 and that was the only putt I drained. _______________________________________ Lastly, this tweet gives some good food for thought. My thought is one, whichever major Bryson wins.
  22. GolfSpy STUDque

    Fitting Questions?????

    If you're down for the drive, I had a very good experience at Night Hawk in Crofton, MD. Outdoor fittings with a Trackman and a very knowledgeable fitter. They have a lot of brands too. Lots of other stuff at the center too so you could really spend the whole day there if you want. http://www.nighthawkgolfcenter.com/
  23. GolfSpy STUDque

    MGS Store....What have You Bought?

    For all you guys looking to join the #HitSquad
  24. This intrigues me. What could it possibly be??? More models??? More colors??? I picked up the Snell Reds just because I wanted a yellow ball for winter golf. Have really been enjoying them tbh. Not seeing the wind effects others have reported but that's why balls are so personal.
  25. GolfSpy STUDque

    2019 Official MGS Fantasy Golf League

    Looks like I've got some tough matchups this week. You and @jahren01 are lucky I'm rolling with my B team!