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  1. We added a waiver run for Thursdays too. Made it (and all others) process at 1am instead of 5 to cover for tournaments like The Open that start earlier.
  2. This was a special circumstance. A team's top 3 draft picks were dropped so we stepped in to ensure it wasn't a rookie mistake. All this action did was hold the players on waivers a little bit longer until we got to confirm with the owner. Turns out, it was a rookie mistake so we undid the transactions. As commissioners, we've gotta look out for everyone's best interest, even the rookies ----------------------------------------------------------------------- In other news, Fantrax made a subtle change: there's a new column called "own" for players that shows how many copies of a given player are owned. Very useful. Also, there was a bug in the ownership tab on player cards that only showed one owner, not all. That's fixed too. Should make hunting for trades a little easier now. ...... Also, this bug was fixed as well.
  3. Click on them like you're gonna add them, place your bid, then hit "next" Instead of submit now. It'll pop you to your team where you pick who you'd drop. Tuesday, Wednesday (for those dropped Tuesday), then rosters lock Thursday at 6am eat. Repeat next week.
  4. Despite multiple debates, the PGA show is still the biggest event for the golf equipment industry. This week should lead to a lot of interesting products from groundbreaking to just plain weird. Regardless, there should be plenty of good fodder to talk about as embargos are lifted and the 2020 equipment scene begins to take shape. It's also our first look into potential MGS Forum tests. This is a public poll: What category of products are you most curious about at this year's PGA show?
  5. @fixyurdivot One thing I found helpful is to follow your players on SM. That's usually the first place you'll see news that they've committed, pulled out of a tournament, or newly qualified for something.
  6. Once the next event starts, it'll be the best scores of the tournament. No clue what it's doing now. Probably something arbitrary.
  7. The star means they're counting towards your best 4, the check means they're playing in the upcoming event. With all zeros, it'll look a little funny but I expect it to sort out once events start happening. I guess it's good to see the check since it's more professional but a small piece of me misses the lettuce logo it used to look like.
  8. Yes, that's one reason. Your first 2 adds won't need a drop since they're filling empty spots on the roster; you can just click "Submit Now" and carry on.
  9. Poll Results, Their Effects on the League, and the Playoff Format Here's a quick rundown of how the polls shook out and how they affect your week-to-week team management.... Draft Date & Time. The setup seemed to work for more than half the league so thanks to everyone who was able to join and special thanks to those who set up auto draft prior. Once we got past the first round, the draft really flew by. 1 hour total was fantastic to cover so many picks. FAAB. @Undershooter posted how it works. The only note I'll add is that since we only drafted 6 players last night, you still need to hit the waiver wire for your remaining 2. The $200 budget is for the whole season. Once you're out, you can only win $0 bids. Best Ball, Best 4. What does this mean? It means there's no start/sit decisions to make. You have 8 players on your team and the decisions is your total roster from week to week. The best 4 scores count to your total. Be careful who you drop though because those players become available to the rest of the league. Regular Season H2H. We're playing everyone vs everyone, every week. Or, just think of it like we're playing tournaments like the PGA. Whatever place you fall in the league is how many "wins" you get. In Live Scoring, the matchups tab is going to look crazy. I recommend watching the "All Teams" part of that to get a gauge for where you stand vs the rest of the league. This format is great because it's 100% matchup proof and the best teams will succeed. The downside is Fantrax doesn't have a great way to display it. PLAYER DUPLICATES. This wasn't a vote but there's been lots of questions about it. There are 4 copies of each player. 4 of Brooks, 4 of Rickie, 4 of Tiger....etc. YOU CANNOT OWN MORE THAN ONE COPY OF A GIVEN PLAYER. This causes a glitch in the matrix. In our test league, we were actually able to complete a trade that put 2 of JT onto one team....only problem is, the 2nd JT disappeared altogether once it went through. We reported this bug to Fantrax but will need to keep an eye on any trades that go through to ensure you don't put yourself in a pickle. +++++++++++++++++++++++ Playoffs. We've had a different format in each of the 3 seasons thus far. It's hard work to find something that makes sense for golf and keeps things interesting down to the final week. This one will closely mimic the FedEx playoffs and runs during the same weeks. 30 teams make the playoffs, 20 from the first event advance, and the final 10 will compete for the League Championship Points are reset heading into the playoffs. From there, the totals are cumulative (ie. points from the first playoff event carry to your 2nd and 3rd.) Bonuses are awarded based on regular season finish. 1st: 40 2nd: 35 3rd: 30 4th: 25 5-10: 20 10-20: 10 20-30: Good Luck Does this all make sense? If not, please get your questions out now so you can be informed as the season progresses. I've also got some of the previous posts explaining other things tagged at the top of this thread page in "Hot Links." You can see it on the desktop version.
  10. Read my man, read. There's 4 copies of every player.
  11. Queued list in the draft room? No, that won’t work. Pre rankings in the pre rankings tab? Yes that will work.
  12. Well.... What'd you come up with? Let's see your design skills!
  13. Just for the draft availability. The rest close tonight but the poll results that are leading are implemented in the league setup. Will change that out if needed. Farmers starts the 23rd, which is the first event after our draft. Need to give time for waivers to run and folks to set rosters. It’s a long season so no need to rush. PS. For those new to the league, waivers run on Tuesdays and Wednesdays every week.....players dropped during the Tuesday churn go on waivers to give everyone a fair shot.
  14. To help any draft pick trading negotiations, I turned off the rule that forces you to keep the same amount of picks as rounds in the draft. So if you want to trade away extra picks to move up higher, you can. Then just fill the rest of your roster with waiver wire guys. PS. I'm open to trades if anyone wants my coveted 36 spot. 2, top 20 players ain't bad.
  15. After some heated commissioner debate, I'm gonna add a poll to the existing ones: Urgent Poll: Best Ball If Best Ball wins the roster vote, how many "best scores" will count for an 8-man team? Option A: 4 Option B: 5 Please make your way over to the Fantrax home page to cast your vote. This one closes at the same time as the rest.
  16. It's PGA events only. There's some funky bits of the schedule you can view by skipping through the list at your team page... One of the notable is instead of the WGC match play, we have the opposite field event that week since they only know how to calculate stroke play events.
  17. It's updated now. Draft order reflects the wheel of wisdom.
  18. Ok I lied. Here's the draft order y'all. Pick trading is turned on so feel free to start wheeling and dealing:
  19. Yes. Once we turn it back to an online draft, it'll be an option to set up. As will draft pick trading. I have the order and will post the video tomorrow once I get it on YouTube. If you've played Fantasy football, it's like that for rosters. Week to week lineup setting will depend on the votes. Yes.
  20. If the roster option that includes a bench is chosen, we can consider it. If best ball is chosen, there's not a way to manage that.
  21. OK everyone, it's go time. The league is locked and we've got SIXTY....6-0....players. Amazing, and should be great fun. There's going to be 4 copies of every player. At your earliest convenience, please make your way to the home page and vote for the league options regarding scoring, format, waiver, and draft availability. All polls close at midnight on Wednesday, January 15. Here's a paste if you'd like to discuss the polls here, but only votes cast on the Fantrax website count: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Waiver Wire Format Poll Important note: due to league size, the draft will not pick everyones full teams. We'll do a certain amount (depending on the corresponding vote) then everyone heads to the waiver wire to fill the rest of their team. Option A: Reverse Standings Order gets priority (same as last year) Option B: FAAB with a budget of $200 (silent auction bids for free agents) Option C I don't care - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Weekly Format Poll: Option A: 2 matchups every week, + league average matchup for Tier 2 events, +2 more matchups for majors (2, 3, 5) (similar to last year) Option B: Everyone faces everyone each week (will act like a psuedo PGA leaderboard, majors will get more points but nothing else) Option C I don't care - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Roster Size + Scoring Poll: Option A: 10 per team - 4 starters, 6 bench (same as last year) Option B: 8 per team - Best 5 scores count Option C I don't care - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Keep an eye on this thread for draft order; I'll be spinning the wheel either today or tomorrow. Returning players will get one extra ping pong ball each in the spin.
  22. Ok so I know I'm slanting this conversation a little too much towards Apple Watch but I feel like this update could possibly give some insight to the issues with Link. Turns out my missing round was user error; you're supposed to hand off to the watch at the start of the round. Next time out, I did this and the watch tracked shots but presented a new error: no yardages displayed on the watch. Sent this error to Arccos and received the following response: Hey Enrique, We have recently had issue with the Apple watch functionality after the most recent IOS update to 6.0 and 6.1 for the watch. The main issue is there is communication errors between the phone and the watch that cuts out randomly shutting in issues with our app connecting from watch to phone. It has caused issues that unfortunately we cannot push fixes for until Apple corrects their software that should be coming soon in one of the 6.1 updates.Once this is released we will have our fixes that will restore proper function to the app. In the meantime one thing you can try is restarting the watch by turning it off and back on, as well as cycling bluetooth of the phone off and back on before the next round. If this does not work then it os related to a bug we have found. Our IOS team is already working on this. SO if these steps do not fix the issue it may be wise to use the phone shot detection for the time being. You can still use the yardages on the watch and they will appear if the phone is recording shots. While it's somewhat comforting to learn this isn't another user error, it's kind of a bummer reading details on the hurdles in front of this. If I were a betting man, I'd say this isn't a strict Apple issue and they're having communication problems with the Android watches and Link just the same.
  23. I guess I'm still young enough because I'll play any chance my schedule allows (which isn't super often) even if it means teeing up in single digits. Heck, I've played while it's snowing on more than one occasion. One of the things I love about playing in bad conditions is you've usually got the place to yourself. Great chance for extra shots and trying new things. I won't tolerate cold rain but warm rain is just fine too.
  24. I definitely could get behind birdie streak bonuses. Too bad it's not an option. For those seeking more granularity in the finish payouts, it's definitely possible but I'm not sure we'd gain enough compared to what we lose with a simpler format. These benchmarks line up nicely with the TV broadcast and they're often blurred anyway with ties. Now, punters bonuses is something I can get behind. Would be nice if you could pick amateurs and boost their point values.
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