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  1. I, for one, am happy to ride the Z-coaster. I figure my best chance to win the ship is with him in the playoffs vs whichever comp people would be willing to part with for the risk. If he doesn’t make it, then it wasn’t meant to be anyway.
  2. Here’s your friendly playoff format reminder: Playoffs run during the 3 weeks of the real life FedEx playoffs. Top 35 teams get in. Scores are cumulative with cuts after each event. Winner is the team that scores the most points over the playoff period. Top 20 advance to round 2, top 10 advance to the championship. Bonuses will be awarded based on your regular season finish using the real life Tour Championship numbers multiplied by 5 1: 50 (-10) 2: 40 (-8) 3: 35 (-7) 4: 30 (-6) 5: 25 (-5) 6-10: 20 (-4) 11-15: 15 (-3) 16-20: 10 (-2) 21-25: 5 (-1) 26-35: Good Luck I’ve got a spreadsheet off to the side to track this since Fantrax isn’t set up for this style of playoffs. Will post updates after each round.
  3. There it is again. That funny feeling. 0-10 and it’s not even close.
  4. It’s a bug……errrr……feature. Green is supposed to mean Free Agent and Yellow is supposed to mean they’re on waivers. With multiple copies of each player in our leagues, it just glitches the matrix. Football plays by these rules better since each division has their own player pool. In Golf, it’s safe to assume everyone is on waivers until Tuesday morning.
  5. One thing about these smaller events is you usually have a pretty good idea how the week will shake out after the cut. Counting my chickens early, seems like the Muffins are looking at 7 wins, 2 losses, then a matchup with @JonMUSC08 that could go either way……barring WDs of course. Pretty disappointed in Laird this week, I thought I was a smart guy picking him off waivers.
  6. Points for/against are live stats on the leaderboard. Always. So you could move up and down the leaderboard as the week goes on if there’s other teams you’re tied with. The wins and losses don’t change, just the tiebreakers. If something is broken, the dead giveaway is there will be a bunch of ties on everyone’s records. This one has happened a few times in recent weeks but Fantrax has been good about fixing it reasonably quickly.
  7. I think we all agree with you there. It’s a running complication in fantasy golf. Once someone WDs, the Tour wipes out the stats as if they never entered the event. Naturally, Fantrax gets their stats from the Tour official stats. This is different from the NFL or other sports where substitutions happen all the time and stats still count regardless.
  8. Plus, Corales was an opposite field event due to the match play. Not the same situation as this week where the main event just didn’t draw many top players.
  9. It’s Manimal’s team. He never even activated his invite but we didn’t notice until it was too late. - - - - - Just FYI to the league, any trades with Hobert that may get accepted will be scrutinized closely.
  10. What I think happened is that the Zurich got inadvertently added to the schedule (not even sure why since it’s a team event) and that action regenerated the whole schedule. Ties obviously come from the 0-0 non-events. It’s a little interesting to see how different things could’ve been with a different schedule, granted, some guys may have gone 0-20 or 20-0 in the added events so it’s not a great representation. Oh yeah, Fantrax got back to me and they know it’s a problem with all the Golf leagues so I’m not worried about it getting back to our reality sometime soon.
  11. On it. Stand by.
  12. And I ran into that buzz saw! Chalked that up as a loss halfway through Friday lol. - - - - - Super stoked to sneak out of this week with 6 wins. Had barely 4 guys playing this week and most of my opponents came in with full steam ahead. Can’t even believe Kokrak is my third winner this year. I don’t think I even had 3 combined over the previous 4 fantasy seasons. Crazy.
  13. I like the Genesis because of Riv and the players they get. Lukewarm on Bay Hill but it’s still more enjoyable than the rest of the overly corporate events that I’m mostly meh on. The match play and team events are cool but I always have a hard time caring about them more than watching results. I do, however, really enjoy the playoffs. I think they’re great watching guys try to earn their way into more events with bigger prizes and seeing the lower tier guys fight for following-year exemptions. Lots of good story lines that time of year.
  14. Don’t you blaspheme the name of the great TRINGALEEEEEE
  15. This is what we wanted to do initially. 10 on your roster, start 5, best 4 scores count. But nay, it’s all or nothing. I’m open to reducing the size to allow for all play again but the thought of two leagues with different rules makes me shudder. I do fundamentally disagree that the best ball format comes down to luck and the team you drafted. You can make your own luck by smart acquisitions and savvy trading…especially with how many trade partners there are and how deep the pool can be with rosters limited to 8. There’s a lot of hard decisions to make even in this current best ball format (case in point the waivers discussion) so I can’t ever see the champ being a fluke given how long and competitive the season is. For this reason, I think I’ll always be team best ball on those votes. The start/sit rules can lead to very frustrating weeks….especially if someone WDs. We play for fun, to cheer for positive things to happen. It’s much more engaging if you’ve always got a shot to move up come Sunday.
  16. Yup! Would’ve beaten @Undershooter to go 9-1. Be that as it may, still super thrilled to get what I got out of him. Hopefully this is Rick turning a corner.
  17. As a Tringale owner, agree that anything can happen.
  18. Lo and behold, I’m one of your opponents this week. Thanks for the compliment I’ve also got matchups against 2 fellow commisheses @Undershooter and @Bucky CC. Gonna be a slug fest for sure. Guess I’m not gonna be seeing Burns this weekend. +5 through 9 yikes. Thanks for carrying me through the past few down events Sam.
  19. Wow Sam Burns, best $13 FAAB I’ve ever spent. THRILLED to come out of this week with 8 wins after only having 3 guys in the event and 2 make the cut. I presume most people will have a lot of guys going in the PGA but I’m very interested in trade talks with those of you who need to add a player or two that’s playing this week. Here we go with the 2nd major!
  20. We have a team that needs an owner if you want to pick up mid season with almost zero chance of making the playoffs.
  21. Yup, you’ve basically got it. Same format as last year where the ‘points for’ reset to zero, teams get bonuses based on their regular season, then we cut X teams after each event. Points roll over so the champ will be the one with the most total points during the 3 events of the FedEx playoffs. From the post way back in the thread: Playoffs will be during the 3 PGA Playoff events. 35 make the first round, 20 make the 2nd, and 10 will play in the Tour Championship Cumulative points for those 3 weeks will determine the league winner You'll receive points bonuses to begin the playoffs depending on how high you finish during the regular season. 35 teams.
  22. You see, I had the Valspar in mind during my draft prep this year. My whole season has been leading to this moment and boy did it pay off. Kaboom.
  23. They don’t quite have this working in the app yet. Just bookmark this page and give it a refresh when you get those notifications: https://www.fantrax.com/newui/fantasy/tradeBlock.go?leagueId=bbx3abmtkipyb858
  24. Yup. I like my roster right now... almost too much. I’m at the mercy of event fields right now so I could also do a 2/1 going away to free up a roster spot. Offers are already coming in for DJ so I’m interested to see what else comes in. Definitely want a blue chip type coming back. Maybe a 2 for 2 where I take a slight downgrade for DJ but an upgrade for the second player.
  25. Werenski is the only one I couldn’t get you back. Since someone else picked him up, it gave you an illegal roster and created a 6th copy. I think it’s all sorted now.
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