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  1. Me to Me after another 0-2 week: cc: @blackngold_blood
  2. All good points for sure. Almost everyone truly IS still in the playoff hunt. From the strong arm standpoint, just wanna remind everyone that the commisheses notice people who give up. It’s impacted the playoffs for the past 2 years and those owners weren’t invited back. From an owner’s point of view, this has been a really HARD season for fantasy football. We all thought COVID would’ve affected the schedule/players more than it did but no one could’ve predicted how many football injuries would’ve wrecked the leagues. It’s been crazy and super memorable at the same time.
  3. Just FYI to the league, I used a commissioner power to modify @Apolloshowl’s team. This is my first time doing so this year. Problem: He added J.Reed and stashed him on IR. Right before game time, SF declared him active and he played. This caused AH to have an illegal roster (active player on IR) with no way to move him off since he’s locked. Fix: I did a commissioner-forced move and dropped Reed off his team.
  4. .........when you're working furiously at all hours of the night coordinating with multiple stakeholders.
  5. Yeah so our bad on this one. We thought the trade deadline was defaulted in but nay, there was none. But now there is: TRADE DEADLINE IS END OF WEEK 10, NOVEMBER 18 If you can come to terms on a trade before then, go for it. Doesn’t matter where you stand against the playoffs, if it’s a fair trade, we’ll approve it. With almost half the season remaining and 2 matchups per week, literally anyone can still make the playoffs. So weeks 11-13 we’ll all be on waivers only then playoffs begin week 14. Top 6 in each division make it. Check my linked post at the top of the
  6. I know right! It hurts. I pride myself on having good kickers year after year too.
  7. I can’t believe how badly Rodgers got shut down. He’s been on fire this year.
  8. @goaliewales14 checking out our matchup this week and saw some familiar faces. I’m assuming we drafted in similar spots so it’s actually quite interesting to see we have no other players in common. Good Luck this week.
  9. My key to improvement is to let myself get really bad then improve back to my baseline. With the kids getting more active in more things, my only real option is to be content with a plateau for a while.
  10. Back to this familiar drill, we’ve got multiple COVID pops and more possible games to be postponed. Set your lineup as normal and if you have a player on any team in a game in jeopardy, post your backup replacement to this thread before the 1pm games on Sunday.
  11. Ok so as of now, all games are scheduled to happen but there’s still some pending tests out there for the NE game so let’s go ahead and just cover all bases:
  12. It’s like, the biggest one. Like, so big. My in laws bought it for my kids but I have to put it together. Kinda like a “I’ll buy you fly” type of deal. The instructions say 2 people will take 20 hours; 291 steps
  13. Ah! That’s not too far from me at all. I usually try to get a round or two there each year but haven’t this year for obvious reasons. Would’ve loved to join you but I’ll sadly be putting together a monster swing set all weekend.
  14. This is on the league home page but I’m not sure if it’s available to all or just commissioners. In short, yes Tuesday counts for this week: For week 5, the Broncos-Patriots game has been moved to Monday night at 5:00pm ET, and the Bills-Titans game has been moved to Tuesday night at 7:00pm ET. The NFL hasn't played on a Tuesday night since 10 years ago when a Monday night game was postponed by a day because of weather. This year there may be multiple Tuesday games because of COVID-19 related issues. Here's how MFL will be handling Tuesday games: The scores will count
  15. Yeah so we’ll roll with the punches for reschedule issues. Will definitely reuse the backup player mechanism if it looks like any games are in jeopardy. Right now, it appears as if all games scheduled for week 5 will still happen in week 5
  16. Ok here we go. Saw this on Twitter and don’t see any good reason not to do it for the NE/KC decision: Reply to this thread to make your designation.
  17. @revkev there’s this plus there’s also a Fantasy Sharks research section on the desktop version for players too that’ll display much more and apply it to our league.
  18. Same here. I’m happy with how my team is scoring vs projections but I’m just not scoring enough to beat the teams I’m playing. Could be like 5 places higher in the standings with different matchups but that’s just not how it’s shaking out. Gonna be real interesting once we get into byes and COVID cancelations:
  19. Yeah guys sorry about the confusion, we’re going to hit up MFL to look into our setup from their end. There’s a lot of tick boxes and a lot of conflicting options to check. We thought we had it set up correctly but it’s just not behaving the way we expected. We’ll chalk it up to learning a new platform but still want to extend our sincere apologies if it’s cost you a claim thus far.
  20. Week 3 is the first official week of it.
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