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  1. We’ve tweaked the format every year so far, but this absolutely feels right for Fantasy Golf Playoffs. Plenty of drama remains throughout and many teams get a chance. I also feel like the regular season, in theory, is close but the way is displayed is atrocious. Will have to see what can be done for next year. 

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  2. 1 hour ago, ZJBogey2 said:

    Glad to see Deki and Lanto atop the leaderboard as I didn't make the cut this week...oh and Todd is T10. I would be atop the leaderboard right now as well 😞 what could have been. 

    Definitely one of the cruelest parts of fantasy golf. Never fails for me. 

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  3. 41 minutes ago, Headhammer said:

    When I saw the closest to the pin on par 3's challenge the first thing that popped into my mind was playing a par 3 course. So I immediately booked a room at a golf resort up north with a beautiful executive course. My plan was to play 72 holes over 2 days, 36 each day, with the ultimate goal of a hole in one. Hey, I had 72 chances why not?



    Well, best made plans. When I got to the resort on day one, after a 2.5 hour drive, it was pouring rain. Not to be deterred I paid for 36 holes and went to the 1st tee only to find there were no pull/push carts, they had been removed due to COVID. Now I haven't walked a golf course in 25+ years and I certainly haven't carried a bag in more than that time, but the challenge must go on. So I put on my rain gear, adjusted the backpack straps on my Cobra stand bag and went to the first tee.

    The course, while beautiful, was soaking wet and getting sloppier with on and off downpours. I am happy to report that the rain hood on the Cobra stand bag works very well at keeping your clubs dry. 



    The course is laid out well with lots of water and strategically placed bunkers and my first 8-holes were fairly unremarkable, hit some of the postage stamp greens, missed some others. Then I got to #9, the longest hole on the course listed at 174-yards by Arccos, all carry over a pond with trouble everywhere.



    When I tell you I flushed my Cobra SpeedZone 5-iron, I mean I didn't even feel it come off the face and the result was the closest of the round.





    From the 9th tee back to the 1st tee has to be at least a 1/2 mile walk, partially through a hiking trail with a fork in the road and of course I took the wrong side of the fork and had to hike back to the 1st tee. Panting like a dog, wet from rain and sweat I decided to shed the rain gear and just play the next 27 and deal with the rain & sweat

    I didn't record anything closer than 9" in round 2,  since that was the mark to beat. I grabbed a quick lunch and came back for another 18 holes. When I got back from lunch the course had moved the pins and the tee boxes. The 4th hole, which played at 159 yards in the morning was 10 yards closer in the afternoon. Normally at 148-yards I'd take an 8 iron, but with the rain and trouble all around the green I hit 7-iron.


     I thought it actually went in, but just came up a few revolutions short. That one is gonna be hard to beat gentlemen!! 



    By now it was raining non-stop  and greens were just getting saturated as evidenced by this shot from a gap wedge from 87-yards out. 


    After my 3rd nine in the rain, soaking wet, sore back and elbow I packed it in hoping for better weather the next day. I woke up the next morning to even heavier rain with no sign it was gonna let up. With my back & elbow killing me I decided to pack it in and drive home knowing I had a shot that was probably gonna get me near the top this week.

    I think I’m digging the commitment and perseverance more than the darts on display here. Very nice!

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  4. 2 hours ago, Apolloshowl said:

    Not sure I have ever been this nervous for Fantasy golf/football in my life. I really hope I can have a few sneak into a good spot which can propel my results forward. Hard part is I still can't watch golf with no TV for at least another week or two. 

    If you’re like me, your players aren’t showing up on the broadcast anyway so there’s not much to see lol. 

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  5. Fantrax is pretty bad at displaying useful information once you get outside of their default league setup so I’ll put together a homespun bracket for us. For now, you can see that you advanced if you have a matchup this week. 

  6. 1 hour ago, edingc said:


    Took the momentum from yesterday's nine holes and ran with it this morning. 


    Set a new personal best (by two strokes) with a 76!


    Played the back nine at even par for the second day in a row. I birdied No. 12 for the first time all year, just missed birdie putts on 13 and 15, plus a few that went hole high leaving tap in pars from about a foot. I hit 10 greens overall. Turned my bag over three full times and didn't have too much trouble, save for a wasted 6 iron on No. 9 that went no where when I tried to play a long chip from the very wet fairway. Did end up having to hit a cut up 8 iron from 110 yards over water on No. 14 (knee knocker!), and the same thing with a 7 iron from about 75 yards on No. 15. 


    Struck my irons and wedges really well, putted well, and minus about five holes I got off the tee OK. I'm ecstatic that I saved bogey as often as I did on the front as I had four holes with terrible tee shots. Hit a hosel rocket driver on No. 3 less than 100 yards, drop-kicked a 4 iron on No. 6, pull hooked an 8 iron way long and left of the green on No. 8 and smacked a tree on No. 9 with the 3 wood. Still, I saved bogey on three of the four holes and parred everything else to make the turn with a 40.


    Tee game was much better on the back nine. I hit two fantastic 2 hybrids about 240 each on No. 10 and No. 11, and then, after I caught up with a twosome in a cart that let me play through on No. 14 tee, I smashed a great driver 260-ish onto the uphill fairway with the audience. (Felt good!)

    I reset the bag on No. 16, so I had driver and 3 wood available to me on Nos. 17 and 18. I knew two good holes would put me in the 70s, but didn't really realize where I was at. I absolutely drilled both tee shots right down the pipe.


    Not good enough for first or second place this week, but man I'm still on a high from it. Such a fun round.

    Very very nice. Nothing like shooting a PB while doing some craziness with your bag. Was this the same course/tees from your first attempt?

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  7. 4 hours ago, Mtbryant01 said:

    I just want to make sure I’m not missing anything. Have we split into divisions yet? I see everyone is under Bucky at the moment. 

    We’ll split up according to draft availability once the polls close on the 28th

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  8. 39 minutes ago, Apolloshowl said:

    Is there a circus league or are we doing away with that for the season?

    Believe it or not, circus used a bunch of premium features with Fantrax so no, we won’t be renewing it this year. We can cherish the good (silly) times we had. 

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  9. 18 minutes ago, Apolloshowl said:

    Sorry for this, but am I correct in this being the final few weeks?

    I know we are following the FedEx cup, but will the season continue to the US Open?

    Again my apologies, just wanting to get set for the last bit. I did go through and read the thread, but just wanting to make sure I have a complete understanding since I think there is a slight chance I may have a shot at winning this thing.

    Yeah, when we restarted, I talked to Fantrax about this season. Their 2020 schedule ends with the FedEx Cup because that’s the PGA schedule too. The only way to get the US Open and Masters for fantasy is to start right back up with 2021. Rather than force a new season so quickly, we decided to just sit it out and enjoy those majors as fans then pick up 2021 in spring like normal. 

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  10. 10 hours ago, blackngold_blood said:

    Alright folks I took the time to figure out where everybody stands heading into the weekend of the first playoff event. These scores include the bonuses for regular season finish. I am not going to try to tag everybody but hopefully those that want to know will see this. It looks to be an exciting weekend at the Northern Trust with some low score obviously possible. If you see any mistakes please point them out. 

    Standings heading into the weekend with how many made the cut:

    Place/Team/points/made cut


    2/Hardcore Hacks/145.95/5

    3/Out of Bounds/142.15/4

    4/The Hammer/138/6

    5/Jahren01 putt masters/135.4/4




    9/Undershooter McGavin/125.15/8

    10/Stud Muffins/121.15/7

    11/GolfSpy Stroker/120.25/5


    13/Cams Gotta Big Putt/119.25/3

    14/Judge Smails/118.5/4

    15/GolfSpy Dave’s Carr Fire/118.35/5


    17/High Fade/112.6/5

    18/Bucky CC/110.7/5









    27/Pj Engel/97.1/2



    30/Marky Marks White Ballers/89.55/2

    Not all heroes wear capes. Thanks for putting that together. 

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  11. 41 minutes ago, fixyurdivot said:

    Back from my Cobra Connect Challenge.  Wanted to play Beaverhead GC in Dillon, but they were jammed with the lady's league until almost noon.  So, I went to Madison Meadows.  As noted above, I chose to bag a second driver and I think it worked out well. I was able to combine my 4i with my 3w and 5w, off the tee, on a couple of holes that had the wind at my back. Since, until recently, I pretty much played a bump and run short approach game from just of the greens, I felt quite comfortable using my 7i, 8i (my former go to), and 9i.  In fact, today's performance has me wondering about my "new normal" game plan - have I fallen too much in love with the Glide 2.0? 🤔

    Today's Arrows.  The Razr-Fit has been sitting in the shop for over a year - got benched for the G410P.


    I was striking the ball well all day; and both drivers were working.  I birdied#5 and #8; (#8 the week before in the HRC for a KP entry). 


    Then, on the par 5 #9, I absolutely forged the Callaway Razr driver and followed that up with a 5w that found the front, hit the flag, and stopped just inside 4 ft.  


    I made the putt for eagle... the first one I've had in over a year!!  A birdie/eagle combo - I cannot recall doing that before. Maybe I have, dunno?  In any case...

    Yabba Dabba Doo GIFs | Tenor

    I wish I had that pair of swats on tape, I could watch the replay for hours 🤣.


    The wind picked up quite a bit as I made my way through the back nine. On #14, I got lucky and hit a tree branch that saved me an OB... it went something like "oh, s***... yesss!!" 🤪 On #18, I had to punch out from under a tree and then gutted a 7i (would have used the UW) over the green. I then came up woefully short on the 4th shot and 3 putted 🤮.  Talk about going from the penthouse to the outhouse on the same hole 😬.

    I did putt with my 5w twice and my 4i once during the round for shorties so I could get them back for an upcoming hole. The husband/wife I played with on the front nine gave me a really odd look until I explained this challenge. Neither have heard of MGS, but they have now 🙂. Having played this course quite a bit, it was a definite advantage to deciding which clubs to choose and strategy for upcoming holes.  Trying this format on a brand new track would be really tough.

    So here is my entry against "the kid".  Played from the (blue) tees, course rating 68.2, slope 120.


    That’s really really solid. Nice shooting. What was your HC coming into it?

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  12. On 1/17/2020 at 9:31 AM, GolfSpy STUDque said:

    Playoffs.  We've had a different format in each of the 3 seasons thus far.  It's hard work to find something that makes sense for golf and keeps things interesting down to the final week.  This one will closely mimic the FedEx playoffs and runs during the same weeks. 

    • 30 teams make the playoffs, 20 from the first event advance, and the final 10 will compete for the League Championship
    • Points are reset heading into the playoffs.  From there, the totals are cumulative (ie. points from the first playoff event carry to your 2nd and 3rd.)  
    • Bonuses are awarded based on regular season finish.  
      • 1st: 40
      • 2nd: 35
      • 3rd: 30
      • 4th: 25
      • 5-10: 20
      • 10-20: 10
      • 20-30: Good Luck

    So I thought it would be worthwhile to remind everyone of the playoff format. The bonuses have already been assessed according to your regular season finish. 

     One thing to clarify, the standings/cuts will be based off your cumulative scores. So the points from the NT affect your standings after the BMW and both of those affect the championship. 

    Everyone in the playoffs has a matchup against the League Average. This is just to make Fantrax count you as a playoff team and allow scoring/moves/etc. It’sa nice indication of where you stand but you can still advance past the first if you lose to it. The second round and beyond? Probably not. 

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