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  1. 16 minutes ago, Quigleyd said:

    so for those that did not make the playoffs. Are trades available?? 

    No man. 1) trades have been locked since the deadline passed 2) come on with that, it's terrible for the balance of the league.

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  2. 2 hours ago, mikeanthony said:

    To clarify, and to Bryan’s suggestion ... we can remove a few clubs from the set, only to cycle thru our ‘full bag’ faster? If so, I’d likely remove all my odd numbered irons and give it a go. 

    You guys are fine to do this if you’d like. In fact, I find the strategy quite interesting in that it has great potential for backfiring too lol. It’s just that our main 5 guys do not have this as an option. 

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  3. 2 minutes ago, B.Boston said:

    so our FULL set? otherwise the genius mind of @Nunfa0 might be on to something.  I could see myself going at this with something like

    DR, 5W, 6, 8, PW, 52, 60. But i'd really have to take a look at the holes and see if it would be worth it to turn over my inventory of clubs more frequently.

    You have to use your full set because you're reviewing the full set. Sorry 🙂

    That's a common theme throughout is we want you guys looking very closely at everything Cobra has to offer this year so you can provide an honest and credible opinion.


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  4. 21 minutes ago, goaliewales14 said:

    How's everyone going to keep track of which clubs they used for the challenge?  Being the accountant that I am, I'm thinking about tracking it on an Excel spreadsheet on my phone as I go.


    That's a good idea. I was also thinking stickers on the soles. Hit shot, put sticker, put away. Once you make it through, take the stickers off one at a time. Make it through again, put stickers back on....hopefully as few times as possible.

    9 minutes ago, Nunfa0 said:

    @GolfSpy STUDque, do you have to take 14 clubs out or can you be "creative" with your set before you start?

    14 max. Be as creative as you'd like. You thinking of doing Phil's 2 driver technique?

    Note to competitors: you guys still have to stick with your challenge Cobra set.

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  5. 37 minutes ago, Manimal26 said:

    Okay that is cool.... Here are some questions:

    1. point per rush... I voted for .5 and I assume that is rush attempt or is that .25 pt per yard? so 20 attempts per game =10pts? Is this for QB's as well as any other position player?

    2.PPR TE bonus... I voted for 1 and I assume that is on top of the 1pt PPR? so Travis kelece has 10 catches 10+10=20pts?

    3. When is draft order done?

    not sure if I have anything else but trying to educate myself on this as much as possible... That golden ticket is an incredible prize!!!

    1. Points per yard are separate. I think it’s 10 yards per point. The thought behind points per rush is to reward the work horses that are given the ball a lot but don’t necessarily reach pay dirt. This is because most teams use committees nowadays. 
    2. Not in addition, just flat value. Instead of being 1 point like everyone else, TE catches would be worth 1.25 or 1.5. I don’t think we had considered going higher than that. 
    3. Draft availability will feed the division makeups which will feed a random draw for draft order. 

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  6. 1 minute ago, Manimal26 said:

    @GolfSpy STUDque all my votes for format are in and I am trying to set up the rest of my franchise and get comfortable with the software.... Do you want questions coming to this thread or a DM in the MFL software? 

    Just post to this thread so other folks with the same issues can get answers too. 

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  7. 1 minute ago, PMookie said:

    Man, this might be too much for me to deal with.

    How do I change my team name? Nowhere on the site are instructions for that.

    I see there are polls on the mobile site, but no way to reply. Can’t find them in the app either.... Ugh.

    I am always on my mobile, so not sure if it will be “easy” to participate and contribute via the app

    I think some of those setup things are on the desktop site. You're looking for "Franchise Setup." Once we get off and running, I think you'll be fine to use the app throughout.

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  8. 3 minutes ago, KurtActual said:

    Voted. TE bonus sounds good only if you get one of those top 3 TEs that gets targeted first every play.

    Well the point of this one was to raise the floor of the TE position. Last year was a wasteland and this year doesn’t look much better. At 1.5, it raises the top TEs to being on par with the top end of WR2. 

  9. 17 minutes ago, xOldBenKenobiX said:

    Cant do the 3rd as it is the wife's birthday, but honestly any other day will be fine with me.

    I've never drafted with them and I dont know how long a 16 round draft will last with as many players, so I am voting for the earlier times of the evenying.

    It’ll take as long as a normal draft since each division is drafting separately. 4 drafts of 14 teams. 

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    We grow every year and the cap this year is 56. Now that we're locked it's time to do some votes and tidy up loose ends. Here's a rundown of the unilateral commissioner decisions:

    • 2 Conferences with 2 Divisions in each. Each division will have its own player pool (4 copies of each total).
    • Season will be 13 weeks with 3 weeks of playoffs (qualifications and format TBD). You will face everyone in your conference once.
    • Waivers are processed by FAAB: you blind bid for players. Highest bid wins. Tie goes to first entered.
    • New: FAAB $$ can be included in regular player trades to sweeten the deal
    • Each team will have 2 IR slots. Players on the IR, listed as OUT, or in COVID status can be placed on the IR. There's a designation for COVID positive and another for COVID opt out.
    • Divisions will be divvied out according to your draft availability in the votes and the drafts will be conducted at 4 different times. One commissioner in each that will the primary POC for all division activities, trade approvals, disputes, etc.

    Head to the league home page to submit your ballot to items up for vote:

    • Draft Date & Time
    • Bonus for TE catches
    • Points per Rush

    If you have another rule you'd like to see voted on, submit it in this thread.


    The following people received invites and still need to log into the site. Please reach out to one of the commissioners @Undershooter @Berg Ryman @Bucky CC or myself if you need help:

    @daviddvm @Hackster @HighFade @jaxbeachpackerfan @Jbmullin @JudgeSmails @Rwagn4 @Scott33 and @Wedgie

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  11. On 3/15/2020 at 3:08 PM, GolfSpy STUDque said:

    Spring is arguably the biggest sporting season of the year and now it’s either postponed or cancelled. What now?? What sports are you watching to fill the void?

    For me, it’s gotta be the track races with Jelle’s Marble Runs and 3dbotmaker.






    Neither of these videos are from the current seasons since I thought you'd like a taste before jumping in.


    Anybody watching the Marble League finale today? Gonna be a real banger of a marathon. 


  12. 6 minutes ago, edingc said:

    Ok, at the urging of @GolfSpy STUDque, I got out for one more round for this challenge and played from the front tees. Rating 62.7/104 for men, ~4,900 something yards.

    First off, it was fun having a lot of opportunities to score. The front tees take some of the more difficult holes out of the equation, so it was pretty much either driver or 2 hybrid from the tee all day trying to bash it as far as possible. With my length, I was able to get past most of the trouble on almost every hole so even if I wasn't terribly accurate I usually had little trouble just flipping onto the green with a wedge.

    Couple mistakes here and there, and my putting was not great. My speed control completely left me for most of the round. Mashed a 2 hybrid off of No. 10 that just went left and ended up at the base of a tree with no choice but to go backward into the fairway. Tried to get cute with the 2 hybrid from about 195 out on the back par 5, and promptly caught it a little fat, closing the face and sending a high toe bullet hook screaming into the pond that guards the green. 

    But, I hit 13 greens, birdied five holes and shot an even par 36 on the front so it was an overall really fun round. Also hit my first 300-yard drive of the year with one that caught a nice dry spot and ran out considerably. 🤣

    Unfortunately, Arccos didn't have the front tees for my course in their database, so I chose the closest set of tees which still reported as 5,500 yards. I do not think this is actually better for this competition than my 81 on Tuesday from the back tees because the ratings are so drastically different, but I'll let Stud run the numbers.




    It was almost equal but still .4 higher CCNet than you already had. Your competitors all had strong weeks this week so it would’ve taken 67 or better to improve your rank this week...... which I think was probably within your reach if you got another crack at it with different course management. Thanks for giving the experiment a shot. That looked fun!

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  13. This is great. Sunday morning and almost everyone has reported their scores. @gavinski91 and @TCUFrog are the last two according to my records but it’s still open to anyone who would like to try and improve their score or new challengers. Be sure to submit your score, HC, Slope, Rating by midnight tonight. 

    Spoiler Alert: the competitors are winning again!

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  14. In the fun news category, I have another announcement. Due to our growth, we’re going to need a fourth division. @Bucky CC has graciously accepted the position for our fourth commissioner. 
    League makeup will be 2 conferences with 2 divisions of 14 teams in each. The schedule will probably shake out to playing everyone in your conference once. More rules are still TBD and we’re getting closer to having items the league will vote on ready. 

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  15. 1 hour ago, jlukes said:

    I’m guessing if you haven’t received an email yet then there wasn’t any room?


    You got an invite. As did everyone else who expressed interest and provided an email address. We actually have one spot left.

     Nothing in the inbox or spam?

  16. 55 minutes ago, Quigleyd said:

    How does the play off work? Do you reset players to some extent? Or is it just if you have some in the running? 

    What @cnosil said. You’ll also notice key links posted to the top of every page in the thread. One of them is for playoff format. 

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  17. 6 minutes ago, xOldBenKenobiX said:

    Tough round today, shot a 95.


    Pink Velocity for the front 

    Played the HRC along side with the CCC4 



    Driver off the deck. 


    And I hit it farther than from the tee. 


    That is a narrow shot. 20200815_103259.jpg.63d38ca3f46b1d17cb425cdc71ee56fe.jpg

    Lumberjacked it20200815_103550.jpg.2e2e29121360576ce68f383f6b6284b8.jpg20200815_103553.jpg.b3b62e9f3a30ba723fe5c6aa66d20918.jpg20200815_105733.jpg.60c09dd5c41affa23d88e85de5b52f40.jpg20200815_110120.jpg.7333999a74f68f2cf55dfb9f976a62ab.jpg20200815_110122.jpg.cce8ea0367013abc09faa137ba661059.jpgScreenshot_20200815-110152.jpg.abe70718c76c94640158fc8025357560.jpg

    It got to say, not my best but it was fun

    Same HC, Slope, Rating as last week? Or different?

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  18. Is everyone getting set up with their team OK? Here's a couple things to think about when you do:

    • Make your team name as close to your forum name as possible. We don't all know each other and it makes it much easier to trace the teams.
    • Take a moment to set up a team icon too. Pictures add a little extra flavor to your team and the league.
    • You can set up your own custom skin for the league so the color schemes will be comfortable to your eye

    I see most people already set up teams but 17 still need to do it. A few need to switch their names to include their forum name too. If you need technical help, post in here and we'll do the best we can to help you out.

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  19. 5 hours ago, TCUFrog said:

    @B.Boston congrats on your W this week. Tough day on the course following an inch and a half of rain last night. All my driving distances are straight carry. I had multiple drives that were stuck in the mud. Made it a tough day to be able to hit wedges into greens and get them to role out towards back pin locations. I'm coming for someone else next week.


    Need your HC, Slope, and rating plz. 


    3 hours ago, GB13 said:

    It’s a shame you didn’t get out this week, I’d have looked forward to your challenge.  That said, while I didn’t shoot a personal best today, it was probably the best round I’ve ever played. I’m so thrilled to be done with this challenge, I absolutely hate not having my irons. It just makes it such a challenge on approach shots and par 3s... and my course has 7 par 3s.


    Sick round dude! Slope/Rating plz

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  20. 38 minutes ago, TCUFrog said:

    What days do scores need to be submitted by? @GolfSpy STUDque 

    My round last night was cut short due to Georgia summer rains and I've had some family plans come up that interrupted my tee time on Sunday afternoon. I might be able to sneak out this afternoon but it depends on weather again as we are supposed to have some thunderstorms pop up.

    Sunday Night cut off.

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