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  1. Twitter is great for quick scoops on breaking news but very volatile overall on actual fantasy advice. Seems like most folks hedge every comment so they’re always right. 

    In addition to Sxm, I like the Fantasy Footballers. They have just about as good of advice as anywhere else but are very entertaining in their presentation…. YouTube and podcasts, I consume either depending on whether I’m in the car or at home. I also like that they have a good focus on the advanced stats to find edges where they may not be immediately apparent. 

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  2. 3 weeks left to the season. Who’s gonna make the playoffs??? Thanksgiving week is always a fun one in the fantasy football team. 
    No lead is safe in either division at this point so it’s gonna take some good decisions down the stretch.

    Speaking of decisions, we’ve got 2 days left to trade. Ends Thursday at midnight EST.

    Reminder, top 16 in each division make the playoffs and top 4 in each get a first round bye. Earning a bye also guarantees you your entry fees back (at least). 

    Good Luck all!



     PS. I’m open to one last trade or two before the season is over. Send ‘em!

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  3. I put this in the Slack chat but I’ll put it here too.

    We had a bit of a mishap with the schedule where week 14 was accidentally tagged as a playoff week, not regular season. So there were no matchups entered. Fantrax helped a little but I had to enter the matchups manually so I used a random spinner to get it all in there.

    The only manual choices I made were when the spinner came up with a matchup that has already happened during the season and my default was to choose the next closest number that was available. No consideration was given to standing.


     Reminder, top 16 in each division get in to the playoffs and top 4 in each get a bye. 

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  4. 17 hours ago, TBT said:

    I have already said this, but I would like to orchestrate a trade between my regular team and my Circus team🤣

    Yeah I think I’d like to give a couple players from my regular team to Circus where they’d be more useful!


     And the punters of course. Just let me own them in both leagues please. 🙏

  5. 3 minutes ago, Crossroads Golf said:

    The 8 starts is what gets me. How do you juggle that? Guess that’s the million dollar question huh?!

    Streaming is one approach. Limited benches make it hard to sit on players so you want to ensure you trade your big money players for equal value before they use up their pitch counts. 

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  6. 6 minutes ago, GolfSpy_APH said:

    Feels like forever since the draft and waivers... I'm extremely interested to see how much many are dropping on players tomorrow. I have a feeling there will be some empty budgets after tomorrows waiver run. 


    I’m actually nervous that my bids are so low but am having a hard time justifying big bids for anyone out there

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  7. 29 minutes ago, xOldBenKenobiX said:

    It was a fun season, I am looking forward for the next one, can we start right the way?


    Edit: I know it is Football season and some people might not like to juggle the two sports at the same time, but I am more than willing to do it.


    If you want to start your own side league to do that, have at it. I’m sure I speak for Berg and Undershooter that we’re not interested commishing two official leagues at the same time. 

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  8. 1 hour ago, HeathS16 said:

    I haven't done Fantasy since 1st year of college and this is all a bit new 😂

    Man you’re brave jumping into the deep end. Over the years, this league keeps tipping increasingly closer to expert setup with our custom rules and lean player pool. 

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  9. 1 hour ago, Nolan220 said:

    so we have to place a bid on the players and on the 8th we will  see who we get and after that its the first come first serve?

    ….. until games start. Then unclaimed players head to waivers at the start of their game each week until the Wednesday waivers process. 

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  10. 12 minutes ago, Crossroads Golf said:

    What is the best way to view Fantrax? Website either through phone or desktop or the app? Still getting use to Fantrax and everything it has. Pretty overwhelming compared to the others (ESPN, Sleeper, etc). Any advice is helpful and welcome!!

    They’ve been advertising this new and improved draft room for multiple years now but it finally feels close. Sadly, doesn’t seem like it’ll be ready in time for ours. The best way to view the old version is on a proper desktop/laptop. Mobile is a tough ask but can be passable if you’re in a pinch. 

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  11. @daviddvm This was actually a welcome change they added thanks to our feedback and it’s across all the sports now. Previously, a player was on the board until all of their copies were drafted but there was no way to tell how many had gone. Now, there’s an “own” column that denotes how many copies are owned so you can track it a little better. 

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  12. 43 minutes ago, Berg Ryman said:


    Draft Pick Trading is Live! A video of the lottery will be coming whenever my internet decided to move faster than molasses on the upload

    See you all tomorrow at 9 pm EST, plan accordingly

    Same goes for Circus. Those picks are also tradeable if there's an up and coming punter you've been eyeing.

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  13. 1 hour ago, Hobert said:

    Thanks for all the hard work setting this up. With the draft a few days away, I thought I would check in regarding ETA for draft order (for strategy-forming purposes 🧐)

    Today is the deadline to sign up. Gonna lock things up tonight. 

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  14. Thanks to @Berg Ryman for posting this week's update. Got a little busy last night at home getting ready for the first day of school. For those interested, here's the full current playoff standings. With such slim margins, those regular season bonuses are proving to be vital to playoff success....as well they should.

      2021 MyGolfSpy Fantasy Golf Playoffs  
        Team Bonus Round 1
    Northern Trust
    Round 2
    Round 3
    Tour Champ
    Total Back  
      1 blackngold_blood 50 240.50 274.70   565.20 -  
      2 Rhyming Bergs   246.80 286.35   533.15 32.1  
      3 Rebel Scum - "xOldBenKenobix" 10 218.00 288.90   516.90 48.3  
      4 Georgia Souther Eagles (Josh Ross) 35 216.70 257.20   508.90 56.3  
      5 LacasseM 5 241.90 261.10   508.00 57.2  
      6 Revsroundruined 15 212.25 276.00   503.25 62.0  
      7 Apolloshowl 40 188.15 270.15   498.30 66.9  
      8 Out of Bounds (rwagn4) 20 224.15 247.90   492.05 73.2  
      9 Stud Muffins 20 195.30 271.75   487.05 78.2  
      10 Mtbryant01 25 229.50 228.95   483.45 81.8  
      11 The_hammer   231.70 241.50   473.20 92.0  
      12 Undershooter McGavin 20 216.75 232.90   469.65 95.6  
      13 Marky Marks White Ballers (GolferMarcus) 20 216.25 232.65   468.90 96.3  
      14 JHigdon13 5 214.55 230.40   449.95 115.3  
      15 Cciciora13 Hit it Hard 10 193.75 229.60   433.35 131.9  
      16 Jon Musc   212.30 215.80   428.10 137.1  
      17 Nunfa0 15 188.40 222.05   425.45 139.8  
      18 Cam's Gotta Big Putt   204.35 213.25   417.60 147.6  
      19 TCUFrog 5 202.10 207.90   415.00 150.2  
      20 edingc   236.70 169.10   405.80 159.4  
      21 QuigleD 5 197.60     202.60 362.6  
      22 cnosil 5 197.45     202.45 362.8  
      23 Bucks in 6 CC 15 187.35     202.35 362.9  
      24 tchats89   200.10     200.10 365.1  
      25 Hardcore's Hacks   194.40     194.40 370.8  
      26 B.Boston   191.85     191.85 373.4  
      27 ZJBogey 30 161.40     191.40 373.8  
      28 ChiefMikeOfficer 10 180.45     190.45 374.8  
      29 Par 5 In 2 (jddaigneault) 20 163.70     183.70 381.5  
      30 FIXYURDIVOT 10 166.15     176.15 389.1  
      31 Steve2100   172.80     172.80 392.4  
      32 daviddvm 10 146.90     156.90 408.3  
      33 StrokerAce 15 137.40     152.40 412.8  
      34 Judge Smails 15 130.00     145.00 420.2  
      35 juspoole   98.80     98.80 466.4  

    Personally, I'm just stoked to still be fielding a team at East Lake; this is my first time in 4 years of running this league.



    1 hour ago, revkev said:

    I’d urge us to try and find a way so that we can easily follow our scores going forward though.

    We always are but please understand, this is not under our control. We do the best with what we have at our disposal.

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  15. You get points for having a player that participates in a playoff. So yes that’s an advantage. But holes played in playoffs don’t count towards official stats so they don’t count towards fantasy either. 

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  16. Don’t love my position right now. Can make the last weekend as long as my guys don’t blow up but I’ll have no shot at the championship. Sure would love to still have Burns rather than taking that chance on Z …such is fantasy though. 

    Bng is running away with this thing anyway. What a master class in fantasy ownership. 

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