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  1. Kevin Bennett/Oregon 10.4 SM5 One where I have to go over an obstacle such as a pond/sand trap to a tight green.
  2. I just played a three hour round for 9 holes of golf. At times there were three groups stacked up on a tee. While this was a muni course. I played at 11:30 am on a Monday. They do have a seniors league that plays, but there should be no reason to this length of round. I played with my Step mom who is 83 and even she was upset on how long it took. The marshals did little to nothing to speed up play. Some people played from the blue tees just because it was so slow, while they were not bad, they would wait until the people were off the green to hit there second shot, and what did you know, they were not even close to the green. Rarely will I play on a weekend, unless it is with good friends because people don't understand that their pace of play needs to be with the group in front, not the people behind them. While I rarely to post (most people have already stated the same reasons that I think, and why blabber about the same thing) this one does drive me nuts. Thanks for reading my rant on this
  3. Kevin Oregon 12.6 Handicap Chicken scratches on my score cards Glad they are doing this one. I have been in the market for something like this for 6 months and not sure which one to get.
  4. Mojo and half of all the Nike balls they made, along with most Top Flights unless you like hitting a rock
  5. There are a few, flying into North Bend Oregon is the closest way, but the price is high looking at about $800.00 round trip from Portland. The best best is to fly into Eugene Oregon rent a car and drive the 130 miles there. Great drive through the mountains and down the coast. Forgot to add, the flight from PDX to Eugene is about $200.00 plus bag fees round trip
  6. Kevin, Oregon 12.5 Handicap Mizuno JPX 850 Forged 4 - Gap, Dynamic Golf S300 shafts with 0.5 inch longer, Also Callaway Apex Forged 4-AW (backup set). This only took my 3 months to find the perfect set after swinging all the other major brands. I did get to swing a JPX 900 Forged back in Nov. tried a 9 iron with a stiff shaft they had in the fitting bin. I hit both my 850 and the 900, the monitor showed a tighter grouping with the 900. I try and play 2-3 times a week, and enjoyed the 850's by far.
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