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  1. In the immortal words of Mike Ditka "Hold your Pants!!!" The move isn't fluid and I'm not sold on the first move down - as evidenced by fat shots - my opinion. Hope he makes it back, but I wouldn't get really excited yet.
  2. I get a few customers every year come in with an obvious counterfeit they get online at a ridiculous price. They always come in with a warranty issue (head or shaft failure, etc.) and want us to do something for them. The companies do not tread lightly on these fakes. A couple years ago, my Callaway Rep told me they figured almost 75% of goods on Ebay were fake. I'm sure that number has risen with more overseas foundries and economic downturns. As with any transaction in which you don't know the vendor and especially if they do not have brick and mortar location(s) the buyer should beware. Just my opinion and thoughts to save people money and embarassment.
  3. My point on instructors is the there is a lot of smoke and mirrors out there - "you will get worse before better.." etc in instruction and a ton of myths and common thoughts that make no sense physically when you try to impart them into practice. The VHarness allows you to move your body properly and this is why it may feel weird to some at first but it truly allows the player to repeat the motion - you must watch the DVD however. Jimmy Ballard and Rocco Mediate really put fundamentals into focus.
  4. Being a PGA Professional and Instructor I can safely say less than 10% of us really know or teach a connected swing. This is a fact - even many of the highly regarded instructors are smoke an mirrors, snake oil salesman. If you arm swing, set wrists, stay on left side, keep your left arm straight, keep your head down, etc. you will not get good feedback from the harness. I've used this for about a year and it has produced amazing results with my students. The problem with most instructor thoeries involve the arm swing and how it should feel. The Vharness get you to hit with your body, not your arms. If you try to use misguided swing thoeries, it won't work. It gets you to use your body properly and the contact will improve.
  5. I think you are pretty much right on spot.
  6. It is killing golf, even at a recreational level, IMO. College events haved been painfully slow in the past as well as national junior events and tours. It's got to start in junior golf. As far as penalties vs, fines, penalties are best because of all of the implications - FedEx points, money list, finish positions, etc. If you think about it, it's pretty riduculous we ask amateurs to play 18 on a weekend in 4 to 4:15 in a foursome and these guys play in four plus as twos and threes without having to look for many golf balls. Proceure is easy - warn all players on first tee of round and start timing immediately once they get out of position. This will eliminate the "getting put on the clock" phase because essentially as soon as you fall behind you will be subject to timing and penalties.
  7. You may make contact but it won't give you reliable direction and you will definitely won't get all you can out of your swing. Look at all the instructors that really understand - Harmon Brothers, McLean, Trahan, and the father of it Ballard - they will never preach this. It goes back to the old drill a spike through your spine into the ground and rotate around it. This ruined more backs than you can count. This is why a lot of instructors preach putting ball way back in stnce for beginners - to get contact. Golf shots are more than contact alone - this leads into trajectory, curve, direction and distance. This is why we see some beginners who recieve bad advice lack the swing to get it airborn with sufficient trajectory. Granted golf is not all power, but a player needs to provide sufficient and consistent speed in the swing to hit good quality shots. One area many forget to include when criticizing this move to the right is you need to balance and brace your lower body at set up - weight evenly distributed. Think of a baseball pitcher's trail leg. His weight doesn't go to the right past his leg, creating coil and allowing him to fire at the plate. Go back to some of my earlier analogies to see some other ideas in this.
  8. Great point on slowing down at impact to stsy in balance - there is no other way to slice that statement othert that it is a compensation. Watch the guys that roll over on their left foot at finish. If that's a balanced finish you would encourage that position in other activities. Mahan rolls on that left foot and ankle at finish. This puts stress on not only the ankle, but the knee. You can't fight Mother Nature.
  9. I think you may need a little look yourself. Neither one gets to the right side. Your center of gravity needs to get behind the ball to deliver a square forceful shot. Neither of these guys could stand on their right foot at the top due to weight being on the left side. Look at any other physical/athletic activity - throwing, hitting, chopping. To get optimal force, weight must ne tranfered. If the head doesn't move with the spine, you will be out of balance. You will see this if you look at a swing from the rear angle(behind player). You can never say that this is the way as it has only been done for a short period of time. The very best ball strikers of all time moved behind the ball. Nicklaus started keeping his head over it and ruined a hip. Simple facts. Let's see how this works as time goes on, my bet is you won't be able to repeat this once age increases. The very thought of staying centered and not moving back defies the laws of physical motion. You will twist the trunk and put your spine and hips in a very compromised position. Try throwing a heavy object and making this move, then try it moving to the right. No brainer. Foley is swing of the day. Period.
  10. Guys - I am an instructor with many years of knowledge and experience. You cannot say any method is a success until it has had players be conistent for 10 years plus IMO. SF method defies physical motion. Yes the guys have seen success initially, but so did all the S & T guys like Axley, Weir, Wilson, etc. and now are a mess. HH has coached O'Meara and TW. He is truly a good guy, but has a method that lacks in above mentioned efficient physical motion. Butch has a great grip on what works as do his brothers. Bluntly, staying on your left side or swinging your arms around the body put a ton of stress on the spine and cannot be done over a long period of time. The compensations will cause injury issues over time.
  11. It's pretty simple - HH teaches a really flat swing that caused TW to have to lock left knee to clear room for upper body. Club was coming from inside and there was no room to get to left side without this compensation. SF teaches keeping weight on left side and squat then rise - a waste of motion. These guys all see old Hogan film as being flat not realizing that his collarbones were destroyed in the accident. SF is taking from stack and tilt which is mostly based on Hogan late in career ('67 Masters) where his legs were shot and he couldn't transfer weight. Try throwing something heavy without transfer of weight. It won't work very efficiently and you will expend a bunch more energy than you have to plus you will hurt yourself sooner than later. Same idea with throwing a heavy object and having your arms move "flat" around you - lots of stress on your back and lower body has to compensate for lack of momentum. Any other sport where you throw or hit involves this weight transfer. Hopefully it makes sense that these motions being preached can cause a bunch of problems.
  12. Basically two divas who are full of themselves and their ability to teach and analyze the golf swing. The things these guys preach make no sense from a body motion standpoint injuries are expected (TW knee) with unnatural movements. Basically who gives a rats behind about these two ov errated blowhards.
  13. This guy has never played within the rules or displayed any class - ie 1999 Pete Rose, then Corey Pavin in 2010, and most of all the Le Bron fest last year. His decorum is shameful. It's high time he gets his due and no more jobs - he was freelancing for GC. Inappropriate would be the first word that comes to mind to describe his actions over the years.
  14. Wow - how petty. I guess if you can't build a better product you slam their product. I could see the same issue with a Two Ball putter as well...haha. I'm surprised Callaway didn't sue TM because Ely once had a dream that was all in white back in his days on the vineyard. What a joke
  15. This was a once proud company. IMO they got too involved in hype and not good quality product. I don't criticize anyone for making money, but they turned into a product river with little inovation or improvement other than graphics. I know of many cases where the sales force stocked up accounts (green grass on course) with extra products than needed with promise the rep would come pick up items not sold or work out credits then couldn't be found until it was time to place the next seasons order. Sad but true. So many people own the products, but get them a generation or two later at a DEEP discount - Callaway has killed themselves by flooding the pipeline with product - way more than the market can bear. IMO they have rested on their laurels and felt this could carry them on forever.
  16. I heard a big back order issue. I have two on order and am really itching to get them in the bag. One thing is for certain, Ping won't release product until it is to their standard.
  17. I'd have to rank Curtis Strange going from MacGregor to Maruman after winning back to back US Opens and a ton of events then proceeding to fall off the map forever.
  18. Tour Edge is a great option for the price. They can be custom fit and won't cost you what many of the top brands do. All of their components are professional grade and the company is located in Batavia, IL - plus they have a life time guarantee. The cost is less because they don't have a tour stable but have many clubs in play every week without paying players. Their game improvement/enhancement products are awesome. Check their website and find someone in your area that carries them.
  19. Don't have shop cut down as it will mess up swingweight especially spending upwards of $250. Order it custom to specs. Ping Redwood and Bettinardi are best IMO. Bettinardi is BEST milling shop in business. Ping's rep speaks for itself. You really won't go wrong with any of your choices but I go with these two.
  20. I recommend lasers as they are far more accurate (+/- 1yd with Bushnell) and much more versatile as mentioned above. The fact you can measure to other objects - trees, bridges, bunkers, etc.) is a plus. Even GPS technology you pay a ton for in your car is not always accurate or fool proof. In most cases a player can estimate close enough for front and back yardages. As I stated, I recommend lasers by far to my students.
  21. In business there can be a fine line between loyalty and stupidity. I have been in the golf business for over 20 years and can tell you he sells little product for Nike - the quality of their goods sell themselves. He has had a very bad rep with fellow players not to mention fans and mostly consumers. When you act as a golden one and comport yourself as unapproachable and arrogant, then the truth comes out about who you really are the crap hits the fan. He has lost all credibility. Just look at sales of his apparel at GG, Nordstrom, and other large vendors. It was down by a ton this year. Corporate dollars are very tight and even the biggest sponsors will tell you they can never measure if the dollars spent come back in increased business. Foreign dollars may be there, but I don't see much in the way of domestic dollars coming his way soon, and for sure not to the level they were.
  22. DL III was reported to be checking out Nike back early in the decade - stayed with Titleist and Polo at the time. Nike now has a no logo on attire clause. This may be tough for him seeing he does have a few corporate sponsors. I have heard Bridgestone is most likely staff he will end up with in 2011.
  23. This guy is damaged goods no matter how it's spun by his camp. It is truly hard to be genuine with your fans when you have been nothing but phony your entire career. If he doesn't win - the money doesn't come, even if the economy starts to tick up. I don't look for him to get better IMO with the b.s. S.a.T. type action Foley is putting him into. He is truly an awesome athlete, but the start of his swing demise was the Haney flattening of his swing and it is only continuing now. 2011 will truly be an interesting season.
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