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  1. This is by far the best site for inside news - IMO WRX does a nice job with pics of equipment from PGA events. Great topics and great conversations here period. Keep up the great work MGS - thanks
  2. It comes down to Tour players demand too much money and the companies get little in return on investment. There are a few OEM's that throw money around like candy, but you have companies like Scratch and Tour Edge that make tour level products and are very successful in the market place without spending millions on a tour stable. If a company has great clubs, players will use them in lieu of pay as these two companies do. I'm sure the Moore camp took this into account as Adams does have a fair number of players on all domestic tours.
  3. I'll take it one step farhter with the fact Callaway is dubious for using cheap components - a very inexpensive version of name brand shaft as their stock option. Kind of like putting a Mercedes hood ornament on a VW and selling it as a Mercedes. Consistency of product is one of the worst on market IMO. They flood the market with product then introduce the next generation thus clogging the channel with close outs. Consumers are savvy and know this - they will gladly wait for 4 months or less and get it at a reduced price. Plus the trade in value slides quickly because of this. IMO their demise began when they opened the golf ball plant and have never been able to recover their investment.
  4. Realize that Dick's owns Golf Galaxy and the options for them to place the brand really expand. Word on the street is Fortune Brands is looking to liquidate Acushnet (Titleist and FootJoy) as well. They only comprise a minute percentage of FB overall business and their margins are not that good in comparison. Taylor Made has a flagship deal with Dick's and dumps all old inventory to them - by owning Callaway this would eliminate the need to purchase premium goods and make margins nearly double. I really don't think it's out of the realm of possibility seeing Callaway posted poor numbers in third quarter. They may have the number one this and that product but the bottom line says that doesn't mean a thing...profit is not their. Look for something big to happen with one or more of these companies in the next year.
  5. Kudos to the Solheim's and all Ping employees. They truly get it. Karsten's main goal was to make the game enjoyable and they did it here. The whole company is first class from the top to the bottom.
  6. Definitely wait on Nike's new Black Mach Speed round. At all cost, get fit by an instructor who knows the swing plus has the interchangeable shaft fitting systems - Nike 360 and Ping for example.
  7. My vote is Out of Bounds, followed by Unplayable Ball, then any nearest point of relief situation. How many times do you hear "I'm just gonna drop it here" in any of the above scenarios?
  8. Nov 1 is release date I was told. Available in 56* and 60*.
  9. He's got a deal with Iliac for clothing. He loves the headcovers after buying some at Pebble early in season. Not sure if dollars are involved but I hear little or none. I would have to guess there is more than being let out in regard with Nike. Time will tell, it is really nice to see him playing well again. Hope he keeps it up.
  10. I forgot about the Jerry Barber shank proof irons of the late 70's - by far bad looking make F2 look asthetically pleasing. Browning 440's of same genre were pretty bad too.
  11. I agree - have rolled these and feel is awesome. Ball comes off face of mallets very smooth. Function over form has always been a Ping trademark
  12. You knew this would happen. Glad it did. Scoring went unfazed on tour this year and even had two 59's. Like to see more OEM's take this stance - only issue is USGA will powt and have a fit dragging their feet to approve any future products these guys submit. Once again the USGA in their wisdom makes the game less enjoyable for the masses. They pay a ton of lip service to growing the game and don't act on it. Feel Golf good job!!!!
  13. Don't forget about the first version of Ping Zing in early 90's - had really ugly toe Palmer had a really odd looking cast iron in the early 90's as well - had fin on back of heel VAS have to be in everyones top 3
  14. Pavin needs to grow a pair and get his wife out of the operation. She is all style (former model) and NO function. This suit is one of the least expensive compared to great weather gear _ Zero, Nike, Adidas, Sunderland, ProQuip. She picked the suits and the PGA should have stepped in as well. Wind wear yes, rain wear NO. Plus they look like idiots with names on back.
  15. Yes I have used it myself and with students - it works. Principle is simple and something you can feel and reproduce.
  16. November 1 is what I was told on availability - can order now.
  17. It works. Jimmy Ballard is truly the only guy who can save a back. It shows you a very simple functional swing that you can repeat. No one plane, stack and tilt bs. This has worked and won more majors than any method ever used, plus helped more average golfers get better without complicated moves and manipulations.
  18. Nike and Tom Stites just keep it rolling. Hit these over the weekend and not only are they beautiful, but are really smooth through the turf and easy to hit for a true blade product. All blade players need to give these a look. All the custom options you need as well.
  19. The USGA is a bunch of clueless pompous idiot 16 handicaps from high end private clubs. No touch with reality. They went after the grooves to back door slowing down the ball. Few if any tour players switched to high spinning models. IT backfired with the lower scores this year - soft conditions plus lower spinning irons equals getting it really close. Spin can be a tremendous detriment to better players in these condtions. They should have gone to spin rates of ball. At high speeds, higher spinning balls go shorter and more crooked. At the same time average players can gain better launch conditions and greenside spin. These guys are the kings of knee jerk reations. Their minds were made up prior to all of the testing of the grooves. If track and field would have reacted the same way to the 4 minute mile being broken, they would run the mile on a track of thick mud today.
  20. I have a Method 3 - it has as good feel and sound as anything on the market. Weighting is very good as well. SC's have a tendency to feel a little light. Ball rolls very smooth - you will notice better lags plus holds line well on short putts.
  21. I got one in 52* and sole configuration is much better than the VR forged model. It is much better with its turf interaction. The new grooves launch the ball with a higher trajectory but don't spin stupid in soft conditions.
  22. 46* 53* 58* I add the 50* when course I play requires more shots from that ydg.
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